Mar. 18th, 2017

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hello all, i’m sorry to ask this again but i’m sure, as most of you probably already know having seen all of my annoying posts begging for money, know that i am currently going through extremely hard times as my water has been turned off (if by some miracle you know nothing of this, refer to THIS POST) and the fee that they are charging me to have it turned back on is extremely outrageous and way way out of my means.

unfortunately, DONATIONS HAVE COME TO A COMPLETE STOP FOR AT LEAST FIVE DAYS. i am not even a third - maybe not even a fourth of the way to getting my water turned back on and as a lot of you know I’m sure water is kind of super important to pretty much everything survival related. we are currently on the last bit of our emergency water reserve (which were kept in plastic jugs and rubbermaid tubs so…not the most clean or sanitary water for drinking) and we have had to spend a portion of what has already been donated to buy fresh water from the store for us and our two emotional support dogs to drink, the reserves have been used mainly to wash dishes and maybe three loads of clothes, wash up my mother and i, give the dogs one joint bath because it was less water consumed to wash them together, and now it’s almost gone. 

i have been doing all i can do on my own to secure more money through my commissions and by other means but it is simply not enough and i CANNOT do this alone, and i am terrified that i will fail and lose my section 8 and become homeless along with my disabled mom and our dogs and that is probably one of the scariest possibilities anyone could ever be faced with. i 

really cannot thank those who have donated and reblogged enough. you have done for us more than i could ever put into words in a way fit for y'all. but again, i am being forced to live without water or pay $784 - over $800 after all the fees they’re pinning on me due to my landlord allowing a leak to skyrocket my water bill. i am also now forced to cover the cost of hiring someone to fix the leak as my landlord will not accept responsibility and section 8 (at least my local housing authority) will not do anything (likely because they have been known to accept bribes, the apt i live in is not in any way shape or form “livable” or even mildly “acceptable” in the condition it is in and it has been this was since we moved into it, yet it has passed three years of inspections without a hitch? 🤔) 


i am begging for your help. any help. this situation has caused me so much heartache, i have several mental illnesses including bpd, clinical depression, intermittent explosive disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, & more. unfortunately, my mother also share a good few of those same illnesses along with her physical disabilities which include fibromyalgia, spondylosis (c4/5/6/7 vertebrates are rubbing against each other causing chronic pain and bone degeneration), peripheral neuropathy, sciatica, osteoarthritis, the list goes on. 

if you can donate, PLEASE do. if you can’t, PLEASE reblog, i can do nothing but beg in hopes that the kindness of both strangers and friends in this community will be able to help us, and if not for me, at least for my mom and two dogs. they do not deserve to live this way and they do not deserve homelessness (and being put in the shelter in the case of my dogs who are my literal babies.) please help. 

i know this is annoying for some people to see and i know i am asking A LOT, but i am desperate. please help my family. we are scared. i am scared.

DONATE HERE: you for your time and consideration.
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this is the perfect grade of good luck

reblog in 5 seconds and all of your grades will inch ever closer to perfect
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somehow I got 95/20 on an assignment

I hope they never fix it and leave it this way forever

reblog the Awesome Grade picture for awesome grades

The only one of these I’ll reblog

reblogging because in 1 month i’m starting school again :( fuck
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what the hell is going on in this country?!

Well damn

Shit has been bad for a while

Right so this lady was smart, if you’re ever in a sedan-style trunk there’s a little pull tab that you can use to get yourself out that is STANDARD in cars built after 2001. It’s the law just like headlights and seatbelts.

if you are in an SUV style vehicle or newer model car you may be able to find the automatic trunk release wire, pull on it, it will pop the trunk

if you can’t find any of that stuff,look for the brake light housing. You will need to pull back the trunk carpeting and feel about. It’s probably bolted in, but some careful wiggling will dislodge it. If people see a goddamn arm waving out of a hole in a car while they poke along I-95 they likely will do something about it

Reblog to save a life….
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Combine your chinese zodiac and astrology sign to make your true fursona

i still hate this post so much. i’m an ox and a taurus. i’m a bull bull. i’m so fucking annoyed oh m y go d

Aquarius + Horse = Unicorn

two horses? twin horses.


