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Anakin’s Force Ghost: [appearing in front of Kylo Ren] Kylo: Wh – grandfa– it’s – Anakin: WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?! HMM? Do you know what this has done to me? And your uncle? [getting in his face] AND YOUR MOTHER?! And then there’s what you did to – Kylo: …what? [sizes Anakin up] Oh, I see. So you’ve become a traitor in your afterlife. How…disappointing. I guess I really will have to finish what you started. Anakin: [stammering, furious] Tra-TRAITOR?! ME? [rolls up sleeves] OK, that’s it, I know I SAID I was done kicking people’s asses but this is – Obi-Wan: [holding up a hand] Perhaps I can be of assistance here. [to Kylo] May we talk? Ben to, uh, Ben?Anakin: Obi-Wan please, we’ve been through this, you’re not going to be able to convince him to – Kylo: [smirking] Well well well, look who’s here. Grandpa brought his Jedi boyfriend.Obi-Wan: I just wanted to say that I think…I think you should stay on the Dark Side, really. Anakin: WHAT?! Obi-Wan: Now hear me out, Anakin: it’s not like the young man has many people who even especially want him back on the light side, really, save for his mother perhaps. His uncle’s mostly given up on the Jedi…Kylo: Pfft. Obi-Wan: …and I’m sure he has plenty of close friends here in the First Order who’d fight to keep him here, making our job that much harder. [Hux walks by, smacks Kylo in the head with a notebook]Hux: [over his shoulder] Fuck you, Ren! Kylo: [rolls eyes] Whatever. Obi-Wan: …and it’s not like you or I want to talk to him, Anakin, so really, we may as well just give up – this is the best path for all concerned. [speaking deliberately] Really, if he showed up on the light side again I’d be furious at this point, given all he’s done. It would be far too much work for me. Kylo: [warily] Oh, really? You’d be furious. Obi-Wan: Yes. It would be awful to have to deal with rehabilitating yet another Skywalker. I, Obi-Wan Kenobi, absolutely do not think you should turn back to the Light Side. In fact, as a Jedi Master I…forbid you from turning back to the Light Side. Anakin: [pulling Obi-Wan aside, whispering harshly] Obi-Wan what in the absolute Sith hells are you do – Kylo: [sarcastic laugh] You think…you think YOU can tell ME what to do, old man? I don’t have to listen to you! If I wanna wear this cool black cape, I will! If I wanna give myself a badass Darksider name, then I will! And if I wanna go back to the light side, well, then you’ll just have to live with that too, Kenobi. Anakin: [jaw drops]Obi-Wan: [mildly] Well I am only a ghost now, so I suppose I would have to accept it, even though it would be terribly insubordinate of you and I would be very upset indeed. Kylo: [grabbing his stuff] I’ll show you, Kenobi. I’ll SHOW YOU. You’re not in charge of me! [to Anakin] Let’s go find my mom. Anakin: [agape] I…Obi-Wan: [cracks knuckles] Very well then. [sotto voce] Should have tried that one sooner. 

(You know that Kylo probably figures out that he’s been had halfway back to Leia’s place, but they came so close to pulling it off. Kenobi’s just going to have to be slightly more subtle next time.) ;) 

*sniffles* Aww, thanks! 

Honestly, if Lucasfilm never wants to do anything with the Force Ghosts (which would be a damn shame but hey it’s their Star Wars and they can break my heart if they want to,) I’d be totally down for writing the non-canon Force Ghost cartoon series for them. Y’know. LOOK ME UP, NERDS. 

I volunteer to work for free in the Writers’ Room! I’ll even bring snacks and drinks! Please please please pleaseeeeeee???
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okay folks help me write

these are the aus I have buzzing around my head

- The Grief Verse - Darth Vader was a clone of Anakin Skywalker, then they find Anakin Skywalker, everyone cries

- Fly Hard - Anakin is the John McClane of the Star Wars universe and he’s so sick of this shit, he can’t even tell you

- ‘The World Has Turned Around Again’ - Anakin is caught in a loop of the worst day of his life

- ‘How To Make Friends And Save The Galaxy: The Anakin Skywalker Method’ - Anakin starts reading self-help books, saves everyone and Annoys Obi Wan

OK OK the third one. Is this like an Order 66-As-Groundhog Day AU? Anakin keeps waking up to the same song on his alarm clock, etc? He has to keep re-doing the day over and over until he FINALLY gets every single sequence of events “right” and the universe is saved?

