May. 30th, 2017

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I just cannot stress enough how much i fUCKING LOVE MERMAIDS

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No, but seriously, do you know how amazing Vincent Price is?

Not just as an actor, although he was a blast to watch in everything he did.  He’s one of those actors who’s just clearly having a whale of a time, no matter how bad the film is.  He’s just genuinely happy to be there (it makes his villains a particular delight, and he played a LOT of them).

But did you know that he was also on the PFLAG board after his daughter came out to him?  And that he was one of the earliest celebrities to speak out against the silence surrounding the AIDS epidemic?

Did you know that when his daughter came out to him, he admitted to her that it had been difficult for him during his first two marriages, because his wives had not been pleased to find out that their husband was just as interested in men as they were?

That’s right, kids, Vincent Price was BISEXUAL AS FUCK, and it was one of those open Hollywood secrets.  And his wife Coral Browne?  The one he grew old with and wrote cookbooks with and was basically ridiculously sweet with?

Also bisexual as fuck.  They were the queer power couple of Hollywood in the 70s.  His daughter, Victoria, grew up around Rock Hudson and members of the LGBT community.  When she came out, Vincent Price became a board member of PFLAG and was just about the most accepting and awesome dad.

Did you know that Vincent Price played Oscar Wilde in a one-man play, and when it was denounced by anti-gay activist Anita Bryant, he dismissed her right back, saying that Oscar Wilde had already come up with a term for her: a Woman of No Importance?  Because Vincent Price was deliciously witty and an awesome person.

Let me conclude with a quote from his daughter (from this article, where I got a lot of this information):

‘“In a funny way, and I think I’m going to cry, he understood me at 22 better than I understood myself then,” Price concluded. “Of course, he was in his 70s and lived a hell of a lot longer than I had, and he understood that at the end of the day it’s about who and what and how we love. And I have not been a person who has been very successful at conventional relationships, but loving well and loving deeply has been the most important thing to me.”’

Happy birthday, Vincent Price.  You were a gem of an actor, and an even greater human being.

OBJECTION: all of this is absolutely fantastic and I just have to add…
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Selkies are seals that can transform into humans to come onto land. They do this by removing their skins which they leave behind rocks. There are many stories from the Shetland Islands of Scotland of the Selkie and the king of Selkies the Great Selkie of Sule Skerry.

Female Selkies can shed their skin to become a beautiful woman enabling them to walk on land and blend in with society. If a man finds the skin of a female Selkie he has the power to own the Selkie as his wife. The Selkie will usually be a good wife with some sadness in her heart, a longing to return to the sea. If the female Selkie is able to recover her seal skin she will immediately head for the sea, transform into a seal and return to her original home.

Male Selkies are also known to be able to control the weather and create storms across the ocean. They do this with the intent to destroy hunting ships in revenge of their fellow seal friends that are hunted and killed.

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Fairy Tale Meme:

6 Creatures- [Selkie]

The fisherman could not stop staring. You see, he had fallen in love at first sight, and because he was a young man, and terribly headstrong, he thought he must keep her with him. He clutched the sealskin to his chest, pressing it to his pounding heart. 

“Dear lady,” he said gently, “be my wife, for I have fallen madly in love with you, and without your sealskin, you’ll have to live on land. I’ll make you happy, that I promise.”

“Please sir,” she cried, “my folk will be so worried. I must go home. Never could I be happy on land.”

…honestly, she looks as though she’s about to rip out someone’s throat with her teeth.
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“I am a mermaid, a swamp witch, a creature born to the in between. A lover of where water meets land.”
- Unknown (via lighteclipse8)
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… All I can think of is Elrond face-palming so hard. He did not ask for all these badgers to suddenly set up a perimeter around Rivendell, nor the deer to come warn them of orc activity, or bears lumbering out from the woods to surprise an orc hunting party. The birds become even chattier than normal.

Whenever Newt is in the vicinity he acquires an entourage. Graves gets used to it eventually. (But not before nearly jumping out of his skin when Newt shows up with a wolf in tow one day. Misunderstood creatures. Right.)
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prose and khans, by james t. kirk

invented in russia, by pavel a. chekov

have you met my plants, by hikaru sulu

vulcans not vulcants, by s'chn t'gai spock

rephrase that, by montgomery scott

a little flight music, by nyota u. uhura

i should have said no, by leonard h. mccoy

i did say no but nobody listened, by leonard h. mccoy

in space nobody can hear you scream but listen harder because i’m shouting at you, by leonard h. mccoy
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How long does someone have to be dead before it’s considered archeology instead of grave robbing?

as an archaeologist, i find this a veRY AWKWARD QUESTION

answer the question grave robber

I’m relatively sure it’s about a hundred years, although DO NOT QUOTE ME ON THAT. There are a few old graveyards in Ireland that archeologists are chomping at the bit to examine - (un)fortunately, they’re still in use, by which I mean the families are still burying their relatives there. Someone once told me (it’s entirely possible that I’m wrong, however) that they eventually came to some kind of agreement that the archeologists would be allowed to examine the graves after an agreed-upon time period - namely, a hundred years or so after the last individual was interred in said cemetery.
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I punched a guy bc he was making rape jokes and one of the things he said was “what’s the difference between yes and no? Nothing” so I asked him if he’d care if I punched him in the face and he said yes but I did it anyway since there’s no difference between yes and no and that’s the story of how I gave someone a bloody nose



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