I got moose and I was disappointed until I read it…it’s actually spookily accurate.

I’m  a crabby pig. =_=

hermit crab, and its scary how fitting that is

VAMPIRE BAT bby!My husband is Snail. Its amazing how fitting it is LOL

Aries and Horse= Hammerhead Shark

Pisces + monkey = cheetah, which sounded great until I read the thing and it was like “you have mathematical skill”. Boy howdy I assure I do not I’m a musician and a medievalist I can’t count past four my dude


Aries+rabbit=Llama I was peeing until I read it and now I’m crying

cancer + dragon = some giant fucking scorpion thing holy shit

Piranha. I’m a piranha. FML.

Dragonfly. Oh joy…

Taurus + ox = yak. I’m a yak. And the first thing it says is basically “Yaks are stubborn bastards amirite”.

They are right.

I’m a T-Rex

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i just rewatched aladdin with the roommates and it got me thinking

aladdin wishes to be made a prince, but all genie does is get him a lot of stuff and money. that’s not what a prince is. a prince is the son of the king, someone in line for the throne. someone with a lot of money is just - rich. so what i think is:

genie goes okay, that’s a big one - and i can do it! but not on my own, not if you want to do it right. not if you truly want a chance to marry your princess for real, as a prince. and aladdin is a foolish, moral, kind boy - and he agrees. he’s fallen in love with jasmine, an innocent all encompassing love, and he’ll do anything for this sweet, clever girl he only knew for a few hours. so genie takes him across the desert, far from agrabah, and plops right in the middle of a skirmish and is like okay, good luck! and aladdin is like ?????

but there’s assholes with swords attacking a young girl, and aladdin doesn’t even have to think about that, just like when he stood in front of the whip for those little kids. there are three men against him, but he’s fast and clever and has been against a dozen trained palace guards. so it’s not easy to get out of there alive, especially with the little girl to protect, but he manages it with only a thin slice on his upper arm, and he’s endured worse for less. so he picks up the little girl and says “i think we should get out of here, hmm?” and she’s in a pretty red silk getup with tiny jewels encrusted on her like stars against sunset. and she nods and throws her arms around his neck. she won’t talk, only points in the direction of home, but aladdin’s okay with that, he’s used to quiet, scared kids. so he keeps up a steady stream of stories of agrabah, which seems almost like this other desert land. but there are more men with swords and aladdin is like what the fuck is going on, but he hides the girl in a corner and fights them too. and that’s how it goes all the way home. there’s no one on the streets really, and they all scatter when the men attack, and they keep on attacking, he fights his way all the way through the city with the girl on his hip or hidden away.

and he should have known, of course, but he was tired and bruised and bleeding by the time he realized the little girl is silently guiding him to the palace and he’s like why can’t you princesses stay inside??? but he walks up and the guards get one look at the child in his arms and whisk him through and multiple people try to take the girl away but she won’t budge from him, a stubborn pout to her lips as her hands remained locked behind his neck. and he’s finally tossed into a throne room where a tall old man is sitting in agony and two young men pace in front of him, each at least a decade older than aladdin. “they’ve taken our sister!” one of the younger men hiss, “i don’t care about their power or their connections, they’ve taken esfir, and we must go get her!”

“uh,” he clears his throat, “hi?”

and all three men whirl on him and the old man stumble-runs to him. esfir finally lets go of aladdin to picked up and twirled around by her father. the two men are rahim and shapur and they look in wonder at this dirty boy of fifteen who’s returned the girl to them, and he speaks with an accent and clearly is not from here and they get the story from him - he’s traveled across the desert because those in his own country want him dead. “you know,” rahim says as the king clutches at esfir in desperate relief, “you could have held her for ransom. you almost died saving her, and we would have paid handsomely to have her returned safely.”

and aladdin gives him a flat disapproving look, appearing in this moment four times his age, and says “people are not objects or bargaining chips. especially not lost little girls.” and rahim and shapur share an impressed conspiring look and they each grab one of his arms and lead him away. “hey! what are you -”

“do be quiet little brother,” shapur says cheerfully, “we really have to get you out of your rags.”

