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In light of recent events, I’ve been thinking about Watership Down. And for the longest time I’ve had the mental image of Bennu standing in front of the past!Jedi Council, being interrogated on how she and/or her mother survived a Jedi Purge.

And Bennu laughs - but there is nothing humorous in her voice as she hurls the quote at them. “‘All the world will be your enemy, Prince With a Thousand Enemies!’” Her voice is a storm, her words are knives of pain-that-never-happened, death and heartbreak and terror. “’And wherever they catch you, they will kill you. But first – ‘” Her eyes gleam in something like satisfaction. “But first, they much /catch/ you.’”

And there is triumph in her voice now, and a victory like the rising sun. “’Digger, listener, runner, prince with the swift warning! Be cunning and full of tricks, and your people shall never be destroyed’.”

And the moment passes, and Bennu is – simply a woman again. A young woman, in a worn robe – and a smile twitches at the corner of her mouth. Wry. A little self-depreciating, filled with a gentle amusement – it’s Obi-Wan Kenobi’s smile on her face, and Bennu has never looked more like her mother then in that one moment. “Mother told me the story when I was little.” She shrugs. “And that’s what she taught me to do.”

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Bennu Kenobi, daughter of Obi-Wan Kenobi, daughter of the desert, is given a mission to Mustafar.


Mustafar gives Bennu the screaming heebie-jeebies. Like fuck is she going there.

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Obi-wan Meditating on Tatooine

Credit for art goes to John Cassady.

I head!canon that Bennu does this kind of meditation all the time.
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For actual vacation-vacations, Bennu loves to go to the beach.

It’s got sand! It has lots of water! It’s all the familiarity of home with the lure of the exotic!
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Huh. Another name for the ‘Bennu’s-possible-Tatooine-style-surname (which she really doesn’t use)’ list?

Bennu Sandfall
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The impression that I get from my various worldbuilding with various individuals (particularly @lectorel ) is that Tatooine beliefs are rarely (as in, not at all) shared with ‘outsiders’. There are some exceptions, but those are few and far between.

Furthermore, to the best of my knowledge, it’s vaguely canon that Anakin, upon entering the Jedi Order, did his level best to separate himself from his past and cultural background. Again, the various individuals I worldbuild about this with have expanded this; the background that I’m working with is that Anakin really has abandoned just about everything from Tatooine. He has absolutely no reason to share the concept of the Unfathered with Padme. After all, if he adheres to his cultural background, that concept is taboo; if he abandons it entirely, it really doesn’t matter, and it’s part of a past he’s doing everything possible to separate himself form.

Bennu isn’t stupid. She understands that Padme has no knowledge of the Unfathered. She understands that Padme does not mean to cause her distress and/or discomfort. However, the fact remains that if Padme is speaking of this with her, Padme is broaching what Bennu, personally, regards as not only taboo to speak of but is intricately entwined with her faith. (Bennu is, both quietly and not so quietly, deeply religious. And sometimes, religion doesn’t equate with what other people might regard as ‘sensible’). 

Bennu would actually probably head Padme off at the pass and do her best to gently and carefully explain the concept of the Unfathered, and how her community - the community she was born and raised in - regards it. (There’s a little room with how much she can explain - after all, this woman is Luke and Leia’s mother.) Padme probably wouldn’t push it after that explanation. (Honestly, Bennu would probably be a lot more comfortable if Padme approaches her as Obi-Wan’s daughter - the daughter of a dear friend - rather then via Anakin).

However. If Padme pushes it - and I agree that she probably wouldn’t - Bennu would react as she would react to anyone who’s breaking taboo like that - with blatant hostility. Out of respect for the fact that this is Luke and Leia’s mother, she wouldn’t react violently (and believe me, there are circumstances under which Bennu goes absolutely berserk if the concept of the Unfathered is broached in exactly the wrong way) - but she most definitely would not be comfortable at all with Padme.

…sudden idea!

Ooh, what if past!Padme initially gets off on entirely the wrong foot with Bennu, and it spurs Anakin into gingerly discussing the beliefs of his childhood with her? Not only would that be a potent look into his background (and heighten the intimacy between them, bringing them closer together) but it would further her understanding of Anakin himself. (Padme would probably apologize - very sincerely - to Bennu.) Hey, @lectorel ? Do you know if there’s any particular, Tatooine-specific apologize that Padme could make that Bennu would accept?
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Ahsoka experiences a wholly inappropriate sense of deja vu, plus the strangest feeling of ‘is this what Anakin felt like the first time he met me?’

Bennu, on the other hand, is - cautiously welcoming. She doesn’t feel any sense of personal connection to Ahsoka, but trained, sane Force-Users are in short supply these days.

As it is, Ahsoka might simply ask Bennu to tell her about her mother. About Obi-Wan, and what happened to Master Kenobi. Bennu, in turn, will ask for stories about her mother when she was young, when being a Jedi was not a death sentence or a vanishingly rare occurance. They get along relatively well.

(Not quite as well as Bennu and Dex get along, though. Bennu views Dex as the uncle she never had, and Dex treats her like his own daughter at times.)

Plus, it is surprisingly nice to complain about some aspects of Ye Old Jedi Traditions with a person who isn’t Luke.
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I believe I mentioned this in one of my earlier Bennu worldbuilding snippets -

Padme adores Bennu, and wants to adopt her.

She continually petitions forceghost!Obi-Wan for joint custody - although, to be honest, that started when Bennu, in her role as Jedi Ambassador, calmly told a planetary leader ‘fuck no’ when he tried to pressure her into an alliance via marriage.

