Jan. 4th, 2017

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reblog between now and jan 20th 2017 to thank Obama

(expired reblogs still count)
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i did an important art project today

Design is available here! Just print out on 8.5x11″ paper, cut along the gray lines, paint the back of the paper with craft glue (i used Mod Podge) and wrap it around a plain glass pillar candle. Voila: your very own secular and/or idolatrous Space Mom candle! Please remember that Carrie Fisher’s dad was Jewish every time you look at it, cause, you know. 

Pray for us!
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This picture was taken before I killed the entire party and used one of their reanimated corpses to further the villain’s goals 😅
#d20 #rpg #tabletoprpg #dnd #dungeonsanddragons #dungeonmaster #dmlife
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in 2016, evil came pouring out of the dark corners where it’s been hiding. out of its warm, humid dens, into the cold light of day.

in 2017, we will remind it why it was hiding.

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This, this exactly. He looks at them and he sees Ariana and Albus, as everything should have been, maybe as everything would have been if Ariana had never been attacked. (He doesn’t see a single thing of Grindelwald in them, in fact, he flat refuses to see anything of Grindelwald in them and he will never let that fucker lay hands on them…)

How much do you want to bet that it was Aberforth who was taking care of Albus during his pregnancy, even though the wounds from that summer were still so fresh? I can imagine that Albus maybe tried to hide it at first; he’d already done so much to hurt his family and besides, Aberforth had made it clear that he doesn’t want anything to do with Albus anymore (his nose still aches a bit at times), it will be fine, it’s only nine months, he can handle this on his own (he can’t handle this on his own). 

After three months or so of no contact, Aberforth finally dregs up enough worry to go check on Albus where he has wandered off to (for some reason, I’m imagining a small flat somewhere in Scotland, obviously in a Wizarding area) and when he sees the state that Albus is in when he finally manages to track him down, well….needless to say, Aberforth hits the roof and it’s all he can do to keep himself from finding that bloody German bastard and throttle the life out of him. The only thing stopping him is that Albus, Albus has obviously not been taking care of himself like he should be and so it is up to Aberforth once again to take care of one of his siblings. And to make sure that German fucker stays blissfully unaware of what he has done….
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Except when they show it to Graves, he goes white, snatches it from their hands, and disApperates. Newt figures out what has happened before anyone else does; his eyes go wide, and he follows the other man’s disapparation trail blindly, hoping, hoping that he’s in time – He arrives on a beach and doesn’t stop to think before launching himself forward, tackling Graves to the sand just before the other man dives into the waves. (Part 2/?)

Graves’ mother was a selkie. His father hid their skins a long, long time ago, and Percival had given up hope of ever finding his again – but Grindelwald managed it. Somehow. And now – now, his family is dead, his colleagues couldn’t tell the difference between him and a psychopathic murderer, he’s hurt, he’s tired, people /glare/ at him on the streets, he just wants it to be over, and the sea is calling, calling, he wants to go to the home he’s never known and always wanted… (Part 3/?)

Newt is there, though. Newt, who tells him that life on land is worth living. That he doesn’t have to throw his human life away. That he can be a creature of two worlds, that he doesn’t have to make a choice…Graves doesn’t know why he chooses to believe the magizoologist. But he does. (Part the Last)

First, this idea is gorgeous, second, I am questioning how in all the Hells did Grindelwald manage to get his hands on Graves’ skin, and three, well.

Maybe there is a little something in the Scamander blood line that Graves doesn’t know about. 

Like calls to like, after all. >D
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On another note, how much do you want to bet that when he had them captive, Grindelwald would punish the Scamander twins by separating them if one of them “acted out?” Like, “I’m being generous and indulgent letting you two stay together, but if you’re going to act like this….”
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Hi hello. I’m new to Indiana and disabled and trying to get on my feet with my own work but it’s been difficult. My rent was due 2 days ago and I have no way to pay it. I don’t have any real support and if I can’t pay my rent that means I’m homeless and I cannot survive that because of my own deficiency. I WILL die.