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he is a man of fortune

1 reblog = 1 bountiful blessing from the man of fortune
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… YES. (Combining two of my favourite things, how could I say no.)

How about:

a) Newt is one of the wood elves, who have an affinity for nature anyway (and he hangs out with Radagast a lot), whereas Graves is one of the ‘high elves’, perhaps from Rivendell, who stumbles over Newt while on an errand for Elrond, delivering some kind of message to Thranduil. He probably gets attacked by the spiders, defends himeslf and then Newt swoops in and is all like ‘no no they’re harmless’.

b) Newt as some kind of high-born elf and Graves as his very long-suffering assigned guard. Trying to stop Newt from getting himself killed accidentally is a full time job.

“No, Newt, going to Erebor to poke around and wake the dragon is not a good idea.”

“Could you please not fly away on an eagle every time you think I’m getting overbearing, I’m supposed to be keeping you alive.”

“Yes, the watcher in the water seems to be some kind of creature, no, we can’t go and have a look. It eats people, Newt.”
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Headcanon: Real!Percival Graves took lessons from the Sam Vimes School of Policing.

…I now can’t stop imagining Graves displaying the classic Sam Vimes reaction whenever someone mentions ‘the divine right of kings’.

For your consideration: Picquery getting Graves to do things simply by telling him to stay out of it while counting on his immediate ‘the hell I will’ reaction.

Percival Graves. In the Congress Chamber. With the axe.

Percival Graves reading ‘Where’s My Cow?’ to the occamys every night at 6 o’clock. Percival Graves struggling with the Summoning Dark. Percival Graves defeating the Summoning Dark by being aggressively himself.

Percival Graves holding up his right hand and gravely intoning “I comma square bracket recruit’s name square bracket comma do solemnly swear by square bracket recruit’s deity of choice square bracket to uphold the Laws and Ordinances of the city of New York -”

The threat of Percival Graves going spare hanging over every auror who messed up. ‘Graves will go spare’ is the ultimate deterrent whispered to the foolish who’re about to do something stupid.

Percival Graves wearing his shoes down until they’re about to fall off, because it lets him feel the city streets through his boots.

Percival Graves sitting on the steps of the Woolworth building with a cup of hot chocolate.

Percival Graves and Gondulphus ‘Old Stoneface’ Graves.

Percival Graves falling for Newt Scamander, the man who’s far too attached to dragons and literally spends all his time caring for his creatures.

Percival Graves struggling through the need to make all the shit he sees in his work easier to bear through alcohol. Percival Graves keeping a bottle of firewhiskey in his desk drawer just to prove that he can, never touching it.

Percival Graves and the Beast.

Percival Graves stopping a war by arresting both sides.

Percival Graves whispering “You’re nicked, chum!” as he tackles the serial killer who killed two of his aurors.

Percival Graves insisting on going after an unpredictable serial killing dark wizard himself, having given strict instructions to his aurors to keep out of it because they’ll try to do it by the book and it’s going to get them killed.

Percival Graves, due to an accident with a time-turner, being his own mentor.

Percival Graves being slightly horrified by just how naive his younger self was. Jesus Christ, kid, stop expecting the best of people (even if you’ll always defend them) and definitely stop blindly taking orders from those crooked aurors you had to call boss.

Percival Graves thinking longingly of Picquery‘s term in office, carefully keeping his face straight as he hears his younger self talking enthusiastically on how the latest Presidential candidate is definitely For the People, and how thing will be so much better when the current President is gone.

Is this really me? Graves wonders. Did I really have the political awareness of a head louse? And the self-preservation instincts of a lemming?

Percival Graves close to losing all hope stuck in the past, when his pocket watch - the one that Newt gave him after the Niffler refused to return Graves’ old one - is returned. He draws his fingers over the engraved initials, thinks of the future waiting for him and soldiers on.

Percival Graves, ordered the rioting population to take down that fucking barricade! And re-build it at the end of the street! And build another one at that corner there! Move it, people, they don’t have much time!

(On an aside, I considered Percival Graves arresting a dragon, but then realized that Newt would pout at him. And give him the wet, teary eyes, and - well, Graves would be very distracted.)

