Feb. 11th, 2017

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Without money for next neurologist’s appointment, I’ll lose my doctor & could face HORRIFIC medical abuse.

Today is the FINAL day to raise $1,473 for medical fees & related disability care. PLEASE HELP ME.

I have been disabled and confined to bed for 4 years (medical reports), making me extremely vulnerable. In the past, I have been coerced into hospital by doctors and physically abused by patient transport staff. After psychiatists’ attempts to remove medical consent rights for a lifetime (guardianship) failed, ALL medical care was removed from me as revenge for refusing harmful treatments. 

Non-attendance at my first neurologist’s appointment in 14 months will trigger re-referral to a doctor likely to be as abusive as those previous doctors. I desperately need help with consultation fees and payment of existing $933 disability care bill, without which my care will cease. I can’t even wear clothes to the appointment unassisted and the importance of the appointment requires an advocate. (”keep reading” for details). 

Please donate hereOverall donations count needed: $42,319
$225 received.

updated Feb 10

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This is the money Buck. Reblog in 10 seconds or the cool kids will never make another appearance again
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Hey guys. I know this isn’t the happiest of things, but I made a promise to a friend of mine that I would share this for her. Through the time I’ve known Chino she’s been one of the most dedicated, hardworking, and thoroughly sweet people to have graced my life. To be hit with such misfortune is something neither she nor her father deserves, and the least I can do for her right now is get some attention to her cause. 

If any of you donate, please send me a screenshot of some form of proof and I will match its worth with art. Examples of my work can be found here. Reblogs are also greatly appreciated.
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@versighing this remind you of something…?

I feel this on an intimate level. @blackkatmagic lol

*coughs sheepishly*
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In this photo, the bird’s wing acts as a diffraction grating—a surface structure with a repeating pattern of ridges or slits. The structure causes the incoming light rays to spread out, bend and split into spectral colors, producing this shimmering rainbow effect. By Victor Tyakht
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(part 2) Stories of a Dark Lord start sweeping the continent as an oblivious Newt continues on - stories of a Dark Lord who commands the fiercest of beasts, who has no mercy on his enemies. And the stories grow in the telling, helped along by sightings of Newt with animals and how he takes down more poaching rings. They say there’s a new Dark Lord, drifting along the fringes of society, with no followers - a Dark Lord as of old, more interested in research and knowledge then conquest (cont)

(part 3). They say this is a Dark Lord all the more dangerous because he cares nothing for humanity, just for his own pursuits. Eventually, the rumor reaches Europe, reaches Theseus - who raises an eyebrow, and writes his brother a letter. Newt, meanwhile, is SO TERRIBLY EMBARASSED. He didn’t mean for the rumors to spread, he didn’t mean to - WHAT DO YOU MEAN THEY’RE CALLING HIM A DARK LORD THESEUS, THESESUS, THIS ISN’T FUNNY! (cont)

(part 4). Thus, Newt Scamander becomes an unwilling (and very grumpy) Dark Lord. Who doesn’t actually use dark magic. …I now simply have the mental image of Newt facing off against Grindelwald, and Grindelwald peering at him in recognition, going “Wait a moment, aren’t you Lord - ” Newt just /burns/ red. “YES YES ALL RIGHT LET’S FIGHT ALREADY. Please?”

None of them realize that Newt is not, in fact, a Dark Lord, he is a magizoologist who loves animals far, far more than he values his own safety. He just also happens to be very talented at dueling. 

Theseus, meanwhile, just about busts a gut laughing. Newt won’t talk to him for weeks after. 
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As of 6:15pm last night, construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline has officially begun under Donald Trump

The full pipeline should be operational within three months, the developer of the long-delayed project said Thursday, even as an American Indian tribe filed a legal challenge to block the work and protect its water supply.

Get on your phones. Get on the websites. Send help to the protesters and GET UP YOUR REPS ASSES ABOUT THIS.

Do not let 45 and his greedy cronies destroy this country.
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do you ever feel like you have tried Too Hard to friend and now you have become That Obnoxious Weirdo
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….FUCK, now I’m imagining Grindelwald catching Newt alone and telling him how proud he is of him, how excellent a job he’s doing, he knows it’s a farce, of course, but really, Newton, you have a knack for it….

Newt feels so, so unclean and just, when they’re out of eyesight of any Dark wizards or witches, just collapses into Tina and Graves’ arms. 

(Also, wish me and my family luck. We’re going to an adoption event at Petco this weekend and are hoping to find a female puppy since our Yorkie, Bella, passed away. Fingers crossed!)


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