May. 21st, 2017

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My name is Anakin Skywalker; my mother was Salvation Shmi Skywalker. Her blood runs through my veins. 

Doodling my Pirates of the Caribbean (in space!) AU I’m thinking up. Shmi liberated slaves, hence earning her the name Salvation Shmi; Anakin wasn’t aware of what she was up to because she got him out of slavery before she freed herself.

Instead of the weird PotC trilogy love triangle, Anakin and Padmé agree to seduce Obi-Wan into their marriage. They’re all trans, and Anakin’s black because I said so. 

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Blessed be the publishers that put numbers on the spines of books in a series, put chronological lists in the title pages, and say “the first in the ____ series”

For they shall inherit the money of readers. Amen.
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okay folks help me write

these are the aus I have buzzing around my head

- The Grief Verse - Darth Vader was a clone of Anakin Skywalker, then they find Anakin Skywalker, everyone cries

- Fly Hard - Anakin is the John McClane of the Star Wars universe and he’s so sick of this shit, he can’t even tell you

- ‘The World Has Turned Around Again’ - Anakin is caught in a loop of the worst day of his life

- ‘How To Make Friends And Save The Galaxy: The Anakin Skywalker Method’ - Anakin starts reading self-help books, saves everyone and Annoys Obi Wan

OK OK the third one. Is this like an Order 66-As-Groundhog Day AU? Anakin keeps waking up to the same song on his alarm clock, etc? He has to keep re-doing the day over and over until he FINALLY gets every single sequence of events “right” and the universe is saved?

HOLY CRAP, this is hilarious and I love this. Oh man. I have Thoughts. So like, there goes Obi-Wan, off to fight Grievous, and Anakin has to find a way to talk him out of it so that he can keep his buddy by his side and Fight Evil. 

He tries SO. MANY. TIMES. Forcibly holding him back. Feigning an illness. Kissing him passionately on the mouth. Spilling out everything about Palpatine and the War and Pregnant Padme to try and convince him to stay (Obi-Wan assumes Anakin’s had a nervous breakdown that time around due to war-related stress, and Anakin ends that version of the day in a Jedi Hospital.) 

Also I feel like Anakin probably ends up fucking up and ending up as a Darksider a good percent of the time, and then – BAM – he wakes up back at the beginning again, all “…oh shit, I became Darth Vader again that time. Ugh. What is wrong with me?”

except there’s also the days he snaps and kills everyone just in case that works, the days he gets therapy because why the fuck not, the days he graffitis the Temple, the day he kissed Mace Windu just to see the look on his face…
basically by the time he sorts himself out and figures out what’s needed to be done, it’s been a looooong time

A+++. Oh God, the opportunities for comedy. 

The day he shows up to the Council meeting stark naked. The day he just doesn’t even get out of bed because FUCK THIS HE IS SO SICK OF THIS GODDAMN FUCKING DAY. He dip-kisses Padme in front of the Senate. 

The day he finally gets it right takes ages to construct. He’s speechless when he wakes up the next morning (finally, blessedly ON THE ACTUAL NEXT DAY) next to his pregnant, peacefully-sleeping wife (and possibly also Obi-Wan,) with the newspaper on Padme’s apartment doorstep proudly proclaiming ANAKIN SKYWALKER EXPOSES CORRUPT CHANCELLOR, BALANCES FORCE.

What I’m trying to say is I like this idea.

Y’ALL I’VE BEEN PINING FOR THIS FIC FOR MONTHS IN THE TAGS just imagine that post with Palps starting it on that “Have you heard of Plagueis the Wise?” speech and GoundhogDay!Anakin, out of fucks to give, just fucking slaying him with that quippant “Ya the Jedi Archives say his apprentice is a lil bitch” PLEASE

This is such a great fic idea because there can be the ACTUAL overall story (i.e. how Anakin gets stuck on the same day, and has to keep getting better at it until eventually he saves the galaxy,) but it can ALSO spin off ENDLESS additional side fics about any given ONE of the “repeated” days: 

The day Anakin goes to the Council meeting and gives a huge speech detailing out every single thing the Council doesn’t know yet, and how “by the end of the day I’m gonna be a Sith Lord and you’ll all pretty much be dead” while everyone is just like 😐 while occasionally casting side glances at Obi-Wan because CONTROL YOUR PADAWAN HIS BRAIN HAS OBVIOUSLY BROKEN