Oh, but no - Graves arresting the dragon saves the dragon from a rioting mob and Newt got to smuggle him out later.

Percival Graves arresting President Picquery because she was implicated in some crime, then working tirelessly to prove that she was framed.

Percival Graves breaking ranks and abandoning the ceremonial parade he was supposed to have been leading to chase after a pickpocket.

We’re talking about the Niffler here, right? Because Graves would totally throw over a ceremonial whatnot in favour of chasing the Niffler.

Percival Graves, constantly annoyed by the press - especially when they print satirised cartoons of him.

Well, not only is it a pickpocket, but Newt would be very sad if the Niffler got lost again. Also, it’s become - almost a game with the niffler, by now. 

Percival Graves, staring down the length of the War Table at the rest of Picquery’s advisors after someone makes a reference to Old Stoneface Graves, who lead the city’s militia in an effort to bring some sort of freedom and justice to the place. And was he Director at the time? Good heavens, yes, as a matter of fact he was! Was he hanged and dismembered and buried in five graves? And is he a distant ancestor of the current Director? My word, the coincidences just pile up, don’t they?

Graves probably has the Niffler trained by now. Something shiny in exchange for causing havoc at just the right time so he can get out of a boring meeting/stuffy ceremonial whatnots.

Percival Graves is starting to hate the word ‘coincidences’. Coincidence my ass. He’s proud of his ancestor even if no one thinks he should be.

…oh god(s). An unimpressed Graves nick-naming the Niffler Nobby Nobbs, because even after their accord, it’s still snatching things from his pockets.

Percival Graves, whose scorn for ‘coincidences’ is matched only by his utter fury and loathing of Clues. And don’t get him started on detectives, he absolutely hates it when someone deciphers everything about a person by the stains on their collar when in fact they could simply be a slob and chosen to wipe their mouth after lunch.

Do you think ‘Old Stoneface’ Gondopholus Graves chopped the head off of some would-be king who tried to secede from the newly-formed MACUSA and form his own kingdom?

Nobby Nobbs the Niffler, OMG that’s perfect. (Does that make Pickett Colon?)

When there’s magic involved clues might as well be called misdirection and left at that. Only really inept criminals make it that easy, and those are hardly worth chasing because they usually end up putting themselves out of the game without any assistance on Graves’ part.

I was rather thinking a MACUSA president who went a bit nuts/dark. Can’t quite see how a king would play into it unless we went some kind of fairy route…

Pickett is too industrious to be Colon; I’m honestly not sure if we’ve seen a Fantastic Beasts character that could serve as a good counterpart for him. (although I’m tempted to name the Erumphet…)

Percival Graves, who doesn’t give a bloody damn that one of his aurors is a werewolf and simply utilizes their talents to best advantage.

An early MACUSA president who went dark/insane, called themselves a ‘king’, and ran headfirst (no pun intended!) into Old Stoneface Graves.

Percival Graves who has some reservations when it comes to employing a vampire (mostly because he’s seen too many grizzly vampire-related deaths), but does so anyway. The vampire and the werewolf becomes best friends and a major headache for him to deal with, but they do their job well so it’s worth it to him.

Personally Graves thinks that the whole beheading thing might have been a bit over the top, but the ‘king’ definitely had it coming. There will always be a Graves around to stop people like him.

Percival Graves, who doesn’t care what you are as long as you DO YOUR DAMN JOB. (The zombie auror gets some raised eyebrows, but Graves ignores it; he’s one of their best, and besides, he always stitches his bits back on.) Anyone messing with them will get the book thrown at them - literally; Graves has been known to use The Laws and Ordinances of MACUSA and the City of New York as a blunt force instrument on previous occasions, and everyone eyes the apparently-innocuous book on the side of his desk with the gravest suspicion.

Percival Graves, being introduced to a foreign wizard who wants to make a Complaint about how casually everyone is treating him - “I am the King of Magical [fill in blank]!”

“It’s a pleasure. I’m Director Graves.”

“ - And I demand that you and your show me the respect that I am owed - wait a minute, Graves? Graves as in - as in - “

“Yes, that Graves.”

