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Birthday gift for the one and only queen of Leonard-and-Mick fanfics and mother of dragons, @jq-piccadilly! Following her Wings AU with Leonard Snart as a ptarmigan (with artistic liberties) and Mick Rory as an Australian raven. 



(also so much thanks for my mom’s birthday illustrations!! It’s gonna be AWESOME thanks to you!!!)

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“I’ll be dead like you”

Will someone please just realize that he’s not ok and fucking help him???Did you all see the look of genuine concern on Len? He’s the only person who sees Mick’s pain and even then Len may or may not have been a figment of his fucking imagination. I think Amaya sees that Mick is not happy, but I don’t think she can fully see how broken he really is.


I am so angry now I can’t even. I was hoping that we’d get to see Len again.
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Barry the Vampire Slayer- A Coldflashwave AU

Made for Legends of Superflarroween

Two years ago, Slayer Oliver Queen was murdered by the demon, Ra’s al Ghul, and Barry Allen was Called. A week after that, he found out that his physics teacher, Dr. Wells, was his Watcher. Two weeks after that, Len, a mysterious man in black, saved his life. Three days later, he found out that Len was Leonard Snart, one of the deadliest vampires that ever lived, now cursed with a soul. Almost six months and an epiphany later, Barry and Len consummated their forbidden love, and, in a moment of perfect happiness, Len’s soul disappeared. Not two months after that, Barry was forced to kill the man he loves to save the world. 

One year and two months ago, Barry faced off with Len’s partner in crime and ex-lover, Mick Rory. Three weeks later, while fighting, Mick pinned Barry to a wall, and somehow, the two ended up making out. Two days after, the shameful love affair began. Five months after that, Mick Rory regained his soul, and Barry started to realize how devoted they were becoming to one another. 

One year and eleven months after Barry accepted his role as the Slayer, he walked into his apartment to find his dead lover sitting in his second favorite chair, one leg crossed over the other, with a knowing smirk. 
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this is the most romantic thing i’ve seen all day

No shit. That tom cat was like:

“This thorn invested wall means nothing.”

“I will gladly walk on it a thousand times over, if that means I could be with you, my lady.”

and the lady cat was all:

“My brave darling.”


Suddenly my muse insisted me to draw the personification version of the last pic, and who am I to reject inspiration when it comes so willingly to me? At least this will help with the artblock issue I currently have to deal with.

Russian imperial era inspired because hot damn.

Note: I tried google reverse image (and other reverse image search engines) those photos and came up with nothing. I wish I knew the original photographer because I want to love hug him/her so hard for capturing such inspiring moments.

OMG that’s the cutest thing ever and the best courtly love ah so brilliant.

Few romantic heroes could do better.

I don’t post cats often but that illustration.


…for some reason, this made me think of cat!Len and cat!Mick.
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True or False ?

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Inspiration here though I took the Author’s choice option because there was no demon option on it ^^”

I had way too much fun researching the perfect demons to use :D

It’s actually Gen, as Len is just 14 here and it’s their first meeting :)




AO3 link

Keep reading
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Addition to the Evil!Amnesiac!Len-

The first time Len speaks he says Mick’s name too. It happens when he’s trying to get their attention which he often does(they notice he really loves attention, just like me–), and he pulls on his sleeve and whispers “Mick”.

It catches them all off guard because he hasn’t spoken since they found him which was or atleast almost was a whole month and he hasn’t said a word, he really just would make noises in response to things(especially when he was excited or confused or scared).

They all stare for a moment, Ray trying to hide his excitement that he finally spoke, Sara just smirks because “It’s about time”, Rip smiles calmly but is secretly really glad Len finally spoke even if it was just this once. Jax gets excited and high-fives Lisa(who is totes there tbh), Stein just looks shocked but whispers to himself “I knew he’d be the first he’d speak to”.

Then there’s Mick, who stares at him for a really long time, making Len tilt his head in confusion and is a bit freaked out because “Oh no did I make him mad??”. But then Mick leans in closer to Len so only he could hear and says “It’s been so long since I’ve heard that, ya know that?” Because he hasn’t heard his voice since the Accelerator incident.

