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@sheepfulsheepyard text post had me cackling and I just had to draw it (with permission of course) 

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Barry the Vampire Slayer- A Coldflashwave AU

Made for Legends of Superflarroween

Two years ago, Slayer Oliver Queen was murdered by the demon, Ra’s al Ghul, and Barry Allen was Called. A week after that, he found out that his physics teacher, Dr. Wells, was his Watcher. Two weeks after that, Len, a mysterious man in black, saved his life. Three days later, he found out that Len was Leonard Snart, one of the deadliest vampires that ever lived, now cursed with a soul. Almost six months and an epiphany later, Barry and Len consummated their forbidden love, and, in a moment of perfect happiness, Len’s soul disappeared. Not two months after that, Barry was forced to kill the man he loves to save the world. 

One year and two months ago, Barry faced off with Len’s partner in crime and ex-lover, Mick Rory. Three weeks later, while fighting, Mick pinned Barry to a wall, and somehow, the two ended up making out. Two days after, the shameful love affair began. Five months after that, Mick Rory regained his soul, and Barry started to realize how devoted they were becoming to one another. 

One year and eleven months after Barry accepted his role as the Slayer, he walked into his apartment to find his dead lover sitting in his second favorite chair, one leg crossed over the other, with a knowing smirk. 
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I’m a petty asshole, ngl, and the thought of Bruce’s face when he learns about it makes me gleeful. 

Given the team that Tobirama trained, and then the one that he led, I’m sure Damian wouldn’t faze him in the least. 
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Tobirama out-ninjaing the Leage of Assassins and punching Ra’s in the face.  💕
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Word Count:  534

Title Credit:  Walt Disney’s Aladdin

Prompt:  Written for mgnemesi – “I. Uhm. Can think of a few things, but it’d like Jason to do the saving, so… Lazarus Pit?“

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Addition to the Evil!Amnesiac!Len-

The first time Len speaks he says Mick’s name too. It happens when he’s trying to get their attention which he often does(they notice he really loves attention, just like me–), and he pulls on his sleeve and whispers “Mick”.

It catches them all off guard because he hasn’t spoken since they found him which was or atleast almost was a whole month and he hasn’t said a word, he really just would make noises in response to things(especially when he was excited or confused or scared).

They all stare for a moment, Ray trying to hide his excitement that he finally spoke, Sara just smirks because “It’s about time”, Rip smiles calmly but is secretly really glad Len finally spoke even if it was just this once. Jax gets excited and high-fives Lisa(who is totes there tbh), Stein just looks shocked but whispers to himself “I knew he’d be the first he’d speak to”.

Then there’s Mick, who stares at him for a really long time, making Len tilt his head in confusion and is a bit freaked out because “Oh no did I make him mad??”. But then Mick leans in closer to Len so only he could hear and says “It’s been so long since I’ve heard that, ya know that?” Because he hasn’t heard his voice since the Accelerator incident.

Len is just confused but smiles at Mick anyway and says “Mick?” again. He pretty much repeats it a lot, and Mick ends up getting embarrassed by it because “Crap he’s acting all cute like he did when we we’re younger”.

I just live for this okay guys–



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