HOLY CRAP, this is hilarious and I love this. Oh man. I have Thoughts. So like, there goes Obi-Wan, off to fight Grievous, and Anakin has to find a way to talk him out of it so that he can keep his buddy by his side and Fight Evil. 

He tries SO. MANY. TIMES. Forcibly holding him back. Feigning an illness. Kissing him passionately on the mouth. Spilling out everything about Palpatine and the War and Pregnant Padme to try and convince him to stay (Obi-Wan assumes Anakin’s had a nervous breakdown that time around due to war-related stress, and Anakin ends that version of the day in a Jedi Hospital.) 

Also I feel like Anakin probably ends up fucking up and ending up as a Darksider a good percent of the time, and then – BAM – he wakes up back at the beginning again, all “…oh shit, I became Darth Vader again that time. Ugh. What is wrong with me?”

except there’s also the days he snaps and kills everyone just in case that works, the days he gets therapy because why the fuck not, the days he graffitis the Temple, the day he kissed Mace Windu just to see the look on his face…
basically by the time he sorts himself out and figures out what’s needed to be done, it’s been a looooong time

A+++. Oh God, the opportunities for comedy. 

The day he shows up to the Council meeting stark naked. The day he just doesn’t even get out of bed because FUCK THIS HE IS SO SICK OF THIS GODDAMN FUCKING DAY. He dip-kisses Padme in front of the Senate. 

The day he finally gets it right takes ages to construct. He’s speechless when he wakes up the next morning (finally, blessedly ON THE ACTUAL NEXT DAY) next to his pregnant, peacefully-sleeping wife (and possibly also Obi-Wan,) with the newspaper on Padme’s apartment doorstep proudly proclaiming ANAKIN SKYWALKER EXPOSES CORRUPT CHANCELLOR, BALANCES FORCE.

What I’m trying to say is I like this idea.

Y’ALL I’VE BEEN PINING FOR THIS FIC FOR MONTHS IN THE TAGS just imagine that post with Palps starting it on that “Have you heard of Plagueis the Wise?” speech and GoundhogDay!Anakin, out of fucks to give, just fucking slaying him with that quippant “Ya the Jedi Archives say his apprentice is a lil bitch” PLEASE

This is such a great fic idea because there can be the ACTUAL overall story (i.e. how Anakin gets stuck on the same day, and has to keep getting better at it until eventually he saves the galaxy,) but it can ALSO spin off ENDLESS additional side fics about any given ONE of the “repeated” days: 

The day Anakin goes to the Council meeting and gives a huge speech detailing out every single thing the Council doesn’t know yet, and how “by the end of the day I’m gonna be a Sith Lord and you’ll all pretty much be dead” while everyone is just like 😐 while occasionally casting side glances at Obi-Wan because CONTROL YOUR PADAWAN HIS BRAIN HAS OBVIOUSLY BROKEN

The day he dramatically drops to one knee and asks Obi-Wan to marry him because he’s seriously running out of ideas to get him to NOT leave to kill Grievous and he figures it’s worth a shot (he actually attempts this a few times: one time they end up in a fistfight, three or four times Obi-Wan nearly dies of embarrassment and ends up leaving anyways because he’s like “um ok that is…very nice, I guess, Anakin…but I still have to go save the Galaxy, can we talk about this later?” and one time they actually DO get married but the galaxy still ends up ruined, in part because Anakin gets so distracted with the whole eloping-to-Space-Vegas thing that he forgets to save the rest of the universe from darkness. Oops.)

The day he goes to find Ahsoka and Rex, and ends up fighting Robo-Maul on Mandalore, with Hilarious Results. 

The day Anakin just flat-out quits everything and teaches himself guitar (he gets pretty good and writes terrible songs)

He shaves his head, but does everything else 100% the same. Somehow things end up going even worse than they did in the original canon story. (He’s so pissed. He was SURE he was on to something there.)

“He shaves his head”! Lol Padme probably just kicks him out of her apartment and closes the door in his face and the day goes downhill from there.

He gets so bored that he spends several same-day weeks shadowing Mace Windu to know every seconds of his day, only to then spend a loop following him and narrating out loud everything that happens to him a few seconds before it does, just to freak him out.

