Jul. 18th, 2017

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btw here is another source other than trumpdaily confirming this. 

these white demons deadass stole 880k from sick kids to go towards their shitty ass golf resorts and plastic surgery………

What the actual fuck
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how to look like u werent just crying in the bathroom

hold a cold rag/tissue to your eyes and anywhere else that tends to get red or blotchy for two minutes

regulate your breathing so your blood flow evens out

fix your makeup and make sure you’re not sweaty

go back out and live a lie

reblog to save a life

Pat dry your face - DONT rub. It will agitate the skin and make it red again.

Fan your face too, feels good as well as reducing redness.


“I sneezed and my eyes watered”
“I yawned and my eyes watered”
“Stubbed my toe”
“Hit my elbow”
“Hit *previously injured body part* on something.”

Trust me, as someone who has learned to shift from anxious wreck to “Everything’s Great! :) ™” in 0.2 seconds when I need to,
These work.
They really work.

For those who need it.
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w.i.t.c.h.: you have either a mild dislike or a strong passionate hatred for winx club, and you’re probably not straight. if your favourite guardian was irma you’re 100% not straight

princess tutu: you’re a dancer, or you used to be a dancer, or you REALLY wish to be a dancer. if you were into cosplay you probably were one of those people who used actual pointe shoes for your princess tutu cosplay and ended up with fucked up feet because you’ve never danced ballet in your life especially en pointe

tokyo mew mew: you’re a furry and/or you really like fruit. something something warrior cats phase? and if you’re gay (which you probably are) it was zakuro who made you realize that

ojamajo doremi: people call you a social justice warrior like 3 times a week, you have great taste in tv shows. you’re an infp and you probably care too much about personality tests

winx club: you love fashion, especially of the 2000s. if you draw there’s a 78% chance you suck at anatomy. there is and always has been rivalry between you and people who love w.i.t.c.h. and others can never tell whether it’s playful or serious

sugar sugar rune: if your favourite character was chocola meilleure you’re chaotic good. if your favourite was vanilla mieux you’re either a liberal who has only read harry potter, or a leftist with social anxiety

sailor moon: you’re LGBT, you love fashion, you often wear cute nail polish, VERY intro astrology! and you can’t fucking drive

mermaid melody pichi pichi pitch: you love musical theatre and you’re kind of too passionate about it and people around you hate you for it but won’t tell you. 50% chance you’re an air sign

cardcaptor sakura: you seem really kind and sweet but it’s hard to tell whether you’re genuine or not so a lot of people think you’re kind of fake but anyway you like fashion and your fashion taste is funky and eccentric but ultimately better than anyone who likes winx club

shugo chara: you probably developed a personality disorder sometime later in your life
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(Okay @armera and @yrimiel rebloged my eariler post so I’m tagging them, but please, interact with me. I am a social creature and crave validation)

Imagine for a moment, Monster Hunter Belmonts.

Belmonts that use magic to make themselves stronger and more durable and train like demons for /generations/ until they become something a little bit more than human.

Imagine Trevor fighting a regular human for the first time. He still remembers the aftermath. He tones it down after that but he’s never been very good at knowing what normal people are like. He gets up just a little to easily, punches just a little to hard.

He gets used to it.

The Cyclops is a surprise. He never faced one and his first strikes barely draw blood so used to holding back. Killing it’s a rush.

He barely has to push himself with the demons. Humans are breakable and deamons are just as fragile if you know their weaknesses and the Belmonts made sure that everyone of them knew them. Sybla fights beside him, wielding fire and ice and wind and something in him /sings/

And then Alucard. And he hasn’t had to push himself this way in years. He’s so used to trying to slow down, soften his blows, act a little more human, not draw too much attention to himself, and well, he’s out of practice.

He’s not afraid of death. He is however slightly afraid of what his mother will do to him when she finds out how easily he was taken down.

There’s a hand in his hair, pulling his head back to bare his neck and he hasn’t faced someone this strong in years. It’s a little distracting. And then the bastard is backing off, following Sypha’s command as if it was as easy as breathing and Trevor is completly and totally screwed.
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early this morning, i commented on a fic that i had left kudos on a while ago that i was too shy to leave a comment on before. 

the fic was uploaded in 2010.

and the author responded and thanked me today. 

so, yes, to everyone that thinks “oh the writer will think i’m weird, this was published years ago”: no!!! we love comments. it doesn’t matter how old the fic is. promise.  ✿◠‿◠ ❤


Jul. 18th, 2017 05:22 am
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Dear Netflix and Castlevania,

How did you know my one super special awesome weakness for SASS ROGUES.

Kay thanks.
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Also, Sypha is 100% not the voice of reason in that trio, quit shoving her in that role, fandom. Sypha is the idealist with principles she values over self-preservation, Alucard is the drama queen, and Trevor is the one exhaustedly saying ‘Guys. Guys no. Do not fight the giant demon with only a sword and a pack of matches. Do not.’
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“Seals In A Kelp Forest” by Kyle Mcburnie



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