The day he dramatically drops to one knee and asks Obi-Wan to marry him because he’s seriously running out of ideas to get him to NOT leave to kill Grievous and he figures it’s worth a shot (he actually attempts this a few times: one time they end up in a fistfight, three or four times Obi-Wan nearly dies of embarrassment and ends up leaving anyways because he’s like “um ok that is…very nice, I guess, Anakin…but I still have to go save the Galaxy, can we talk about this later?” and one time they actually DO get married but the galaxy still ends up ruined, in part because Anakin gets so distracted with the whole eloping-to-Space-Vegas thing that he forgets to save the rest of the universe from darkness. Oops.)

The day he goes to find Ahsoka and Rex, and ends up fighting Robo-Maul on Mandalore, with Hilarious Results. 

The day Anakin just flat-out quits everything and teaches himself guitar (he gets pretty good and writes terrible songs)

He shaves his head, but does everything else 100% the same. Somehow things end up going even worse than they did in the original canon story. (He’s so pissed. He was SURE he was on to something there.)

“He shaves his head”! Lol Padme probably just kicks him out of her apartment and closes the door in his face and the day goes downhill from there.

He gets so bored that he spends several same-day weeks shadowing Mace Windu to know every seconds of his day, only to then spend a loop following him and narrating out loud everything that happens to him a few seconds before it does, just to freak him out.

He probably has the “I’m reliving this day” argument with Obi-Wan over and over again until one day he convinces him unexpectedly. By saying all Obi-Wan’s responses with him. And correctly predicting when Mace Windu will sneeze down to the second.

He kills Palpatine. The day resets. He kill Palpatine again, deals with the contingency plan triggered with his death, and triggers another. Reset. There’s like, thirty layers of contingencies, including that really creepy Palpatine clones, in three different places across the Galaxy

He kills the Separatist Council and takes over the Confederacy, only to announce that his terms for peace. It’s a three-way marriage to unite CIS, Republic and Jedi Order. The funniest thing, after the twentieth repeat or so, his manifesto gets eloquent enough that people start taking him seriously.

He finally kills Palpatine for good, deals with ALL of his backup plans, and then the day resets ANYWAY. So he does it again, but this time declares himself Emperor and forces the Senate to pass a bill banning sand.
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hey take this quiz about which greek god/goddess you relate to most!
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have some sealy friends

We need cute seals today (and every day)


Signed, sealed, delivered :D 
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Now I’m wondering what an Alpha Newt and Omega Percival would be like. Hm.

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Just once, I want the hero to go “your wife/sister/mother/whatever would not have wanted this!”, and the villain to go, “actually, we talked about this a lot. She was really into vigilante justice and eye for an eye stuff. She always said, if something like this happens, avenge me.”

“Your mother never would have wanted this!”

“Wow you clearly never met my mother.”

“Okay so I was going to say your sister wouldn’t want this, but then - “ 

“ - you realized that was the stupidest fucking thing that’s ever tried to come out of your mouth? and wow is that a high bar -”

“Right, but here’s the thing: okay, so your sister would totally have wanted to do this, but let’s both be honest here, we both loved her, but your sister had some serious temper and impulse control problems. And she wouldn’t’ve wanted you to do this. She would have wanted to come back from the dead and do it herself. So I feel like right now, you should take a step back, and let her work towards her goal if she’s still out there to have it.” 

“ … okay that’s actually a compelling argument.” 

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via election 2017: Two million apply to register to vote - BBC News:


You’ve got till 11:59pm tomorrow night to register to vote.

If you’re not registered get registered now and vote on June 8th.
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I’m not sure what kind of luck the $115 frozen pizza badger is supposed to bring but I’m not taking any chances
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i foun d my old wallet in the drawer next to my bed and it had $400 in it im having a heart attack

reblog the aquabats! wallet of good fortune & you’ll b blessed w/ good fortune
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A rare picture of myself at my first house party, got to get those priorities straight.

Register to vote. It takes 5 minutes and you only have 2 days left to do it to be able to vote in the general election.


Deadline to register is 22 May, I saw a tweet saying there is one day left to register so I don’t know if you can actually register on the 22nd.

Voting is 08 June.

You need to register by midnight of the 22nd.

You can still register to vote on the 22nd.


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