He probably has the “I’m reliving this day” argument with Obi-Wan over and over again until one day he convinces him unexpectedly. By saying all Obi-Wan’s responses with him. And correctly predicting when Mace Windu will sneeze down to the second.

He kills Palpatine. The day resets. He kill Palpatine again, deals with the contingency plan triggered with his death, and triggers another. Reset. There’s like, thirty layers of contingencies, including that really creepy Palpatine clones, in three different places across the Galaxy

He kills the Separatist Council and takes over the Confederacy, only to announce that his terms for peace. It’s a three-way marriage to unite CIS, Republic and Jedi Order. The funniest thing, after the twentieth repeat or so, his manifesto gets eloquent enough that people start taking him seriously.

He finally kills Palpatine for good, deals with ALL of his backup plans, and then the day resets ANYWAY. So he does it again, but this time declares himself Emperor and forces the Senate to pass a bill banning sand.
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I want art for an AU where Vader finds Old Man Ben on Tatooine before ANH, and everyone expects Obi-Wan to fight Vader, and Obi-Wan means to do his duty, really he does, it’s just that he’s missed Anakin so much that as soon as he sees Vader in that horrible suit he immediately drops his lightsaber and throws his arms around Vader’s neck and hugs the shit out of him instead.

tl;dr: Old Man Ben hugging Vader, it’s all I can think about

(And Old Ben thinks he’s taking this chance, this impossible chance, to do this, just once, before Vader kills him, because he never showed Anakin when he should have, this is the least he can do for whatever’s left –

Fortunately, the whole thing confuses Vader so much that he doesn’t kill Obi-Wan and *handwave in a plot* and so they overthrow the Emperor and start a new, better Jedi Order together HAPPY ENDINGS FOR EVERYONE the end)
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Ahhhhh I have had a partial reply started for days about this topic!! I am perfectly good with either flavor of this AU of the Pirate Kenobi AU because both are making me laugh. 

Honestly, Anakin is not ready for any of this, either way. He’s going to be so in over his head, since Anakin’s been living in the Suit and being a Bad Guy with Sheev for a zillion years. He is like the LEAST READY anyone in the entire universe has ever been for Good Guy Rapscallion Pirate Kenobi turning on the charm ray. 

I almost feel bad for the guy, except that he’s totally going to get to make out with Pirate Obi-Wan, so it’s hard to scrounge up THAT much sympathy. LOL
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Here’s more of that shit nobody asked for, lol. Obikin. I think their height difference is cute.

@lectorel Couldn’t help but think of feral Vaderkin.
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another sith!AU for your consideration:

  Sidious tries for a long time to nudge and persuade Anakin to Fall, but he’s not having any success, and he’s getting frustrated. So he takes a step back and asks himself: What could cause Skywalker to Fall? The demise of his mother wasn’t enough to push him over the edge, and sending him visions of Padme’s death hasn’t had the effect Sidious was hoping for, so who else in Anakin’s life could be used to manipulate him toward the Dark Side?

  Then he’s got it. Aha! Of course Obi-Wan is the logical alternative. And the man may appear to be a saint on the outside, but Palpatine knew him as a reckless, angry teenager, a Padawan not as far from Anakin’s temperament as he would like everyone to believe.

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#asketchaday senator amidala & senator kenobi

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Poor Anakin wouldn’t stand a chance…

But he would be so happy to lose… so so happy to lose…

“What do you mean we have to attend the peace summit?” Anakin blurted out in the middle of his and Ahsoka’s latest mission assignment. “I’m not a diplomat and Ahsoka is a Padawan! Surely there’s someone else better suited for this task!”

“Perhaps,” Yoda hummed, a twinkle in his eye. “But personally requested, you were. Refuse, we cannot. To the summit you will go, Master and Padawan. Protect the Senators you will.”

Ahsoka looked up at at Anakin and then back at Masters Yoda and Windu. “Senators? There’s two of them? Does that include their entourages too?”

Anakin had a sudden, horrible sinking feeling in his gut and he found he was having trouble swallowing.

Oh no. Not them. Anything but them.

“That is correct, Padawan Tano,” Mace Windu nodded, a slow movement of acknowledgement. “Senators Amidala and Kenobi have assured us that they are traveling with minimal staff and at least one security agent apiece. I see no reason why this task is beyond your capabilities, Skywalker.”