“I have to go now lovely to meet you so sorry affairs of state goodbye!”

(There has been at least one occasion where people swear they’re seen Graves conjure an axe and walk casually past a room where Picquery is debating with foreign representatives.)

His version of The Laws and Ordinances is heavily annotated with practical tidbits such as ‘delightful idea, not actually workable’ and ‘what idiot thought to put this in, we’re not some kind of police state’ and ‘NO’. There is after all the law, and The Law. Not that anyone who gets hit over the head with the tome appreciates this.

Graves got very good at the axe conjuring charm. He doesn’t ever have to actually use it after that one time he almost split the table in half, but it works wonders to get everyone to agree on a compromise post-haste. (It doesn’t escape the more observant of politicians that Graves is usually the one who proposed the compromise.)

His version of The Laws and Ordinances might also have a reinforced binding, with steel plates cunningly inserted into the leather covers. It makes for a lovely heft, even though the grip is slightly awkward. Also, if anyone ever asks why the book is so damn heavy, Graves can, without cracking a hint of any smile, respond that it’s because it’s full of justice.

Not that Graves would ever threaten a foreign representative. He’d the Director Of Magical Security and Law Enforcement, after all, would he do something like that? Casually conjure an axe just because he was irritated? The axe is a reminder that Graves takes his job - and The Law - very seriously indeed. Very seriously. 

…I think that the first time Graves actually used the axe-conjuring charm was when he buried an axe head into a table in front of the Magical Congress - who were taking advantage of Picquery’s ‘illness’ (attempted assassination via poisoning) to push her out of office, and in fact had been implicated in the murder attempt. Everyone was suddenly reminded that he was the direct descendant of Director Gondolpholus ‘Suffer-Not-Injustice’ Graves.

…I have to wonder how much the rank and file actually know about ‘Old Stoneface’ Graves? I don’t think it’s exactly common knowledge; oh, it’s there in the history books if you care to look, but it wasn’t the brightest spot in American History and a lot of schools skim over the era.

Picquery typically responds to Graves’ most recent Graves-ism by heaping him with rewards, gifts, and titles. She finds that the expression on his face is priceless every times. (This is also why Graves technically has the second-highest social status in MACUSA, not that he’d admit it under torture).

The book is full of justice! Graves’ face is so serious every time someone receives this answer that not even his aurors aren’t entirely sure if he’s joking.

Tina knows because she’s the kind of person who will research her boss at three in the morning because youo can never have too much knowledge, but most of the aurors don’t. As a whole, they aren’t exactly a history-conscious bunch (it wasn’t one of the subjects needed to pass the auror exam - Graves thinks this is stupid and is working to change that; if those who’re supposed to protect them forget the mistakes of the past, who is going to remember?).

Graves hates hobnobbing with a vengeance. He would take the axe with him just to have something to fend off vapid high society asshats with, but Picquery explicitly forbade it.

The fact that Graves has been known to use said book to deflect spells and apprehend suspects doesn’t help. It actually has a lot of aurors warily eyeing their own copies of the book.

I wonder if Graves has an axe - loving framed and carefully polished - mounted on a wall in his office. It’s old and chipped in places, but some visitors can’t help but stare at it and wonder - is this THE axe? (It isn’t; Graves conjured it, and then spent an afternoon carefully aging and chipping it before mounting it in his office. He also went out and got some lessons on how to properly swing an axe, because as long as he’s using the thing, he might as well learn how to do it correctly).

On that note - Percival Graves, who carefully and thoroughly traps all the entrances and exits to his home and office, maintains them religiously, and  regularly sends an auror squad around to arrest the would-be assassins who fall into the alligator pits.

It starts rumours about Graves having hexed all copies of this book in the name of Justice and anyone who dares so much as crinkle its pages unduly is going to find themselves with a nasty surprise.

All the axe-swinging has impacted his wand technique - he now incorporates wide sweeps when he knows he can get away with it.

Graves making a training exercise out of his booby trapped house. Junior aurors both dread the task because rumour has it no one has managed and are a bit excited because everyone wants to know what Director Graves house looks like from the inside. (They never get that far - Graves likes his privacy after all.)

