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Percival sitting by the windowsill, watching the rain fall and tracing the droplets with his fingers; a small smile on his face, with Newt’s head resting on his lap, the book in his hand forgotten as he drinks in Percival’s serene expression greedily.

Newt gently tracing Percival’s face; from his forehead down to the bridge of his. Brushing his left cheek softly before settling his fingers on Percival’s swollen mouth. Remembering last night’s love making with Percival’s whimpering his name so seductively as Newt takes him again and again and again.

Percival watching Newt tending the creatures in the suitcase. Newt dressed only in his white button-down shirt with the sleeves rolled up. Like this, with the sun shining so brightly on his red coppery hair, creating a halo; cradling a baby Occamy in his strong arms, murmuring “Here’s Papa.” with a bright smile that lights up his eyes when Percival steps closer; like this, Percival falls in love with Newt all over again.

Percival and Newt on their bed, with Percival kissing all of Newt’s scars reverently, worshipping his lithe body and praising him. Telling Newt how brave he is for saving the creatures, how Percival is so very proud of Newt’s pursuit. How beautiful Newt is inside and outside. How lucky he is for being able to call Newt “his.”

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