Anakin closed his eyes and realized he was clenching his jaw. He forcibly willed his body to relax. “That isn’t… That is not my primary concern, Masters. It’s just… Senators Amidala and Kenobi are… well… They’re unorthodox to say the least.”

Ahsoka nearly burst out laughing but managed to cover it with a well placed cough. She wondered if Anakin heard himself and if he did, how he was able to keep talking with a straight face.

“And they often put others around them in danger in their pursuit of justice and… democracy,” Anakin finished lamely, already knowing the die of fate had been cast and he was going to have to chase those two kriffing idealists all over the mountains of Alderaan, trying to keep them both safe and in one piece.

“Is that so?” Yoda asked, chuckling behind his gimer stick as Mace Windu just rolled his eyes. “Then excellent choice, you and your Padawan are. Lovely place to visit, Alderaan is this time of year.”

“Yes, Masters,” Anakin muttered as he and Ahsoka bowed. “We’ll depart immediately.”

Although he swore to himself that if Kenobi or Amidala tried to kiss him again, he was not going to kiss them back this time. No. He was a Jedi and he was virtuous and dedicated to the Order. He had a Padawan to set an example for after all!

No. He was most definitely not going to let those two infernal sirens from Mandalore and Naboo seduce him into another dark corner where they could have their wicked, delicious way with him.

Nope. That was not going to happen this time.

When Anakin found himself tucked away in a dark corner hidden behind a monumentally tall column and equally long fall of dark velvet curtains, somehow caught between Senator Kenobi and Senator Amidala, trapped in a passionate three way embrace, he told himself that this time didn’t count.

Next time, next time, he would somehow manage to tell them “No”.

Yes. This didn’t count and since he’d already kriffed up, what harm would it do to enjoy himself for just a little bit longer? Especially when Kenobi was so strong and Amidala was so soft?

Next time… yeah, next time.
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Obi-Wan looked down. It would be a mercy to kill him. 

                                                                                  He was not feeling merciful.
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Inspired by this super cute drawing: time-travel AU in which Padawan!Anakin (age 15 or so) and Darth Vader (pre-ANH) both end up in the Clone Wars. 

Padawan!Anakin is feeling scared (what in the world is happening? How did he end up here? Where is here? Or when? Why is the Republic in the midst of a war?) so he clings to his bond with his Master (thankfully intact, though weaker than it should be) and uses it to track down Obi-Wan. He steals a speeder from the Temple (is it really stealing when he’s a Jedi though and those speeders are meant for Jedi to use?) and goes to find Obi-Wan, who’s currently in the middle of a battle on some planet somewhere with Anakin, the 501st, and the 212th.

On the other side of the galaxy, Vader appears, has no idea what just happened or how but recognizes immediately that he’s back in the past. He continues on his quest to find Obi-Wan (as he has been obsessed with doing for years anyway), only this time it’s easier because Obi-Wan is actively using the Force and not shielding against him and not in hiding. He realizes that this Obi-Wan still cares about him and hasn’t betrayed him yet so he starts thinking that maybe he can sway this one to his side and into helping him topple Sidious (they can rule the Empire together, him and this Obi-Wan who’s still loyal to him!).

So basically, Anakin and Obi-Wan are in the middle of a battle when Padawan!Anakin and Darth Vader both show up. And suddenly, Obi-Wan’s faced with three versions of Anakin who are all clamoring for his attention and affection.

…..he has a splitting headache.

(Anakin is so not amused.)

Heh, I think Anakin would probably come to recognize Padawan!Anakin pretty quick and not feel too threatened by him at first, but Vader? I could see him being all, “Who the fuck is this guy, Grievous’ second cousin?!”

Of course, when Padawan!Anakin proceeds to cling to Obi-Wan and look everything with big, wary eyes and generally act like the little shit that Anakin was (still is), he’d probably be all, “Please ffs do not introduce this kid to Ahsoka! She does not need to see how uncool I was!”

Meanwhile, Vader’s finding that having to compete with two of his previous selves is not what he had in mind here. Kidnapping Obi-Wan and getting him to turn him to the Dark Side so they can put their monograms on anything and everything in the galaxy, yes, but his braided Padawan self and his broody Clone Wars self? Not so much. Though, watching Obi-Wan’s obvious care for those two selves really makes Vader nostalgic for those days when Obi-Wan clearly loved him and how the fuck was he so blind to that when he was that broody Clone Wars self? Clearly the Dark Side offers clarity on how people feel about you. Obviously.

