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you are putting a lot more thought into this than I did, sorry? tbh  that drabble didn’t go where I’d intended at all so, uhhhhhhhhhh…

Only whitebeard would know, I guess? Depends how old Marco is/how in tune he is with his instincts. Maybe he looks at Ace and thinks fey, but no one would think god. Still, in all the stories, gods have the power to pull up the deserving and make them into constellations, so.

idk where sabo is, get back to me on that.

I was kind of thinking Luffy and the Strawhats were gods, too? Like, happily kicking around the heavens, having adventures and watching the mortals but oh but what if–

what if it’s that Luffy is the youngest, but he’s the god of adventure and freedom (and gluttony), and keeping him all locked up in heaven, looking down at the seas and watching over everyone who has adventures, is about the cruelest thing that can possibly be done?

For his coming of age, they gift him a ship. He cries with joy, and everyone cries with him because it’s such a strong, pure emotion. That’s the thing about paradise, isn’t it? There’s no need for anything besides peace, and the depth and honesty of the feeling can’t be denied.

So Luffy doesn’t saunter down, like Ace eventually will. He barrels down, he jumps, he freefalls and loves every second because it’s all new and isn’t that amazing???

The Going Merry is magic, because of course it is. Every god deserves a chariot, and there’s none that ever was or shall be as faithful as the Going Merry. It is made strong, to live and last, and she learns to love, because who can’t learn to love, bathed in joy as she always is?

And her captain, her hero, her god and her hero, he loves her back, and together they go forth. Luffy finds the lost, the lonely, the broken, the outcasts, the deserving, and he gathers them up. He brings them together and creates something new, and even the gods look down in breathless awe because there hasn’t been anything new since they ascended.

He gathers a family and he claims them, though he doesn’t know it. He binds them to him by deed and word and love, and his tithes are always paid in blood.

Because, see, the thing about Luffy is, he accepts you for what you are and loves so fully, that you can never be anything less than the truest, best version of you. He makes you strive to be better, not because you ask what would Luffy do but because you ask what would Luffy want me to do? And the answer to that is always, exactly as you please, but you push past it to achieve your dreams because you can’t possibly do less.

And when one day he says, I’m homesick, or if one day he says, they’re calling, or if maybe it’s more like, let’s go to heaven!, well, his crew nods and smiles and swears to follow him anywhere.

Of course you will, he says, and never doubts, and faith and fealty are stronger than logic, so the Going Merry takes flight and everyone holds their breath, even the gods.

And they hit the horizon, and then they hit heaven, and then they keep going.
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pristinepastel said: Hey, i know you like the first mummy, but what about the mummy returns?

I HAVE RETURNED…after like a day. 

but what the people want, the people get!


aka the only sequel that is 1000% just as good as the first one. like holy shit. 

ten years later and we meet our heroes again. rick and evie are happily married, going on adventures, and evie’s dream of becoming a respected scholar has come true and they’ve made a tiny human! 

the only unrealistic part being that they only had one kid, i mean they are still all over each other ten years later and you’re telling me they only had ONE kid.

okay. sure jan. 

but boy o’ boy is that one kid awesome! 

alex o’connell. this kid is literally:

50% evie super-klutz-genius. 

50% rick screams-at-things-that-are-illogical-to-scream-at. 

50% uncle jonathan’s sheer dumb luck and wit. 

10% i’m really bad at math. 

you get the point. HE’S GREAT. also the actor passed on harry potter because, JUST LIKE ME, the mummy 1999 was his favorite movie and he just HAD to be in the sequel. alex is just such a smart-ass little shit. that much like his mother, accidentally brings about the apocalypse by opening something he shouldn’t have:

ARDETH BAY TIME LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. he has a much bigger role in this one. GOD BLESS. (because he was supposed to die in the first one, but test audiences loved him as much as we do, so they kept his fine ass around) he still looks prettier than everyone and is still so done with white people once again. 

*after almost being killed on he bus* “this was my first bus ride.”*after realizing they’re gonna make him fly again* “why can’t you people ever keep your feet on the ground?”

he’s just such an awesome A+ friend goals, because while he probably needs to go be with other medjai to prepare for battle against anubis’ army (yikes), he stays with the fam to rescue alex. it wasn’t even much of a thought for him really, rick and evie just batted their eyelashes and he was like: *sighs* “these white people are always messing my shit up, but they are my white people.”

jonathan: still beautifully the same as ever. witty, clever, and would do anything for his family. 

“be quiet alex! if there’s going to be any hysterics, they’ll come from me!”

“if you see anyone come running out screaming, it’s just me.”

when he boasts about being a good shot and ardeth is internally like “i’m gonna die.” THEN HE SAVES ARDETH. hell yeah.

rick: he’s still screaming at things. BUT IN DAD MODE. he’s the ultimate dad.

“you, lighten up. you, big trouble. you, get in the car.”*sweetly* “honey, what are you doing, these guys don’t use doors.”“knowing my brother-in-law, he probably deserves whatever you’re about to do to him, but this is my house and i have certain rules about snakes and dismemberment.”

evie: still a super-klutz nerd, but with C O N F I D E N C E. little baby librarian is now a honey badger of ASK ME IF I GIVE A FUCK! and also a re-incarnated princess

“no harm ever came from opening a chest.”

rick: “i swear that kid gets more and more like you every day.”evelyn: “you mean more attractive, sweet and devilishly charming?”

we meet izzy, another one of rick’s ex boyfriends, who is a much more reliable mode of transportation than previously mentioned murder buses. 

imhotep: still emo. still wants to make out with his gf.

anck su namun/meela: hella good villain. she bomb af and 100% wants to take over the world. amazing. she actually has like a really cool role this time too!!! like so much screen time. 

the rock…i mean the scorpion king, he’s another emo villain with goofy cgi rendering and like 4 million terrible made-for-TV spin off movies that you are lying if you haven’t watched at least one of them and felt that utter disappointment. but who cares the rock is pretty. and this was his first acting role and the reason we have him where he is today. 

thank you mummy returns for giving the world actor rock johnson #blessed


normal action movie sequel romance: same guy. different girl. repeat of first movie’s romance. hehehehhehehehhEHEHEHEHHEHH. 

not here bitch. 

rick and evie’s love has only grown stronger. they still bicker like old ladies at bingo night. the still look at each other like they hung the moon. they’re still disgusting jonathan because they CANNOT KEEP THEIR HANDS TO THEMSELVES. one kid my ass. they still support each other and protect each other like crazy. they love each other so much and it’s so healthy and pure and there is some good in this world mr. frodo.

the bottom line here is. what’s the point of watching the mummy 1999 if you aren’t going to watch the mummy returns immediately after?

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ya but ya titty out

rather have my titty out than slowly suffocate in a chemical spill

How are women  suppose to get their bra off from under their clothes and secured properly to their face in time if there is a sudden leakage of lethal gas

Henry, you severely underestimate our abilities.

son, this bra clasps in the front, that is easy mode

Fact: Everyone who regularly wears a bra can get it off, barely disturbing the rest of their clothes, in under 20 seconds.


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