Feb. 1st, 2017

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Newt’s blood freezes as he stared at a shocked-appeared Gellert Grindelwald, and he suddenly recognizes just where and /when/ they are. Nurmengard. At the height of Grindelwald’s power. Essentially, all the Main Characters in the dumbledore scamanders!verse - INCLUDING Grindelwald - /somehow/ got thrown back in time post-death.

And they all remember what happened. Including Grindelwald. Grindelwald who looks suddenly completely and utterly terrified and overwhelmed, who is shaking his head in denial, muttering to himself in German. That he cannot do this again, that he will not do this again. 

Because Gellert came to regret every single horrible thing he had done to his sons and to their loved ones. He thinks this is fate’s way of laughing at him and his pain at his past mistakes. 

No, Gellert. It’s a chance. 

One last chance to make things right. 
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Know anyone in PA?
Pennsylvania friends and those who have them:
Word is Senator Toomey (R-PA) might vote no on DeVos. Call first thing. People are getting through to his Allentown office 610-434-1444.
Also try his Philadelphia office 215-241-1090.
(Please Copy/paste)

His staffers are reported to be sympathetic but overwhelmed. GOOD. Keep calling.
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Enter Percival Graves. 

Retired Recon Marine, general badass with troubled past, salty attitude and sarcastic outlook on life. When he agrees to become the head of security on Isla Nublar it seems like a step up - the pay is good, the booze is better, no one shoots at him and people generally stay out of his business when he is not on duty. His brilliant tactical mind, dirty language and a total disregard for a proper dress code quickly earn him a place on the top of the command chain and dozens of not-so-secret admirers in a matter of weeks. He has no time for ass licking so he tells the big bosses off without a hint of fear; he is brash and he is rude, but still - they listen, because they know - he is there to keep them safe.

All and all, life is good. 

But then…

Enter Newt Scamander. 

Famous british writer, paleobiologist and zoologist, specialist in endangered and extinct species and the bane of Graves’ existence. 

He saunters into the lab one Sunday morning, all shy smiles and sassy answers and freckled skin and Graves knows that he is fucked. 

Newt is quick, brilliant, charming and doesn’t give a damn about Graves opinions. Not that he ever tells that to Graves’ face - he is too passive agressive for that- instead, he  listens carefully to Percival ranting about security protocols, his own apparent death wish and company procedures, and then goes on into the raptor cage like he planned in the first place. After all, he was invited to Isla Nublar to oversee the rebirth of extinct dinosaurs and study their behavior, he will not have anyone stand in his way- even a very frustrated Head of security. 

They are not dangerous, Mr. Graves, they only lash out if scared. 

Graves quickly gets used to a daily dose of ministrokes. 

And the worst part- he kinda gets it. This insatiable desire to study, to learn, to interact, the love and passion for what Newt is doing. But still, he’d rather do something entirely different to that pesky posh brit than watch him play with carnivorous monsters. 

Marines don’t shy away from the fight- so Graves hits on Newt, over and over again, but it just bounces back or gets ignored - and Percival isn’t sure if Newt is simply not interested, or truly that oblivious. Until one day he notices lingering gaze that Newt allows himself when he thinks Graves isn’t looking. 

“Retrieve and interrogate” - the op is planned, wine and dinner acquired, base secured and Graves can’t wait for the end of the shift to whisk Newt away and finally convince him that unresolved sexual tension is not healthy and there’s nothing wrong in good regular lovemaking. 

But of course, MURPHY’S LAW#1. 

There’s a monster on the loose, panic across the island, Scamander is nowhere to be found and Graves is running out of patience. 

He makes a promise to himself that no matter what, he will find Newt, fuck him into the mattress and when they both can’t walk anymore, kiss him silly and play “count the freckles”. 

If they survive the night, that is. 
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The Los Angeles City Council voted Tuesday to draft a law that would decriminalize sidewalk vending, in an effort to protect immigrants vulnerable to deportation.

Hawking food and goods on the sidewalk can currently lead to misdemeanor charges in Los Angeles. City attorneys will now be tasked with drawing up a new ordinance that would strip those criminal penalties and authorize the city to eventually issue vending permits — a first step toward legalization.


Wow. This is HUGE. I grew up with these people and time and time again I saw them run away, witnessed cops throw all their food away into trash cans in front of their faces, and even sometimes took care of their carts while they hid. the fact that they’ll finally be able to provide for their families without having to look over their shoulder makes me so incredibly happy.

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@oohshinyfangirl, this made me think of you!
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here, I fixed the top right one for you

now can we stop reblogging those fucking puzzle pieces uncritically


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