Vader to Anakin: I’m you but stronger.

Anakin: Uh, I don’t think so, buddy. You can barely move in that thing and you sound like you have some kind of fatal respiratory illness. Who the fuck did this shoddy of a job with your suit? There’s like a million things wrong with it. What happens in the future that technology’s slid back a hundred years?

Obi-Wan: Anakin, be nice. He’s clearly been through a lot.

Anakin: I am being nice! I’ll even fix up his suit for him! Or, I mean, maybe we can get it replaced with better options.

Anakin to Padawan Anakin: And you. Let go of Obi-Wan. It’s not very Jedi-like to cling like that. *internally raging because this is his Obi-Wan, Force damnit*

Padawan Anakin: Pffftttt. *clings tighter*

Obi-Wan: Anakin, don’t yell. He’s clearly frightened. Don’t you remember being that age?

Anakin, muttering: All too well.

Padawan!Anakin gets the lay of the land pretty quickly. They’re in the middle of a fucking war, his slightly older self has somehow gotten a stick up his ass about Obi-Wan, and his even older self is clearly in a bad way (no doubt, in his mind, due to the fact of Slightly Older Self’s stick - he’s sure that has something to do with it). So he might offer to help Even Older Self with rebuilding the suit (though he does love the color - black is awesome and all that), but he’s not letting go of Obi-Wan, not no way not no how. Because Obi-Wan is safety, and it pisses Slightly Older Self off, which is an even better bonus than building a new life-support suit for Even Older Self.

Meanwhile, Cody and Rex are silently watching all of this take place. 

Cody: JFC there’s three of them now, Rex. Three fucking Skywalkers.

Rex: How long ‘til the galaxy implodes do you think?

Clone Wars!Anakin: Hey!

Vader: *wonders what he has become infected with because he has a sudden urge to stick his tongue out at the two*

Obi-Wan now hilariously walks around with Padawan!Anakin literally clinging to him, Vader (who’s being very tight-lipped and even more tightly shielded about what happened to him) trailing behind him because he’ll be damned if he lets Obi-Wan out of his sight now that he’s finally found him, and CW!Anakin stomping along with them because there’s absolutely no way in hell he’s going to leave his other two selves alone with his Obi-Wan.

Cody and Rex don’t know whether to avoid the three Skywalkers because when the universe does implode, they’ll be at the center of it or to follow Obi-Wan too because he’s probably the only one who can keep all the Skywalkers in line. Maybe.

Imagine the Council’s reaction, though, if they found out about all the Anakins! Mace would probably resign immediately and Yoda would decide “good time to die, now is.”

Obi-Wan at this point doesn’t know whether to laugh of cry. One Anakin has the power to drive him to insanity. Now there are three of them? Though, Padawan!Anakin does serve to remind him of how cute his padawan was back in the day… As for Vader, he is very curious (and concerned) as to how Anakin ended up in that shoddy suit (even he can tell it’s a piece of crap, and he’s no technowiz like Anakin). His current money is on Dooku, and if the old man comes near his Anakin, he will not be held responsible for the consequences. Seriously.

Speaking of his Anakin… Obi-Wan has to exert all of his Jedi control to not fall over laughing because he is so concerned about suddenly being replaced. That will never happen. He’ll look after their two visitors and help them as best he can, but he’s not going to leave his Anakin. That will never happen.

(Since Obi-Wan isn’t particularly shielding, Vader picks up on that last bit, and is glad that the loud breathing of the suit covers up the small, hiccuping sob that slips past his lips.)

Meanwhile, just imagine when Palpatine finds out. Three Chosen Ones! I’m pretty sure there will be a party, if only in his own mind. 

Though, Vader will make a point of staying the fuck away from him (he is planning on murdering the shit out of him with Obi-Wan’s help in the near future, after all), and he is smart enough to cause a few incidents that will keep his Padawan self and the Broody Brat away from him too.

(Oh, and he might cause something to happen that will keep Palpatine away from Padmé for the time being too. He’s had his suspicions about her death for a while now, and his number one suspect is the wrinkly old prune.)

