May. 24th, 2017

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Guys, I’m not going to ask for your prayers - I myself am not religious, but I am going to ask you to signal boost this. Marawi City in the Philippines has been invaded by ISIS, they are bombing the city and a school zone, and setting detainees free from prisons. 

They say that this is a jihad, but anyone who even has a small understanding of Islam knows that Islam is not violent. 

This is terrorism.

The world needs to know. 

This is not in the news… so signal boosting this. I know some of my followers are from Mindanao, hope you guys are alright.

Correction though, it was Maute group who attacked, not ISIS. But they’re affiliated with it and it’s still terrorism.
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Hades suddenly realizes he technically never “claimed” Nico, everyone just figured it out.  To fix his mistake and be a good dad whose sone knows he loves him and is proud of him, Hades personally comes to Camp Half Blood with a megaphone and shouts NICO DI ANGELO IS MY SON

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Save a life

Totes good data.

The part of this I don’t like is “they will most likely move on to an easier target.” Like I’m supposed to feel fine about someone else with a less sturdy door getting ripped off?

Change your neighbor’s screws too

Channel your inner dad

Chage everyone’s screws
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Hellooooooooooooo, Nony! 

Are you here on behalf of your fellow demon, Anakin Skywalker? Are you trying to convince me to write about the tortured and painful love he develops for a pious man of the cloth, Obi-Wan Kenobi? Are you looking for a looooong slow burn between them? Something where Anakin is redeemed by the love of a charming, sensitive and perhaps deeply wounded Priest Kenobi?

Orrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr perhaps, for our ObiAniDala fans, a world where Padme is indeed an angel, a Seraphim made of fire and the Words of God. She destroys injustice with a single swing of her fiery blade and she advocates for the lost, the forgotten and the forsaken before the great heavenly princes of the Sephirot. 

She comes across our favorite holy man at his darkest moment, perhaps at the nadir of his life before seeking redemption and peace through service to the Almighty. Perhaps she took the form of a friendly woman, someone Ben could talk to, lean on, someone who understood what it was like to have the love of your life ripped from you arms by a cold, unfeeling world and tell you to move on as if your heart was still beating and your lungs were still working. 

Humans are so easy to love, Padme tells herself. Like Anakin. No. He’s nothing like Anakin. 

Human lives are so short. He will be dead soon. Padme tells herself, laughing at his jokes and eating takeout with him. Anakin is as immortal as she is, not that she has seen him since the Fall, since she lost him. 

One human cannot possibly be enough, Padme tells herself, even as she knows she is falling, failing, again. He will never replace my Ani. He cannot. 

But somehow, none of that seems to matter. 

He is so kind and caring. So charming and gentlemanly. And his smile makes her toes curl and her body ache to pull him into her arms and kiss that smug little smirk off his face.

They are spending a happy afternoon discussing a book they are reading together, sitting cozily on the couch and laughing at shared jokes when there is a knock on the door and the world turns on its head.

“Where is he? Where is the karking Putti that’s been hanging around you? I can smell that feathered bastard on you! You belong to me!” a familiar snarl comes from the foyer and Padme finds herself draw, inexorably against her will towards the arguing voices.

“I do not belong to you! And what the hell is a putti? It this more of your nonsense? You cannot keep barging in here whenever you like!” An offended angry huff.

“You do too belong to me!” a furious snarl and the sounds of a passionate kiss. “Don’t worry, Ben. I won’t do anything… permanent to the little chubby pain in the ass. I’ll just scare him off? P-Padme?”

She stares into the eyes of her long lost love, her beautiful and broken Fallen One. “Anakin? What are you doing here?”

Ben promptly passes out because even the most pious and devout of believers can only handle so much angelic and demonic energy. 

Angel and Demon let out a simultaneous cry of dismay and rush to his side. 

Later, when he’s come back around, Ben will be stunned to find that not only is Anakin’s “Nonsense” real but that Padme has wings to boot. 

What do you think, Nony? 

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Homeless man interviewed by ‘ITV News’ recounts story of bravery during Manchester attack

Look for the helpers.

#please tell me someone is gonna help this guy and the other homeless people who were so selfless#manchester bombing 


Share the shit out of this. Share the ever-loving shit out of this.  The UK is facing a vote with a party that has been very vocal about fucking over the homeless.  Remind them why this policy is trash.    Raise a huge swell of sympathy.  Make it political suicide to go ahead with their plans. here is a link to the justgiving page that has been set up for this man’s heroism - so far almost £20,000 has been raised!!


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