Mar. 24th, 2017

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#*cries for a thousand years*#no but like someone fucking bring rogue squadron back properly#all the current/new eu stuff is really skirting it and pretending it doesn’t exist#but fuck that #because rogue squadron was named for something#it was named in remembrance #the rogues remember their dead with pride#a holo of bodhi rook #salvaged from a file somewhere#hangs on the rogue squadron briefing room#and after luke’s briefed them about their latest mission and wedge has told them in no uncertain terms how dangerous it is#each member of the squadron touches their hands to his holo as they leave#in hopes he is watching over them still #and promises to do bodhi rook proud#star wars #rogue one #rogue squadron

Well great now I’m crying with you, @drinkupthesunrise. 
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prequel trio │padme amidala, anakin skywalker & obi wan kenobi

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#WeFightBack protesters are storming the halls of Congress to send a message to the GOP

With Republicans expected to vote on the American Health Care Act on Thursday, protestors fighting against the legislation gathered in Washington to make their opposition known.

Social media posts showed that groups of protesters assembled for a rally in Washington’s Freedom Square, while others marched through the halls of Congress to deliver a message straight to Paul Ryan and other lawmakers behind the proposed health care overhaul.

One video shared on Twitter featured demonstrators outside Ryan’s office as one of his constituents, a demonstrator named Maureen, led a crowd in repeating after her: “Paul Ryan, we’re in crisis. We need our health care. We rely on the Affordable Care Act to save our lives.” Read more (3/23/17 2:24 PM)
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I’ve gotten a few from this particular cock-juggling thundercunt (my favorite being somewhere along the lines of ‘you’re seem like a wanky, whiny… something something blah blah blah I forget) and usually when I see a fresh steamer from them, I do the right thing when it comes to trolls: delete their asks and ignore them completely.

But, man, this one just caught me at a bad time.

Your insult zeal makes me feel a billion times better, though. Like, wow. I think I might love you.


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