First of all, lmao @ Broody Brat! (Vader, griping to himself: That Broody Brat doesn’t understand Obi-Wan! He doesn’t appreciate him. He takes him for granted. He shouldn’t get to be with him. It’s not fair. I would appreciate Obi-Wan. I’d set up all the best research stations money and intimidation can buy. I’d give him the most comfortable meditation chamber ever. I’d build a replica of the Room of a Thousand Fountains for him!)

Secondly, when I had written this, I was apparently thinking of Padawan Anakin being around 16….I have no idea if there was any particular reason why I did that (maybe because he was going to end up in the middle of a war? Maybe so that he and Ahsoka would be around the same age? Hm….well, I was going to say that it’d probably be cuter he if was just a bit younger, like 14 or something. But now I kinda like the idea of him and Ahsoka being about the same age.

And Palpatine may be happy about all the possibilities but while there’s three Chosen Ones, two of them are still in the Light and the one in the Dark is plotting his death. Also, they all seem to have imprinted on Obi-Wan even more than they already were.

I’m also gonna add these tags by @themikeymonster here (from this reblog):

#cries for seven million years #obi-wan eventually need some time alone #he’s adjusted to the pure neediness of ONE anakin #(given that he was pretty needy himself - well no wonder he and anakin are weirdly co-dependent) #but having three around - two of which are sending the third in fits of jealousy #is just way too much #please don’t consider what would happen if Padme came into the picture #Obi-Wan tries foisting knight!anakin off on his wife (as if he didn’t KNOW) #only to accidentally sic vader on her bc wiiiiifeeeeeeee ;A; #Knight!Ana immediately launches into hysterics #meanwhile P!Anakin is more or less okay with this #He’s ticked off about Padme being MARRIED #but she IS married to him or will in the future so he G U E S S E S this is fine #He can have Obi-Wan to himself for now #and Knight!Ana is just lwefjiowjefoi!!!!!!!! the entire time #bc NO NO NO EVERYONE IS HIS #BOTH OF THEM NEED TO STEP OFF RIGHT NOW IMMEDIATELY #also someone please do something for Vader’s poor health and constant pain D: #my quadriplegic mecha son ;w; #vader constantly thieving obi wan and padme tho

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*snickers* Vader definitely starts keeping a tally of all the ways the Broody Brat is annoying and makes a list of all the things he’ll do for Obi-Wan. He’ll capture Maul for Obi-Wan to experiment on, thereby avenging Qui-Gon’s death and preventing Satine from being offed in an extremely unnecessary way! He’ll see if he can find more of the Geonosian Queen’s brain worms for Obi-Wan to play with (in proper safety, of course - no worm is going to infect his Obi-Wan!), etc.

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Lol, Palpatine wouldn’t even be able to meet with Anakin anymore; he’s absolutely refusing to leave Obi-Wan with his other selves, even to meet with his friend the Chancellor. (He can always find the Chancellor later, after all. Who knows what will happen to Obi-Wan or where his other selves might drag him to if Anakin isn’t around to watch them like a hawk?)

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*giggles* Anakin is totally terrified that one of his other selves might kidnap Obi-Wan and try and take him back to wherever they came from (even if, technically, Padawan!Anakin likely has an Obi-Wan waiting for him). Vader in particular seems to be watching Obi-Wan closely, even if he hasn’t yet tried to cuddle Obi-Wan to his chest like a kitten. (It’s just a matter of time, CW!Anakin frets.)

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Omg, I want to see Vader cuddling Obi-Wan to him like a kitten. It would totally be a mutual cuddlefest. (CW!Anakin really does not want to think about what might have happened to Vader’s Obi-Wan but going by his reactions to Obi-Wan and Padme, they’ve been thinking that everyone’s probably dead in Vader’s future and Vader was the lone survivor and probably Fell from grief and anger.)

And yessss to those memories that Vader’s compiling for Obi-Wan. He just has to be really careful not to let Obi-Wan see even a hint of their fight on Mustafar.

The only thing that could improve upon a galaxy that has THREE Anakin Skywalkers - not to mention the only thing that could potentially keep it from spontaneously exploding from an overdose of Skywalker - is simply this: an equivalent number of Obi-Wan Kenobis.

The same Time Fuckery that led to three versions of Anakin existing simultaneously deposits an equivalent number of Obi-Wans in the Clone Wars era. Knight Kenobi, Jedi Master Kenobi, and Old Ben Kenobi (who may or may not be Darth Venge, a la @deadcatwithaflamethrower) are now face-to-face with both themselves and their respective Anakin(s).

