Feb. 24th, 2017

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from a comrade

Worse than before square one: being arrested and demolished and persecuted in SILENCE: they’ve shut down live feeds (must be an illegal block) and are behaving in ways that keep the media from being able to cover what’s happening.
They warned that they would come on the 22nd and instead came today so there would be no media coverage. Please please post so it can reach the people it should.
This makes me sick to post this: The raid has begun at Standing Rock (per Sunny Savage who is there). There is apparently a standoff happening right now. Backwater bridge has been opened, and there are large numbers of police, DAPL security, and National Guard circling the water protectors. Raids and mass arrest are imminent. Apparently, Trump is behind this. Live feeds are blocked. Media are not there, except for TYT. If you copy and paste, more people will see than if you click “share.” Send love & support by reposting if you will.
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me: *posts a thing on AO3*
me: *waits ten minutes and sees 0 kudos or comments*
me: oh god, nobody likes it!
me: it's been so long since i've written in this fandom, i've lost their voices!
me: i've brought dishonor on me, i've brought dishonor on my family, i've brought dishonor on my cow!
me: *calms down and goes to take a bath, determined not to look at AO3*
me: *fortifies with rum and pringles*
me: *brings phone to tub to check AO3 anyway*
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The alphabet shown symmetrically. Source unknown.

no this is a sigil to summon a typographer
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There was a reported 8-10 arrests yesterday at Oceti. What mainstream media failed to recognize is that a vast majority if not ALL of those arrested were independent & grassroots media taking a stand for the camp, and refusing to allow corporation controlled law enforcement to seize the camp with no documentation. Exercising the 1st amendment, and defending the liberties of this country, this is now a war of information as well as a spiritual war.

There is still independent media embedded inside the camp, and they will continue to defend the right to document for treaty rights and the rights of our Native American brothers and sisters.


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The Tragedy of the Founders Four: Altogether

Click through the tag for individuals

For @hamelin-born , @aethelar and anyone else who wrote in the verse where the team were the reincarnated Hogwarts Founders.
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The Tragedy of the Founders Four: Salazar Slytherin

“history obliterates; in every picture it paints, it paints me in all my mistakes…”
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The Tragedy of the Founders Four: Helga Hufflepuff

“would that be enough?”
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The Tragedy of the Founders Four: Godric Gryffindor

“i imagine death so much it feels more like a memory, when’s it gonna get me?”
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The Tragedy of the Founders Four: Rowena Ravenclaw

“you want a revolution? i want a revelation.”
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The Tragedy of the Founders Four: Hogwarts

“it’s only a matter of time…”
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Thanks to the EXCELLENT set of founders!FBAWTFT characters recently posted by @classicalcassiopeia, I have the sudden urge to write/worldbuild more in that ‘verse.
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Thanks to the EXCELLENT set of founders!FBAWTFT characters recently posted by @classicalcassiopeia, I have the sudden urge to write/worldbuild more in that ‘verse.

Do! Do! *sets up camp*

The problem is, I have absolutely no ideas/inspiration jangling around, just the will to /write/. …wel, except for the scenario when Godric!Graves bodily puts himself between Salazar!Newt when they’s summoned back to Hogwarts, because like fuck is he repeating his greatest mistake ever. (He fought against Salazar Slytherin once. He should have fought for him - not in terms of following his doctrine, but to rescue his friend/almost lover from his own despair and fear.)
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(part 2) Stories of a Dark Lord start sweeping the continent as an oblivious Newt continues on - stories of a Dark Lord who commands the fiercest of beasts, who has no mercy on his enemies. And the stories grow in the telling, helped along by sightings of Newt with animals and how he takes down more poaching rings. They say there’s a new Dark Lord, drifting along the fringes of society, with no followers - a Dark Lord as of old, more interested in research and knowledge then conquest (cont)

(part 3). They say this is a Dark Lord all the more dangerous because he cares nothing for humanity, just for his own pursuits. Eventually, the rumor reaches Europe, reaches Theseus - who raises an eyebrow, and writes his brother a letter. Newt, meanwhile, is SO TERRIBLY EMBARASSED. He didn’t mean for the rumors to spread, he didn’t mean to - WHAT DO YOU MEAN THEY’RE CALLING HIM A DARK LORD THESEUS, THESESUS, THIS ISN’T FUNNY! (cont)

(part 4). Thus, Newt Scamander becomes an unwilling (and very grumpy) Dark Lord. Who doesn’t actually use dark magic. …I now simply have the mental image of Newt facing off against Grindelwald, and Grindelwald peering at him in recognition, going “Wait a moment, aren’t you Lord - ” Newt just /burns/ red. “YES YES ALL RIGHT LET’S FIGHT ALREADY. Please?”

None of them realize that Newt is not, in fact, a Dark Lord, he is a magizoologist who loves animals far, far more than he values his own safety. He just also happens to be very talented at dueling. 

Theseus, meanwhile, just about busts a gut laughing. Newt won’t talk to him for weeks after. 


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