May. 25th, 2017

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Anakin’s Force Ghost: [appearing in front of Kylo Ren] Kylo: Wh – grandfa– it’s – Anakin: WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?! HMM? Do you know what this has done to me? And your uncle? [getting in his face] AND YOUR MOTHER?! And then there’s what you did to – Kylo: …what? [sizes Anakin up] Oh, I see. So you’ve become a traitor in your afterlife. How…disappointing. I guess I really will have to finish what you started. Anakin: [stammering, furious] Tra-TRAITOR?! ME? [rolls up sleeves] OK, that’s it, I know I SAID I was done kicking people’s asses but this is – Obi-Wan: [holding up a hand] Perhaps I can be of assistance here. [to Kylo] May we talk? Ben to, uh, Ben?Anakin: Obi-Wan please, we’ve been through this, you’re not going to be able to convince him to – Kylo: [smirking] Well well well, look who’s here. Grandpa brought his Jedi boyfriend.Obi-Wan: I just wanted to say that I think…I think you should stay on the Dark Side, really. Anakin: WHAT?! Obi-Wan: Now hear me out, Anakin: it’s not like the young man has many people who even especially want him back on the light side, really, save for his mother perhaps. His uncle’s mostly given up on the Jedi…Kylo: Pfft. Obi-Wan: …and I’m sure he has plenty of close friends here in the First Order who’d fight to keep him here, making our job that much harder. [Hux walks by, smacks Kylo in the head with a notebook]Hux: [over his shoulder] Fuck you, Ren! Kylo: [rolls eyes] Whatever. Obi-Wan: …and it’s not like you or I want to talk to him, Anakin, so really, we may as well just give up – this is the best path for all concerned. [speaking deliberately] Really, if he showed up on the light side again I’d be furious at this point, given all he’s done. It would be far too much work for me. Kylo: [warily] Oh, really? You’d be furious. Obi-Wan: Yes. It would be awful to have to deal with rehabilitating yet another Skywalker. I, Obi-Wan Kenobi, absolutely do not think you should turn back to the Light Side. In fact, as a Jedi Master I…forbid you from turning back to the Light Side. Anakin: [pulling Obi-Wan aside, whispering harshly] Obi-Wan what in the absolute Sith hells are you do – Kylo: [sarcastic laugh] You think…you think YOU can tell ME what to do, old man? I don’t have to listen to you! If I wanna wear this cool black cape, I will! If I wanna give myself a badass Darksider name, then I will! And if I wanna go back to the light side, well, then you’ll just have to live with that too, Kenobi. Anakin: [jaw drops]Obi-Wan: [mildly] Well I am only a ghost now, so I suppose I would have to accept it, even though it would be terribly insubordinate of you and I would be very upset indeed. Kylo: [grabbing his stuff] I’ll show you, Kenobi. I’ll SHOW YOU. You’re not in charge of me! [to Anakin] Let’s go find my mom. Anakin: [agape] I…Obi-Wan: [cracks knuckles] Very well then. [sotto voce] Should have tried that one sooner. 

(You know that Kylo probably figures out that he’s been had halfway back to Leia’s place, but they came so close to pulling it off. Kenobi’s just going to have to be slightly more subtle next time.) ;) 

*sniffles* Aww, thanks! 

Honestly, if Lucasfilm never wants to do anything with the Force Ghosts (which would be a damn shame but hey it’s their Star Wars and they can break my heart if they want to,) I’d be totally down for writing the non-canon Force Ghost cartoon series for them. Y’know. LOOK ME UP, NERDS. 

I volunteer to work for free in the Writers’ Room! I’ll even bring snacks and drinks! Please please please pleaseeeeeee???
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the kanienkehaka (mohawk) of kanehsatake have been dealing with flood relief without the military’s help (they don’t want the military on their territory, having suffered so much at their hands during the oka crisis) and are unable to receive government funds until after the fact, and so are calling for both monetary and physical support

there is a go fund me to help the community purchase needed supplies:

and an event for a clean up day/bbq here

please help if you can
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idk if any of yall are following the montana special election but the republican candidate just body slammed a journalist so a sanders-endorsed candidate that was already beating him greatly in the polls now might be literally guaranteed a win… a deeply conservative state

source source
this is straight up fascism

greg gianforte and his campaign are now blaming the “aggressive behavior from a liberal journalist” for this incident and are essentially claiming the reporter body slammed himself

i dont mean to grab for attention but could you guys reblog this? the election is TOMORROW and the gop candidate just SENT A JOURNALIST TO THE HOSPITAL. ive been following the race and the majority of the democratic candidates outreach has been through social media and i havent seen any posts about it yet (because it like just happened) and this is….a very big and scary thing

Why is the disgusting Republican THUG who assaulted this man not in prison right now?

I mean I don’t know how things work in Montana but in places where laws exist, violently physically assaulting someone so badly they are sent to the hospital usually results in the person who assaulted them getting arrested
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“I’m not blessed, or merciful. I’m just me. I’ve got a job to do, and I do it. Listen: Even as we’re talking, I’m there for old and young, innocent and guilty, those who die together and those who die alone. I’m in cars and boats and planes; in hospitals and forests and abattoirs. For some folks death is a release, and for others death is an abomination, a terrible thing. But in the end, I’m there for all of them.”- The Sandman #20 “Dream Country Part 4: Facade”
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Whenever Jason spends time at the Gotham central park he occasional run into a strange girl with a tattoo on her right eye and an ankh necklace. And while to this day he doesn’t know her name he finds her presence comforting
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Happy Glorious 25th of May, Discworlders! May your lilacs bloom and your angels rise up high!

