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Author: Crownofpins

Summary: Deep in the wilds, mysterious things wander through the lands on mysterious trails. Dracula isn’t the only legend that walks their earth.

Trevor darns clothing, Sypha sews some pants, and Alucard spends a lot of time thinking about plumbing. And, through it all, they bond… hopefully. If they don’t kill each other first.

And if they don’t get eaten first. That’s important too.

 Graphic Depictions Of ViolenceAlucard/Trevor Belmont Trevor Belmont/Sypha Belnades Alucard/Trevor Belmont/Sypha Belnades Sypha Belnades/AlucardAlucard (Castlevania) Trevor Belmont Sypha BelnadesFriendship Pre-OT3 OT3 magic is menacing men darning socks Domestic sinister toilets Fairy Tale Elements drinking alone in the dark never ends well  

This is an exquisitely beautiful story that I highly recommend to one and all.

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Also, Sypha is 100% not the voice of reason in that trio, quit shoving her in that role, fandom. Sypha is the idealist with principles she values over self-preservation, Alucard is the drama queen, and Trevor is the one exhaustedly saying ‘Guys. Guys no. Do not fight the giant demon with only a sword and a pack of matches. Do not.’
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(Okay @armera and @yrimiel rebloged my eariler post so I’m tagging them, but please, interact with me. I am a social creature and crave validation)

Imagine for a moment, Monster Hunter Belmonts.

Belmonts that use magic to make themselves stronger and more durable and train like demons for /generations/ until they become something a little bit more than human.

Imagine Trevor fighting a regular human for the first time. He still remembers the aftermath. He tones it down after that but he’s never been very good at knowing what normal people are like. He gets up just a little to easily, punches just a little to hard.

He gets used to it.

The Cyclops is a surprise. He never faced one and his first strikes barely draw blood so used to holding back. Killing it’s a rush.

He barely has to push himself with the demons. Humans are breakable and deamons are just as fragile if you know their weaknesses and the Belmonts made sure that everyone of them knew them. Sybla fights beside him, wielding fire and ice and wind and something in him /sings/

And then Alucard. And he hasn’t had to push himself this way in years. He’s so used to trying to slow down, soften his blows, act a little more human, not draw too much attention to himself, and well, he’s out of practice.

He’s not afraid of death. He is however slightly afraid of what his mother will do to him when she finds out how easily he was taken down.

There’s a hand in his hair, pulling his head back to bare his neck and he hasn’t faced someone this strong in years. It’s a little distracting. And then the bastard is backing off, following Sypha’s command as if it was as easy as breathing and Trevor is completly and totally screwed.
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We need to protect this child please, he just needs a hug


Do you see the resemblance?
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YEP. And I now ship Alucard/Trevor buT THERE ARE LESS THAN 20 FICS ALL TOGETHER WHY.
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I know, I’ve been busy.  I’ve been raving over this series for the past week but I couldn’t get to a proper keyboard so I can a Proper Rave™ complete with gifs and sparklies.  


Fine, fine.  I’ll be a proper grown up.  I’ll stop sulking and wait patiently. 

Let’s get on with the List of Things That I Really Love About Netflix’s Castlevania animated series:

a.  Dracula - First off, Dracula is not a precious misunderstood Woobie Destroyer of Worlds.  He’s evil.  He’s got a dangerous labyrinth of a castle sitting smack dab in the middle of a forest of skeletons that are impaled on very long sharp stakes, his victims from years ago.  Dracula is bored, mean and absolutely disgusted with humanity.  Apparently, the only reason he doesn’t seem to be concocting some sort of Evil Plan to Cover the World in Eternal Night™ in the first few minutes we see him is because he can’t be arsed to anymore.  

But he is a lot more complex than your average moustache-twirling baddie and in less than five minutes we get the idea that there’s still some ounce of humanity left in everyone’s favorite Evil King Vampire.  He basically gets this OH NO SHE’S ADORABLE AND I LIKE HER SEND HELP look on his face once he gets properly acquainted with one Dr. Lisa Fahrenheights.  

b.  Lisa Fahrenheights - People who’ve played Castlevania:  Symphony of the Night will know who she is and in the game, she’s pretty much portrayed as some sort of sanctified figure in a Certain Person’s memories.  In this series, Lisa Fahrenheights is smart, sassy and willing to tell off the most dangerous vampire in the world for his bad manners.  And while our acquaintance with her is painfully short, it gets pretty clear why Dracula would fall arse over cape for her.  

And surprisingly, she genuinely seems to love him back and is apparently willing to believe he can be better than his Evil self without forgetting that he IS a terrifying Evil Dark Lord With Fangs™.  We only get like 10 minutes to have her around and I’m actually willing to buy into the Dracula/Lisa love story far more than I did with Twilight or the Star Wars Anakin/Padme romance.  

She’s genuinely a good person without being insufferably saintly and I hope we get to see more of her in flashbacks as this series progresses because LISA FAHRENHEIGHTS DESERVED BETTER GDI.  

Seriously, in the Great List of Incredibly Stupid and Boneheaded Ideas™, accusing Dr. Lisa Fahrenheights Tepes (somehow, I get the feeling she and Vlad had a long and lively discussion about being his Princess/Lady/Countess and she stuck to her guns about being a Doctor) of witchcraft and then burning her alive at the stake is probably in the Top Three.  Right beside the one that says, “Do not kill the Cinnabon Roll Son of the Dark Lord of the Sith while Darth Papa is actually there to see everything.”  

Unfortunately, since this is the Middle Ages and we have all that bullshit about wise women being falsely accused and the Church being corrupt, so this clusterfuckery happens and of course, Vlad eventually comes home to find the house he built for his beloved destroyed and that he’s too late to save her.  He can’t even get the chance to possibly turn her into a vampire.  

Of course he’s pissed off. 

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One of, if not my favorite elements from Netflix’s Castlevania series is how, when the Elder of the Speakers tells Trevor that Dracula literally unleashed Hell because of dumb mother-fuckers killing his wife, Trevor doesn’t respond with ‘Oh, what a terrible thing!’ or ‘That’s no reason to kill everyone!’

He’s just like: ’*nods* Eyup, that’ll do it.’
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Say what you want but you’d be lying if you say that trevor belmont kicking a spinning sword in mid air right through a cyclops’s eye isn’t the fucking coolest thing ever
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Man: “What’s that on your chest?”
Trevor Belmont: “My shirt?”
And it was at that moment I fell in love with Trevor Belmont’s character. 


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