No, that happens when they try and crinkle the pages of Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them. Graves has a signed First Edition, and he has hexed this one - anyone who tries to damage it will find themselves facing a Very Nasty Surprise.

The sight of Director Graves swinging an axe in a professional, businesslike manner probably haunts the nightmares of various individuals. And once they make the parallels between his wand movements and his axe-swinging, they can’t unsee it.

Newt, of course, probably absently wandered through the traps on his first try (Graves is the Director, yes, but Newt has been breaking in and out of smuggling operations to rescue creatures for a long time), and then quite happily helped design newer, better, and much more vicious traps incorporating various magical creatures.

Percival Graves scowling as he plays chess, because it seems so terribly elitist. He subsequently trains his wizarding chess set to reflect this opinion.
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I am so sick of the misinformation going around about Standing Rock. To begin with DAPL was set to go through a town called Bismarck, a town that is mostly white. The people of this town expressed concern for the pipeline leaking, and said they didn’t want it.

When the pipleline was re-routed, it was set up to go through land that belongs to the Standing Rock Sioux. For those who don’t know what I mean by “belongs to” because “Oh me oh my, this is American land,” no, it isn’t. Not all of it. There is land that belongs to different Native tribes. Including part of the land that the pipeline will be going through. This was not done with permission. How was this done? This was done by bulldozing up the graves of ancestors. (If that doesn’t bother you, read it as the graves of our veterans; the graves of our presidents’ families; the graves of your family.)

Outside of the media finally watching us for the last six months, the camps have been there before that. I know someone who was there on April 1, 2016. That’s well before the media started paying attention in August. Well before. The camps have been self-sustaining. Yes, there have been donations. Yes, donations were made in physical items, money for items, and money for legal funds. That money and those items went to keeping something beautiful alive.

People who were arrested had numbers written on their arms, they were kept in dog cages. Protectors who were peacefully in prayer had untrained dogs set on them to attack. There are photos floating around of one trainer who couldn’t keep her dog, who had blood in its mouth, under control. In sub-zero conditions in the early morning protectors were hosed down with freezing water - this includes the elderly and children. (Yes, there were children. Guess what, they were getting schooled there. Self sustaining.) Police shot bean bags, rubber bullets, and flash-bang bombs into the crowds. A woman had her arm blown to pieces because of this. 

At every point since the beginning, there has only been peace on our end. No rioting, no fire, no weapons, no alcohol, no drugs; nothing but peace. And from the end of law enforcement has been violence. Even residents had been violent, and police did nothing to them. But they sure as hell arrested people from camp for praying - a nonviolent act.

If you are not Native, you don’t get to dictate what happens on our lands. I don’t give a damn if the government does. The government is breaking a treaty right now, ignoring tribal sovereignty. Just because they do it, does not mean you get to. I don’t care how tired you are of hearing about it. We’re tired of having our lands stolen and having our rights violated. 

Please boost this. I’m tired of the propaganda being spread with the intent of bigots and settlers to erase Native voices and justify colonial violence. Also realize alot of this even beyond the pipeline, is settlers acting out of pure anti Native hatred. People don’t understand unless they have lived in the Midwest, just how deep white supremacy is there.
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Republic heroes General Skywalker and Senator Amidala kidnapped by Separatist leader Obi-wan Kenobi (aka Anakin and Padme are whisked away for a surprise romantic vacation by their Sith boyfriend)

#submissions#sapphicpadmes#obianidala#obianidala au#YES pls give me an au where Padme is a Hero of The Republic on par with the way Anakin and Obi-wan are treated in fanon/extended canon#ok but are the clones???? in on this?????#‘oh no’ Rex says monotone as the kidnapping report comes in#'how dreadful’ fives chips in#'i suppose we should start our search in the exact opposite direction of this well known vacation planet and then loop around’#tags by mod rainy#submission
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from a veteran tumblr user: if your inbox is full of anon hate, block one of them and refresh the page. i can almost guarantee that most if not all of the other hateful messages will disappear.

your monsters aren’t as numerous as they want you to think. take away the veil, you’ll find a person pretending to be an army. you’re stronger than they are.



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