Oh, and GNU Terry Pratchett of course :)

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Most of the bunker was still standing when the storm finally passed. Rogue Squadron picked themselves up, groaning and cursing and generally despairing of finding their ships, and took stock of the situation. They still had the stolen list of Black Sun’s contacts, and they still had the informant, so that was alright.

Wedge pried open the door and took a deep breath of rain-cleansed air. The clouds had passed, the sun was shining, and….there was a super star destroyer hovering over the city. Wedge grimaced and turned back to the Squadron.

“Luke, your dad’s here,” he sighed.

Everyone groaned.

“Is it too late to feign death until he goes away?” Wes asked.

Luke squinted, then nodded. “Yep. Sorry, guys. I’ll meet you at the rendezvous point.”


Now I want to see the rest of the squad commiserating about family on the other side of the war. Luke is only notable in that his family member a) is so well-known by people outside the war, and b) seeks him out but doesn’t want to kill him for being a traitor.


Because the other people, either their relative is purposefully going where their Rebel black sheep isn’t going to be, so they can dodge the issue; or they’re specifically trying to kill that Rebel, to prove that their family is loyal.

Aw man, imagine after Luke, shaking and timid and trying to make sense of it all, tells his squadron in private – hasn’t even told Command, except for Leia – because some secrets are too heavy to carry alone. Imagine one of the Rogues staring, dumbfounded, and blurting out, “You destroyed the Death Star, lead the Rogues, and you’re training to be a Jedi, and he wants you back?! As in not dead?”

“I don’t know if the “not dead” part is subject to change yet, but I guess?” Luke says miserably.

“Mine took a pot shot at me with a sniper rifle and told me I was a dead woman the next time I set foot in my hometown,” says one of the pilots.

“At least that’s not actively trying to kill you,” says one of the techs, “If you ask my uncle, I’ve shamed our family name and have to be hunted down as an act of loyalty to the Empire. Doesn’t matter if my parents agree with that or not, my mom is the younger sibling. She doesn’t get a say.”

Wedge sighs. “I guess I’ve got it easy compared to you guys. My brother-in-law just avoids me like the plague. I think it’s more for my sister’s sake than mine, but I can’t say I don’t appreciate it all the same.” He leans over and thumps Luk’s shoulder. “Guess your old man cares, at least. In some weird way.”

“You guys are taking this way better than I did,” Luke mutters, “That’s weird.”

“Hey boss,” Wes asks, “So are you gonna get, like, as tall as Vader someday, or do you get your height from your mom?”

“I don’t know,” he answers sarcastically, “Should I ask him?”

“I mean…couldn’t hurt, right? We should probably know in advance if we’re gonna need a new uniform for you eventually.”

The conversation quickly derails into the monthly “short pilots unite” rally. 

Just imagine if Luke’s squadron starts casually talking to Vader. Like they give him updates on how Luke is doing, have conversations on sports teams, etc. Vader is weirded out at first but comes to appreciate it because it’s really the only civil interactions he’s had in years.

Well now I’m imagining a message breaking through to the Executor and it’s this thoroughly exhausted looking man wearing the uniform of a Rebel pilot and he’s like “You don’t know me, but I’m Commander Skywalker’s wingman. He told me that if a situation ever goes too completely pear-shaped, this was who I was supposed to contact. I think Luke and six of our guys trying to single-handedly hold a city against enraged Hutts probably counts.”

And everyone kind of looks back at Vader, who stands there for a minute and then is like “….do I even want to know what circumstances drove him to this?”

“If it made sense, I’d have said so. But you know how he gets sometimes, off without a word. Well, maybe you don’t know. I dunno.”

And Piett has already laid in the new course like “alright then sir, off to rescue the little commander again. Will we be needing the medbay this time?”

I just want to hug all of this. O_O

*snicker* ‘The little commander’ oh boy. Piett knows his boss far too well.
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Parks & Fantastic Beasts: Percival Graves + Ron Swanson quotes
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Fuck I’m at a fencing tournament and literally a minute after I reblogged this my dad told me that he talked to the point people and I’m probably going to win a medal.



I need to follow up to say I reblogged this last night, and this morning I got some of the best news of my life, like, a life dream come true news thing.

Bagel what are your powers

FUCK, I though it was just another lucky meme but LISTEN. Since a week ago I was waiting a phone call to confirm me if I got a job or not in my university. I reblogged this yesterday’s night “just for fun and because I don’t want any bagel to be mad with me”, and today’s afternoon, while I was losing my time as always, the professor I was supposed to work with called me and asked me for my personal information to start working with her.



The bagel hasn’t let me down yet!

I need luck on this day

I need some luck rn

Get your bagel luck!

I’ll pray to the bagel god if it means this dizziness goes the fuck away.

Please Bagel.

Well, couldn’t we all use a little help?

Okay but only because this is the most absurd version of this meme I have seen to date and I love it

I dont usually believe this kind of thing but…
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hey man i haven’t seen a single similar post (concerning???) so i feel like it’s important to make this.

tomorrow is ramadan. your eating disorder will not magically disappear in ramadan.

allah will not hate you if you relapse in ramadan. be it that you faint or you binge, if you need to break your fast because of your eating disorder THEN YOU BREAK YOUR FAST.

You are not supposed to fast when you are sick. YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO FAST WHEN YOU ARE SICK. IT IS HARAM TO FAST IF YOU ARE SICK BECAUSE IT BRINGS HARM TO YOUR BODY. If you start feeling horribly sick and you know, you haven’t had sufficient suhoor or iftar for a few days or anything of the sort, it is okay to break your fast and even go to the hospital if you need to.

habaybi that have eating disorders, PLEASE take care of yourself during ramadan. It is a month of cleansing and forgiveness, so forgive yourself if you relapse. You can always redo your fast after ramadan.

Jazakallah please reblog this post and ramadan mubarak to you all! ♡

Ramadan 2017: May 26 - June 25


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