Past!Padme is - not quite sure how to interact with Bennu. On her end, Bennu keeps trying to do everything she can to get Padme in the same room as the twins - she knows that Luke, at least, knows nothing of her mother save in the abstract, and for all that Leia had a mother in Queen Breha, she would also appreciate the opportunity to interact with her birth mom.

Although, to be honest, I take a great deal of pleasure trying to imagine past!Padme’s reaction to learning that Sidious used one of Anakin’s biological samples to (try and) impregnate Obi-Wan.

…I think that past!Padme would probably try and form some kind of friendship with Bennu, if only because of how close she is to the twins. However, that might go wrong so very easily - if past!Padme, due to a fundamental incomprehension of the concept of the Unfathered, tries to form a relationship with Bennu on the basis that she is Anakin’s daughter - things won’t go well. At all. That’s taboo, in Tatooine culture. That’s unthinkable - and Bennu would probably exchange more then a few harsh words with her before deliberately (and possibly ceremonially) shunning her.
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The first place Bennu’s going?

Straight back to Tatooine.

Unlike Luke (or even Anakin), she’s never once stopped thinking of Tatooine as ‘home’. She’s going home. Finally. On something that isn’t related to a mission, to a desperate attempt to free Han from Jabba’s clutches (Bennu was the backup - if she hadn’t heard from Leia, Luke, Chewie, or Lando within seventy-two hours, she was going to do whatever it took to free her family.)

She’s going home. Back to her house (it’s in ruins, but it’s hers by right of law and inheritance). Back to her room. Back to salvage what she can from the ruins - little things, that wouldn’t matter to scavengers, but would matter a great deal to her.

She’s going to go home, and she’s going to watch the moons rise and the suns set. She’s going to stake claim to her mother’s house - her house now. She’s going to visit the Grandmothers in the Quarters and learn more of what it means to be Unfathered.

She’s also going to take a breather and engaged in a shouting match with the ghost of Anakin Skywalker.
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…why am I suddenly picturing timetraveler!Bennu casually mentioning that she ‘never finished school’ in front of the past version of her mother and the Jedi High Council? (Obi-Wan’s heart stops.)

…Bennu carefully does not add that Leia took charge of her education post-Yavin - meaning that the former Tatooine resident completed her academics via correspondence course and private tutors.

The reasons for this are twofold. First, Bennu honestly is curious to see how Council will react to the news that she is ‘uneducated’ - and their subsequent treatment of and attitude towards her. (She expects to be disappointed-  Bennu is REALLY not that terribly impressed with them.)

Secondly, Bennu is a troll. (It is a time honored Unfathered - and Tatooine - tradition!) Anakin, at least, should realize that there is quite a bit in the things she does not say. 
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Bennu is a Kenobi. That is part of what her identity, even though it’s not the sum and total of what makes her her.

Sometimes I wonder, though - if she had a Tatooine-style surname, what would it me?

My melodramatic streak is calling for something along the lines of Stormrunner, but that seems - a bit much. Sandrunner? That sounds a bit more in line with Tatooine names (as we know from our extremely limited same size…)

Although I’m tempted to have it be Bennu Flamehair, for several reasons. One is the simple fact that Bennu does have red hair - she’s a strawberry blonde, to be precise. The other is that both Skywalker and Flamehair are historical epithets for Loki - Norse god of fire and chaos.

And also liars.

Hm. What was it Satine called Obi-Wan once? A collection of “half-truths and hyperbole…”


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Obi-Wan Kenobi: This weapon is your life!

Bennu Kenobi: No it isn’t. I’m not going to automatically die if I lose my lightsaber - there are more important things then ‘sabers, and I know the schematics so I can always build another one. Are you saying that the trillions of people who don’t have lightsabers and use blasters instead are zombies or something?


Years later, Bennu’s brother will throw his lightsaber aside, and say ‘I am a Jedi, like my father before me’.

A weapon’s not a life.


…past!Obi-Wan’s not sure what to make of the pity in Luke and Bennu’s eyes at her pronouncement.
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Obi-Wan Kenobi: This weapon is your life!

Bennu Kenobi: No it isn’t. I’m not going to automatically die if I lose my lightsaber - there are more important things then ‘sabers, and I know the schematics so I can always build another one. Are you saying that the trillions of people who don’t have lightsabers and use blasters instead are zombies or something?

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Ever since I saw the first Star Wars I always wondered why you wouldn’t just fight like this. I guess Jedi would want to fight with honor? Then again that’s probably why I love the sith more.

I love everything about this.

Almost half of those ideas utilize Trákata, which is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE lightsaber technique.

“Tràkata was a form of lightsaber combat developed for taking advantage of a lightsaber blade’s ability to be turned on and off, a unique quality in a melee weapon. Quickly shutting off then re-igniting the blade could cause confusion in one’s opponents, allowing for diversionary feints in combat. Mixed with Jar'Kai, Tràkata was extremely effective, even against multiple opponents.” - from Wookiepedia (because copy-paste is easier than thumb typing a paragraph on my phone).

Reblogging again for @myurbandream ’s addition.

…I think that Bennu might incorporate some of these moves. She certainly uses a lot more force-manipulation during lightsaber fights then the standard force-user, and she’s pragmatic enough to recognize the value behind some of these tactics.
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I need more than one life by AquaSixio

One of Bennu Kenobi’s daily activities.


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