…CW!Anakin is actually pretty damn relieved. At least at first. His younger self - Padawan Skywalker, to avoid confusion - launches himself from his Obi-Wan’s side like a jet-propelled rocket, happily burrowing into his Master’s arms. Good, CW!Anakin thinks to himself. Maybe his brat of a younger self will leave his Obi-Wan alone now. He happily anticipates the same thing occurring with his jackass of an older self and an older Obi-Wan, except…




This was unexpected?

Except Vader’s Obi-Wan looks old and heartbroken and if he’s holding himself together through sheer will and bits of tattered string. He looks awful - he looks as if someone sucked everything out of him - life, vitality, laughter - and filled him up with PAIN and a bottomless sorrow. He looks, in short, as if something really really really FUCKING BAD happened to him.

Vader is probably actually really surprised, and a little taken aback. In his memories, his Obi-Wan stands, remote and serene, coldly passing down judgement as he left him to burn. He’s - he’s not this wreck of a man, who stinks of agony and a three-day bender, whose eyes are empty of hope or even the wish to see tomorrow.

…he actually looks so damn bad that even Vader has the urge to get him a cup of tea and a soft chair and a medpack, sweet Force, because he looks as if whatever happened to Vader happened to him, too. Only - only on the inside, on his soul, not on his body. 

(If this Obi-Wan happens to also be Darth Venge, everyone - including Vader - is probably going to be completely taken aback. Because what in the world could have made Obi-Wan Kenobi Fall? Venge simply laughs, soft and bitter and broken. ‘You, Anakin. I Fell for you.’)
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From a Certain Point of View

Or, how Ben Kenobi’s boldfaced lie prevarication saved the Galaxy (but not in the way he thought it would).

(See Part One)

Part Two

For the first time in a long time, the cold, dead-star dragon of dread that gnaws at Anakin Skywalker’s heart and mind has loosened its constricting coils. It’s still there, of course, lurking. Waiting patiently for its next opportunity to strike. Hissing its dire warnings of loss and failure and impotence. But having cleared the air with his Master – having named the dragon aloud – has lessened its influence. The dragon thrives on secrecy, after all – on that dark, cold, hollow space in his chest. And it’s hard for the dragon to grow when that space is instead flooded with light.

If only it weren’t for this blasted war and the fact that he still has to hide his marriage…

If only it weren’t for the fact that one secret – Luke and Darth Vader – still lies between himself and everyone he loves…

Meanwhile, Palpatine continues to plot. Plans A through C have failed? That’s… irksome. (Deeply irksome, if Palpatine is to be honest.) But it isn’t as though he lacks alternates.

Fortunately for Palpatine, Plan D. (Operation ‘Kill’ Kenobi) works beautifully. 

At first.

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From a Certain Point of View

Or, how Ben Kenobi’s boldfaced lie prevarication saved the Galaxy (but not in the way he thought it would).

Part One

Shortly before the beginning of ESB, Luke accidentally winds up in the past, conveniently appearing right next to Anakin Skywalker, new Jedi Knight. 

After convincing Anakin that he is indeed his son from the future – this takes a great deal of time and no small amount of effort – Luke begins to warn him about the Dreadful Future that awaits the galaxy… only to be returned to his own time/universe before he can finish the story.

But hey, Luke is sure that Anakin won’t have any problems figuring out the Emperor’s true identity. At least he was able to get across the important information, yeah? 

At least he got to warn his father about Darth Vader.

There’s just one little problem: Luke doesn’t know that Vader is the same person as Anakin Skywalker.

So when Luke warned his father that some student of Ben’s was going to go Dark Side, destroy the Jedi, betray and murder both Ben and Anakin himself, and probably kill Luke’s mother while he’s at it, Anakin drew the obvious conclusions:

#1: He (Anakin) is the only padawan Obi-Wan has ever had.

#2: If that Dreadful Future of his son’s is to come true, that obviously means that Obi-Wan is going to take on another padwan in the near future. 

#3: Therefore, in order to prevent the nightmare that is Luke’s world, all Anakin has to do is make sure that Obi-Wan never gets another padawan.

Easy, right? 


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Oh, Anon, I love you. This is some master-class trolling here and I love you for it.

