Jun. 29th, 2017

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We are just going to keep coming back stronger…




The Senate is on the verge of voting to demolish health care for millions and cut off Planned Parenthood patients from care. Let’s keep their phones ringing off the hook. Call your senators now and tell them to stop this bill.

Call 202-804-8210 or use the form on this page to call your U.S. Senator.

Exclusive art made for Planned Parenthood by Tumblr Creatr Gabby Sanchez
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for whether you’re laying on the beach, drinking chilled drinks, splashing through the ocean, or dancing with your friends around the backyard in your bathing suits. these are the songs of summer.

laying on the dock just talking to you; a summer playlist [LISTEN]

i. summer vibe - walk off the earth | ii. the mother we share - chvrches | iii. steal my sunshine - len | iv. junk of the heart (happy) - the kooks | v. next to me - emeli sande | vi. here’s to never growing up - avril lavigne | vii. on top of the world - imagine dragons | viii. should’ve gone to bed - plain white t’s | ix. summer song - forever the sickest kids | x. pompeii - bastille | xi. everybody talks - neon trees | xii. the beach - all time low | xiii. young, dumb and in love - mat kearney | xiv. drive by - train | xv. 22 - taylor swift | xvi. it’s time - imagine dragons | xvii. icarus - bastille | xviii. i don’t wanna be in love - good charlotte | xix. feel so close - calvin harris | xx. feel again - onrepublic

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It has come to my attention that many people mistake wyverns for dragons, so here’s a post to help you remember

Dragon: 4 legs, 2 wings

Wyvern: 2 legs, 2 wings

Drake: 4 legs, flightless

Wyrms: long snake like body with no appendages, can also appear as a traditional Chinese dragon with 4. Legs and no wings yet can fly

Amphithere: 0 legs 2 wings, can be feathered

Lindwurms: 2 legs, 0 wings, long body

Luck dragon: 4 legs, no wings, can fly, long body, furry with dog like face

Komodo dragon: 4 legs, no wings, real

Bearded dragon: 4 legs, 0 wings, often kept as pets

So the dragons in Skyrim are actually Wyverns. Interesting.

Dragons can also have 4+ wings and 4+ limbs and lets not forget more than 2 eyes so really these definitions of what is a dragon can be extremely loose. This post also does not discuss multiple heads/tails at all so I’d totally take everything in it with a grain of salt. ;D

Personally I like to think of wyverns, wyrms, drakes, etc. as sub-classes of dragon. :3


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