Len is just confused but smiles at Mick anyway and says “Mick?” again. He pretty much repeats it a lot, and Mick ends up getting embarrassed by it because “Crap he’s acting all cute like he did when we we’re younger”.

I just live for this okay guys–

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For @robininthelabyrinth, who needed it. Playing around with the soulmate!trophe - with some concepts taken originally from the Exalted RPG.

Solar Eclipse

Mick Rory’s first thought on seeing the scrawny, underfed kid spitting curses vile enough to result in a three-month stay in solitary wasn’t a fucking commentary on his looks.

Yeah, his eyes were kinda interesting-looking, but it wasn’t as if Mick could actually see them, what with the six different Family members currently trying to beat the ever-loving shit out of the kid. And yeah, his skin was pale and kinda reminded him of snow just before it got crushed by the snowplough, but that only highlighted the bruises running up and down the brat’s arms.

Mick Rory’s first thought wasn’t about the unknown kid’s mouth or his skin. It was actually why am I in love with this guy?

Oh fuck.

This was his soulmate? This thin-enough-to-be-a-scarecrow kid currently trying to nail Santini in the balls while trying to gouge Donny’s eyes with his fingernails? And yeah, kudos for his viciousness and all, but this brat was going to be the most important person in Mick’s life from now until he croaked? This kid? At least he hadn’t seen Mick yet, because the whole recognizing-your-pair thing didn’t set in until visual contact (at least according to his second shrink, who had tried to comfort him after the Fire by telling Mick all about the person who was going to be his second self, his most precious person in the world…)

…and that was Tony with the home-made shiv, being sure to take his time and hold it where the Kid could see it coming. Mick settled back glumly, waiting for his Second Self to get up and start royally kicking ass – because the one thing that everyone knew was that Those Guys were strength and power and speed incarnate. Wasn’t any way that Tony was gonna be able to land a blow –

Except. Except the kid had been taking a royal beating, and was currently fighting like hell as he strained away from the makeshift blade and what the fuck.

Mick was on the bastard before he so much as lifted the damn thing, love and fealty and protectiveness riding him like a possession, and he hated it. So. Much. Hated the deep-seated urge to keep this nameless kid safe and happy, hated the love that bubbled deep in his chest like lava, hated hated hated the wordless urge to comfort the kid and wrap him in fucking bubble wrap.

The six Family kids went down fast, and Mick turned, hate and love mixing on his tongue as he stared down at the kid, who was staring up at him in – total incomprehension?

“…thanks.” The kid said after a long moment, words slightly slurred. Blue eyes – and they were blue, a kinda washed-out blue like the sky after a snowfall – blinked up suspiciously at him, the scrawny body shifting slightly as if poised to run away from –

Away from Mick?

Need and protectiveness surged in Mick’s chest as the kid went on. “I’d probably be dead if not for you. So – thanks.”

Thanks? Was he kidding? Those Guys could take a blade straight to the fucking chest and still walk away from it, probably, what the fuck was this kid playing at – wait.

Scared – no, what was the word - wary of Mick. Beaten up by fucking Family kids. Wasn’t fucking bursting out into all that shit they said on TV, about how they were two halves of a single whole, not even trying to give him an order –

“What’d ya want?” The kid looked resigned, scrunching up as if he expected Mick to be the next person to take a swing at him, and what the fuck –


He didn’t fucking know? Mick felt his own jaw drop slightly as he stared at the kid, who was now glaring up at him, legs shifting as if trying to figure out the best time to make a break for it. But – yeah, it fit, it all fit, they did say that Those Guys didn’t feel it as strongly as Mick’s kind did, and if the kid – if the kid didn’t know what Mick knew (two-as-one, always together, never alone, never be alone again, SHUT UP INSTINCT) then –

Then Mick must just have an opportunity on his hands here.

“Who says I have to want anything, sunshine?” Mick grunted – only partly as a test, he was shocked to find himself genuinely interested.

The kid made a face. “Sunshine? Where’d you get that?”

Yep. Theory confirmed. The kid didn’t know.

Mick Rory grinned down at his unknowing soulmate.

