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Hi. Basically, we live in an abusive household with our verbally and emotionally abusive mother and our living situation is no longer sustainable. My sister has clinical depression and anxiety stemming from years of gaslighting, grief, and manipulation from our alcoholic mother. I was diganosed with PTSD at 15 from the trauma suffered from living here. I work part-time. My sister’s depression has prevented her from working but she recently graduated college and has a 4-year degree in English. She has a new job lined up that will start this month. We were hoping once she starts working that her income and my income would be enough to start saving around $2000 so we can leave this house.

But we can’t wait that long. Our mother and stepfather constantly antagonize, manipulate, insult, gaslight, take advantage of, demean, and belittle us. My self-harm problem has gotten worse. My sister has nightmares and panic attacks on a daily basis. We are living in fear, while not for our physical health, for our mental health and deteriorating ability to function. We have been searching for low-income, income-based, or government housing for over two years and are on several waiting lists, but nothing is happening. There are very little resources available to single young women with mental health problems who aren’t disabled or mothers.

The figure of $3000 has been selected because even the cheapest apartments we can find are in the realm of 700-900 a month, and most require a security deposit which is two months’ rent, in addition to the first month’s rent, which means at the least it would cost $2100 to move in today. I make roughly $800 a month. We cannot afford to move. We can barely afford the $200/month we have to pay our stepfather. Most weeks we don’t buy food other than $1.00 ramen. There’s also gas, phone bill, and car insurance.

We are at our wits end. This woman is killing us, and that’s not an exaggeration. She has been neglecting and emotionally abusing us for our entire life. It costs me nothing to say that I am begging anyone reading this to please donate what you can. Getting away from this woman has been my life’s first and longest dream. She will never change and she will never stop.

Thank you. Please share if you cannot donate.

GoFundMe Link


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