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Pierre-Paul Prud'hon (Cluny 1758-1823 Paris), Justice and Divine Vengeance Pursuing Crime, 1808, Louvre Museum

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Anne Siems

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Lauren K. Cannon, Kindled. A very clever variation on all those images of Aprhodite / Venus being born from the sea.

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Paint it black

From the label on the bottle:

Instructions: Thin with water to increase flow as required. Paint with it.

Stuart Semple is so full of gentle but pointed snark and a burning desire for accessible art, I love him. I love that no matter what Anish Kapoor does, Stuart Semple will be there, making fun of him and selling affordable art supplies to anyone who wants them.

Iit smells like black cherry? Fuck yes

Is that the same guy that gave him a middle finger by making the wordest brightest pink and putting in the terms of use that the Vantablack asshole is the only man not allowed to use it?

I love this because it’s like watching a comic book fight between an art themed hero and his super villain nemesis that wants to keep all the art things to himself. 

Yes, and that same jerk broke said terms of use by having someone get him the pink pigment and he then literally gave Semple and the world the middle finger, after dipping it in the pink pigment. No class whatsoever.

Semple responded by somehow getting Vanta Black (or his own newly made pigment, can’t remember which) and giving the peace sign to everyone with two voided out fingers. Seriously, they looked like a bad video edit.

Sounds like he’s attempting to flush his reputation down the crapper with keeping such a huge advance in art technology to himself AND throwing a tempter tantrum over the backlash.

I’m glad this Semple dude is standing up his bullshit. 

Ya’ll are missing one very important point: Vantablack is caustic. Direct skin contact can cause really gnarly chemical burns. Despite that, the “void is staring back at you” black is something just about any artist would want to experiment with, even if you need to handle it as a hazmat chemical.

So, Semper’s peace sign in his own “deep space between stars” black is downright incredible as it’s SAFE. Anyone can use it, it even smells good without the scent affecting the color or consistency.

An artist in his studio whipped up a safe alternative to a pigment that chemical engineers have to make in a controlled lab.

Semper’s vengence led to a breakthrough that benefits artists of all levels the world over, and that’s just lovely.

It’s like he used the power of righteous hatred the same way some people use the power of love.

His intense need to spite the VB asshole let to him making a scientific breakthrough that shits all over his product. 

Spite is humanity’s greatest power. I love it.
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The Art of Justin Peters

Justin Peters is a 21 yo digital artist based in Stuttgart, Germany. He started with photography and editing in 2016 and has a big passion for surrealistic photo manipulations.

Check out his work on behance, facebook and instagram.
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Personal project for my last ever semester of art school! Got to finally have my way with drawing these guys for an assignment again haha

Basically finalizing their designs until I was happy with them. It definitely took years of work to get their designs to this point but it was worth the wait. My side of my graduation exhibition is deffo gonna have an embarrassing amount of Hades/Persephone and the Gods Among Men guys >

Thanks for sticking around and enjoy!
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Ernest H. Brooks II. Pirouette, Santa Barbara Island. 1981

[::SemAp Twitter || SemAp::]
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Glass pen and glow ink drawing. Via Peter Draws.


This is some Disney’s Atlantis magic
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Elsewhere University - Groundskeeping’s Addendum

A sequel to this!

[Elsewhere University]   [my other comics]   [my art]   [my ko-fi]

When I posted the first Elsewhere University comic, I had no idea what it was going to turn into over the following months. The community that’s grown out of it - the stories and art and obscure bits of folklore and science, the fortunetelling asks and vague anon prophecies, all of it building on itself and branching into places that still manage to take me by surprise - has created a weirder and more wonderful world than anything I could have imagined. This comic is meant as a celebration of everything that’s grown out of the stories set in Elsewhere, and an expression of gratitude. I wasn’t even close to being able to include everything; the Library alone would need a dozen pages. For those whose works I did include, I dearly hope I did them justice. Words can’t express what this world and community have grown to mean to me, but I hope this comes close. Thank you so much, all of you. Keep making amazing things.

All works referenced below the cut, if you want to learn more about them!

Keep reading
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The Oracle by Giles Ketting


Aug. 14th, 2017 04:48 pm
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月と人魚 moon and mermaid

100×145mm, Eraser prints, yasuko aoyama  2011.9.
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two presents for my mom from a while ago! the top one was for mother’s day and the bottom was for her birthday
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Pretty Fox

by Vicki Sawyer


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