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“I am a simple person with simple wants,” I say, scrolling through AO3 and ignoring fics for a variety of petty reasons

I am a simple person with simple but very specific wants.
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Me: Rarepairs? Why whould I ship something like- [trips] [just one picture of rare otp spills out of jacket] ... sigh, just... just leave me alone, please.
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Send me an ask about whether I’ve written a thing [ship, trope, dynamic, category of fandom, etc.] and if I’ve written it, I’ll link you. If I haven’t written it, I’ll tell you how I would write it if I did.
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One of the greatest mysteries of our time has finally been solved.
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the my immortal author turns out to be an indigenous girl raised in the new york foster system who spent her teenage years searching for her little brother from whom she was separated and she wrote my immortal with her “beloved” foster sister as she looked for her brother and held on to herself in a life that couldn’t have been easy and the only reason she’s come out as the author of my immortal is because it plays such an important role in her childhood in the memoir she’s about to publish called “under the same stars”

and honestly of ALL the possibilities we’ve all ever considered surrounding this fic…… .

my friends and I passed the fic around in college after poetry class every day and read it laughing having no idea what we held in our hands.


I’m LITERALLY awe-stricken. I love her and want her to have everything good in the world.
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I need to see how many people have same opinion as me. Cuz i’m bored of all shipping wars and i need to follow more blogs that are ships frendly...

Yes, if I don’t like a ship, that’s fine, I won’t be malicious about it! I respect everyone’s opinions

I’m too goddamn old for ship wars. 
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when you follow your fave author into a new fandom


Honestly me following @deadcatwithaflamethrower from Star Wars to Harry Potter.

*feels heart breaking a little*
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pain that I like too much

@deadcatwithaflamethrower @elenothar @lectorel @darthrevaan @norcumi @dogmatix @morgynleri @funkzpiel
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In my life I have been all of these. You guys should all be happy you missed my Evil phase in my early teens. 
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Sometimes I won’t even watch the show,play the game, or read the comics but be real hype for ships and fanfics
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so im sure at least some of yall have seen this lil post of mine floating around with its various commentaries added on

looking through the notes, i noticed a lot of people (including my own mutuals) commented things like “yeah this is ok for kids but its weird for adults” and i honestly think that theyre missing the original point of my post

EVERYONE, no matter the age, is allowed to have fun, so long as they arent hurting anyone. it doesnt matter if its a 12-year-old or a 26-year-old with a rainbow sparkly alicorn oc, if it aint hurting anyone, its fucking fine.

dont squander creativity in ANYONE, regardless of age. in fact, end cringe culture entirely.
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This is so, so important you guys.

I will say this again, from the roof tops, from the very depths of my soul.

Fanfiction authors are my heroes. FOREVER.
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Hell yes, everyone is always welcome to do any of the things, you will have my undying love and appreciation for it. (Translations are also a-okay.)
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tfw u arrive at the pearly gates and st. peter just looks at u for a min before pulling up ur ao3 history on his heavenly macbook

#better to rule in hell than be kinkshamed in heaven (x)
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more like, i’m not touching this fic with a ten foot pole are you fucking kidding me
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Fanfiction authors are people who write as a hobby. They’re not paid, they do it on their own time, and they do it for fun. Some authors use fanfiction as a way to improve their writing, but unless they ask for critiquing comments, don’t be that person - even if you have good intentions. You don’t see the damage that you do, but damage is done.

The best way to encourage fanfiction authors to keep doing what they’re doing is to let them know what you liked about their work. I’ve seen too many fic authors get discouraged in their writing because of people who leave less than favorable comments on their work. Leave the critical comments for people who get paid to write. 

Again, I’m not asking you to lie to spare the authors feelings, I’m asking you to just refrain from leaving a negative comment. 

Critique is essential when it comes to improving your writing. It’s something every writer should engage in. But the key to critique? It has to be solicited. It also needs to come from someone who knows how to critique. 90% of fic readers don’t. And if they do, they already know not to send unsolicited critique. Great post, OP.

I sort of want to launch this like a missile into certain fandoms.
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My dad, who is in his 70′s, discovered what slash was and then proceeded to write a sonnet to my mom about it.

One of us.
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A novel by me



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