Jul. 9th, 2017

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I don’t really know how to start this kind of a post.

But I’m asking you all for help, again.

I am a mixed race Canadian First Nations person, (i am Secwepemc, and Hungarian Roma!) and my cousin, a half Cherokee, half Secwepemc man was murdered.

He went hiking with two of his “friends” in a Forrest in British Columbia. And that is where his two friends pulled a gun out, and point blank shot him in the back of the head killing him.

That was 6 years ago. For 6 years my cousin was “missing” And the RCMP never bothered to look for him, because they figured since he was First Nations, he was an addict, and willingly left.

This past January (January 2017) the two men came forward, and confessed to the RCMP about shooting and killing my cousin. And they lead the RCMP to where my cousins body was dumped.

From there they did a DNA test on my cousins bones, and it was a match to my uncle, his father.

finally my cousin Josh was brought home. Where we cremated him, and we split up his ashes between his loved ones.

This is where I need help.

February 2018, is when the trial is set to start. And the only person who will be at the trial, Will be Josh and I’s grandmother. But she’s 76, and sick.

As of November 2017 I will have $600 in savings, to put towards flying out to British Columbia to represent my family at the trial. But I need more money.

I need money for flight, a place to stay, and for public transit.

“Why don’t you just work?” You may ask. We’ll my dear friend. I was diagnosed with a severe, aggressive tumor this past year. I had it surgically removed from my jaw January 2017. And iv been recovering from the major surgery I underwent. I’m just starting to work again now, in July 2017.

TLDR: Please help a first nations family get justice for their murdered family member. I need help, and funds to go stare the men who murdered my cousin in the eye and watch them get put away in jail.

My paypal is: shan_hal@hotmail.com


I’m on mobile rn so its an ugly link. But here’s a link to a news site where they first reported about my cousins death/murder.

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how to tip

If you do this get the fuck off my blog

Please understand that they gave a 33% tip, in cash instead of on a card, to increase the odds that the server could keep all of it.

What they mean by ‘taxation is theft’ is that servers are taxed on the ASSUMPTION that they will be tipped. If they don’t make those tips, they get taxed on them anyway. It is literally theft. By leaving cash and not writing it on the receipt, they’ve allowed the server the option of quietly slipping that 20 into their pocket and therefore not being taxed on it.

Damn I thought folks knew this …

Nope. Actually no body ikno knows this

cash is king when it comes to tips


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