My paypal is rabbitcomrade@gmail.com and I have a donate button on my sidebar, but I also do art commissions, which you can see -here.- Please reblog, I’m desperate.
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firstly - i’m terribly sorry - i’m on queue most of the time. so i had to go through my dash trying to find the pic you were referring to. it’s this one right??

but oh gosh. can you IMAGINE? I LOVE IT? it also fits into an alternate verse i yelled a lot about earlier on but didn’t end up writing. i never quite decided if percival would also be mafia, or if he’d be part of the coppers tryin’ to catch newt, because it’s YUM either way. but that’s not the main point.

the main point is newt - cute innocent newt, with his wide eyes and shy tilt of a smile, is a mafia don only known on the street as ‘The Englishman’, because no one knows what he looks like, only that he’s got a posh english accent and he’s terrifyingly ruthless in regards to people who encroach on his territory.

there’s rumours across the channel that The Englishman first base of operations was there - in nice olde london town. and over there, no matter how dirty the witch or wizard was, they all knew not to do two things:

1. no trafficking of magical creatures

2. no involving innocent bystanders

that tough as nails bunch of ex-cons from azkaban? a gibbering mess within a week when they dared to capture a unicorn to trade its blood and hair and bone.

the hard ass street gang who’s granddaddies were running london back in the day? the moment they killed a civilian who was just in their line of fire, they’re destroyed - all their hideouts razed to the ground, each of them hexed to kingdom come that one night when The Englishman sweeps through, as unseen as a demiguise, as deadly as basilisk venom.

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@coffeesugarcream happy AU where Newt arrives in NY with his case, fucks up badly and original!Graves sends a five pages long letter to Theseus to complain about Newt and tell him he’s as irresponsible as Theseus aND THIS IS A FUCKING OUTRAGE DO YOU KNOW WHAT’S GOING ON IN AMERICA-

@stylishbutdefinitelyillegal   @aethelar
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Reblog and you’ll find money soon!


Also weird I reblobbed the other money one last night and a freelance check I invoiced for a month ago came in.


seriously have nothing to lose

Did it once might as well let it stack. At least I’m not buying loto tickets

You guys, I reblogged this 2 days ago out of desperation. Today I was looking through my old wallet for coins to go to the vending machine because that’s all I can fucking afford. I haven’t touched this thing since July/ August. When I found a disappointing 15 cents in the coin pocket I went to the billfold to see if any coins were in there. That’s when I saw them. 5 crisp bills amounting to $22. I literally screamed and danced around my room out of joy before remembering that I’d reblogged this post.

Tl;dr - This post is fucking magical and actually worked for me.

I’m broke as fuck. Money gods pls send me like 100k.

I never reblog these, let’s give it a shot.

I reblogged this last week and withing an hour I got a client after a month of silence! Literally gave me money to eat for the rest of the month.

Crazy enough but my mom randomly gave me 200 dollars after I reblogged one of these the other day…



I have a theory that these posts actually gather energy from the wishes of people who reblog them and that’s why they work. Plus, yanno, they get passed around by witches…a lot. :)

Money money money

Might as well. Happy Friday!

I reblogged something like this and my mom gave me $100 in my Christmas stocking :)

I reblogged this a while ago and got a ton of extra shifts at work!
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Every writer on Tumblr: “I would combust out of love if someone ever drew fanart of my fic!!”

Dear artists.

We, the writers, will accept any of your fan arts.

We don’t care if it looks like shit to you, or you think your art skills are not good enough.

We will love any fan art, because it’s the most beautiful way to say “I love what you write”.
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But my synagogue was vandalized the first night of Chanukkah. The vandals destroyed our outdoor chanukkiyah and desecrated the Holocaust memorial.



It’s a tiny synagogue and we can’t fund the repair by ourselves. Is there any way you can post this?

- submitted by @prismatic-bell

I’m so sorry this happened to your synagogue. Thank you for sending in the information, especially to the GoFundMe campaign.


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