Oh yes. He could work with this.
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So sitting through rush hour traffic is occasionally great as sometimes I’ll mix various thoughts into an idea fondue.  Like recalling a post I read about how sometimes Len doesn’t do heists for the actual score but maybe for personal reasons or for the challenge.  And that thought somehow mixed with an idle idea about Mick and Len and probably Lisa occasionally go to garage/estate sales or auctions or collectors ala American Pickers just  for the fun of it (and have, on rare occasions, found some rare items) and it kind of blended into the thought of villains having gathered so much loot or tech or both and having to have a garage sale.  I know Venture Bros did this but it’d still be so much fun to see.  Especially for Rogues because I love Rogues.

@robininthelabyrinth @jq-piccadilly
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Okay but imagine this: Evil!Len has no memory of who he once was. He doesn’t even know his own name and when he was first found he barely knew how to speak or do pretty much anything how much memory he lost, he maybe could have been taken in by some evil group or something I dunno and they refer to him only as ‘Project Cold’ or ‘Cold’ and that’s what he knows. He doesn’t speak or anything and they don’t give him any info on his past or why he’s a meta with ice powers. He literally is confused all the time and he isn’t being evil because he’s just plain old evil, but maybe he’s being controlled and doesnt know any differently because his lack of memory?? But maybe he remembers like one person, like Lisa or his mom. Maybe not by name but by face, and he atleast remembers that they are his sister/mom.

Extra ColdWave addition: 'Project Cold’ is a trigger word for him to go all soldier mode, but Mick is able to snap it out of it somehow. Whether he say something he’s said in the past that Len unconsciously recognizes or he just simply is like “…. Snart?” And Len just snaps out of it.

I just really love the idea of not only amnesiac!Len but also him acting all pure and curious all the time and the first time he speaks it’s to Mick and it’s really soft and quiet like please I want this–


@robininthelabyrinth @jq-piccadilly

…so, Winter Soldier!Len?
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robininthelabyrinth said: I would rather like a drabble of an alternative first meeting for Coldwave. Nothing in particular, just…something that isn’t their canon met-in-juvie version from LOT. :D

It figured that the car Leonard had boosted to get out of Central as soon as he turned 18 was a piece of shit. Looked fine from the outside, but he didn’t make it further than Keystone before the engine started making an ominous rattling noise and then stalled out. And then did it again minutes after he managed to coax it into running. The auto shop on the nearest corner didn’t exactly look promising, but it was the only option he had.

Slowly, very slowly, he got the car to inch forward until it was parked in front of the garage, and climbed out to go looking for the mechanic. And then the door of the shop opened and out sauntered… well. Honestly the first thing Leonard thought was arms. And then chest, and then thank you, whoever invented the tank top. The guy was built, and he checked out Leonard’s car with a sort of charming-asshole smirk.

“Not running so good, huh?”

“That’s why I’m here, yes,” Leonard replied, low on patience even for this stud.

“What’s it doing?”

“Stalling out. There’s gas in the tank, I don’t know what’s wrong with it.” He didn’t know a lot about cars. He wasn’t the mechanic here, anyway.

“Huh.” The guy came closer, smelling distinctly like smoke and motor oil, his dirty tank top clinging to his brick wall of a chest. He squinted at the car. “How long’ve you had it?”

“Uh…” Shit. He didn’t exactly want to say he’d hotwired it this morning. “Not too long. Bought it used, one of those classified ad things.”

“Did they say if it’d had problems before?”

“I don’t know, I don’t think so,” Leonard snapped. “They weren’t the most forthcoming, no.”

Mick looked up from where he’d been peering under the hood, and a slow smile spread across his face. “So you jacked it?”

“What?” Leonard did his best to look offended. “That’s how you talk to customers, is it?”

“Not judging,” the guy replied. “Going to steal cars, though, you oughtta to learn what to look for. This one’s been barely running for a while now.”

“Huh.” He leaned back and watched the guy poke around under the hood, bent over attractively to check the oil levels. “You think you could teach me, then?”

The guy looked up and grinned, eyes bright. “Now that’s an idea.”


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