Anyway, here’s your drabble! Again, 100 words is tough to do. Hope you like!

Ask me for a drabble prompts


The Twins are unstoppable enforcers of the Emperor’s will, the sun and moon that hang in the black void of his rule. They do not look alike but they fight as one entity, silent and terrible as an eclipse in a spring sky.

They remember nothing before their black cloaks and red sabers until one day two names come to the older one, a memory glimpsed down a sightline of torture and pain. Skywalker… and… Kenobi?

A year passes before he remembers he is Kenobi.

Two more pass in furtive touches and kisses before his lover remembers the name Skywalker.
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“Anakin,” Obi-Wan breathed.

“Master,” Anakin responded. “Settle down. You have a concussion, and Kix is working on getting some bacta for you but you need to rest, alright? No sudden mov–”

And then his arms were full of Obi-Wan, squeezing him tightly. “You’re alive.”

Anakin laughed, but gently patted Obi-Wan on the back, trying to get the other man to let go. “I’m alive? You’re the one with the concussion, old man, what are you talking about?”

“I had a dream,” Obi-Wan said, quiet and thoughtful, like he wasn’t quite there anymore. “But it felt so real. A vision, maybe? No, a nightmare. But even a nightmare couldn’t have come up with all those years on Tatoine–it doesn’t matter. You’re alive.” He let go of Anakin’s shoulders only to pat him on the face with awe, like it had been years since he’d last seen Anakin’s face. “My Ani.”

That was strange: Obi-Wan had never called him Ani before.

“Hit your head nice and hard, didn’t you, Master?”

“It doesn’t matter,” Obi-Wan shook his head. “Maybe you aren’t even real, now, and the Force is playing games with me. Maybe Darth Vader is about to wake me up and tell me this has been some sort of mind game–”

Anakin frowned. “Darth Vader? Who the hell is that? Do we have another Sith to worry about now?”

“But I don’t care, because I need to tell you something,” Obi-Wan leaned forward, holding Anakin’s face in his hands, his forehead touching Anakin’s slightly. “I didn’t tell you before, because I thought–with the Council and the Code–I thought I shouldn’t. But Anakin,” he closed his eyes. “If I had to choose between you and the Jedi, I would choose you. In every life, in every time. I love you.” He blinked, slowly, as if coming back to himself somehow, and then: “I think I’m going to pass out.”

And then he did.

Hours later, Obi-Wan did not recall the conversation, but Anakin did, and that made all the difference.

@lectorel  @darthrevaan
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The Bunnies have me this evening.

…Anakin is known for his unorthadox tactics. These include, but at not limited to, the one time he deliberately destroyed Obi-Wan’s tea collection, told his Master that the Separatists had done it, and then handed him his lightsaber.

…the Separatist outpost fell within minutes.
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hades anakin & persephone obi wan inspired by  @ahnakins ‘s fic !!
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My AU Photoset: Obikin + Genie of the lamp lightsaber

Requested by: anon (This is very loosely based on your prompt and is probably not want you wanted. Sorry anon!)

What if Obi-Wan found himself trapped in his lightsaber after he died? When Vader ignites the lightsaber, he is surprised to see force!ghost/genie!Obi-Wan. Neither are particularly happy to see each other. Vader thinks he’s being haunted but Obi-Wan can’t figure out a way to disconnect himself from his lightsaber. Will they figure out a way for Obi-Wan to move on? Features: angsty conversations, painful memories, soul-searching, and a glimmer of the good in Vader. Spoiler: Forgiveness is the way for Obi-Wan to move on but will he figure this out?

Leave an AU and a pairing in my ask and I’ll give you the plot of the fic I won’t write for it & a photoset!
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Maul had managed to use Anakin as bait for Obi-Wan instead? I mean he already killed his master right? So why not kill Kenobi’s Padawan as well?

Obi-Wan find outs Maul has Anakin and starts freaking out (internally, of course, it’s not like he would actually show it) because he never really got over Maul killing Qui-Gon and now Maul has Anakin?! The dumbass child he raised and loves??

Basically I just want Obi-Wan to burst in as Maul is about to kill Anakin and go all Molly Weasley on him and scream “NOT MY PADAWAN, YOU BITCH” before he saves Anakin, who is both Perplexed and Indescribably Happy at Obi-Wan’s reaction

I think this would have  been a better ending


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