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#*cries for a thousand years*#no but like someone fucking bring rogue squadron back properly#all the current/new eu stuff is really skirting it and pretending it doesn’t exist#but fuck that #because rogue squadron was named for something#it was named in remembrance #the rogues remember their dead with pride#a holo of bodhi rook #salvaged from a file somewhere#hangs on the rogue squadron briefing room#and after luke’s briefed them about their latest mission and wedge has told them in no uncertain terms how dangerous it is#each member of the squadron touches their hands to his holo as they leave#in hopes he is watching over them still #and promises to do bodhi rook proud#star wars #rogue one #rogue squadron

Well great now I’m crying with you, @drinkupthesunrise. 
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Brain, why are you doing this to me. Why.

Obi-Wan Kenobi had Qui-Gon Jinn as his spirit guide. Luke Skywalker had Obi-Wan Kenobi for his ghostly mentor.

At least one of the TTMK has Bodhi Rook as a spiritual mentor.
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…why do I have the sudden mental image of the the TTMK gleefully adopting Bodhi Rook, or gushing about how he is ‘SO COOL’ to everyone in the vicinity?

Do you think they might have met before the events of the movie? The TTMK move around a lot in their role as information brokers and cargo haulers/part-time smugglers; Bodhi’s a cargo pilot. It’s a big galaxy, but I suppose they might have bumped into one another once or twice…
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What about an AU where Bodhi is Force sensitive and he left the Empire because the dark side made him uneasy and although he couldn’t understand what is happening to him he felt the pull to the light and the urge to defect and get away from it all?

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Imagine Bodhi being Force-sensitive
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-Support fanart of Bodhi Rook
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-support rogue one
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Finn does a lot of reading, when he wakes up. He burns through article after article of history, of linguistics, of culture. He may be strapped down to a bed and fresh from a bacta tank, but he wants to learn more about what it means to be human, and more about what it means to be this human. About the choices he’s made. 

In the first 48 hours, Finn comes to learn two particularly important things.

One: that surnames mean where you come from, mean legacy.

Two: that there was a man called Bodhi Rook, and that he was very, very brave.

Later, after he’s finally discharged from med bay, he has to fill out paperwork. Registration, medical history, next-of-kin sort of stuff. Most of it he has to leave blank. He hovers over one little box in particular. Family name. He hesitates. Poe has already offered him his. The admin assistant leans over the desk, nonplussed expression on their face, and suggests he just pick one at random. Neither feels quite right. Neither feels like a history, or like a legacy.

He takes a breath, puts pen to paper, and writes Finn Rook in a wobbly but determined script.
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listen: i am on board with Bodhi Rook, Too Good For This World, Too Pure. i am here for Bodhi Rook with Flowers Gently Braided Into His Hair. i too have felt tears well up in my eyes and softly stroked my laptop screen and whispered, “i love you” while gazing into a flickering gifset.
but like, can we also remember Bodhi Rook, inimitable badass? Bodhi Rook, just walked out of a terrifying brainwipe, guess it’s time to infiltrate an Imperial stronghold? Bodhi Rook who held his position on the ground until the last possible moment, who knew he was going to die at the hands of the empire he’d betrayed, who knew it would not be a good death, who was so pure of heart that in his last words, he dedicated his final act of resistance to someone else? OKAY I MADE MYSELF CRY. ANYWAY, MY POINT: BODHI ROOK IS BOTH A SWEET PRECIOUS FLOWER AND A TOTAL FUCKING BADASS AND I WOULD LIKE THAT TO BE REMEMBERED, PLEASE. 

I will add that I love and want emphasized that Bodhi canonically wanted to become a starfighter pilot. like, he’s a hero and a badass and a gentle anxious soul, but he also is a defector who 1) bought into the Imperial military at least enough to enlist and want a career in it, and 2) is a weird combination of low-level defector (which apparently is very common) and someone carrying some of the most valuable info in the whole damn canon. That’s a GREAT mix of traits and I want ALL OF THEM

(also, again I’m becoming Novelization Girl, but he’s referred to as ‘the coward’ several times in the novelization and I just. want more about that. A COWARD WHO CHOOSES TO BE BRAVE)


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