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My dad, who is in his 70′s, discovered what slash was and then proceeded to write a sonnet to my mom about it.

One of us.
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A novel by me

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“Time to take out the garbage”

I’ve seen a lot of talk about antis and all the trash they talk about ships they don’t care for and other things. 

Now look, I’m all for free and open opinions, but there are some things that you just don’t do. Like show your ass in front of god and everybody just because you don’t like a person’s ship.

If it isn’t immoral, it isn’t indecent, it’s not hurting anyone to the point of intervention (including the poster and especially the poster), and it’s not openly hateful (which should never be acceptable), then you have no right to bitch. 

If it squicks you and you don’t like it, your browser has a fucking back button, and the tabs have a close function. USE THEM. You are not even remotely entitled to having everyone else find something else to do just because you don’t like what they’re doing, and they sure as hell don’t have to justify themselves to your sorry ass. Go find something you’re interested in instead of being the “Stop having fun you guys!” person.
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that one mutual who appears in your notifications like a deer at a watering hole tho. like, just wanders in every once in a while, drinks some of the water - looks up at you from across the cool river water. you nod in acknowledgment, slowly, so you don’t scare them away - they nod back. you stare at each other for a moment in a careful kind of camaraderie. they turn and prance back into the forests, back to some other watering hole, some other life - you watch them go. you stay. you wonder if, this time, they will never come back
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- They use terms like lemons, smut, or UST to talk about the genre of their fic.

- They have squicks.

- They want you to have squicks. Which isn’t to say that they want to squick you, just that it’s a useful term.

- *glomps*

- They leave long comments on everything the read. Possibly not in the tags. They might do something super bizarre like send a message or put their thoughts on the end of your post.

- They write disclaimers on everything. Or on literally anything, since nobody does that anymore.

- They write about orbs, and those orbs are cerulean.

- Or literally anything else is cerulean. Cerulean is an outdated term. I’m calling it.

- The tongues of their characters are still battling for dominance, even though it’s 2017, and really a winner should have been declared by now.

- They have a fear of Mary Sue.

- Characters in their modern AU are chatting on AIM instant messenger, and calling each other on landlines. There are references to Ceiling Cat, because the characters are hip to meme culture. This AU is ~modern~ after all.

- Their fic is interlaced with slightly relevant song lyrics (disclaimer, they didn’t write the song.)

- They don’t do any of above, because they are New Fandom Savy, but they write or reblog nostalgic posts about these things.

- They had a livejournal.

- They still have a livejournal.

- They ended up on tumblr only after getting into a new fandom, searching livejournal for content and fellow fans, and suddenly coming to the startling realization that livejournal has become a barren wasteland of tumbleweeds and chirping crickets.

- They miss their geocities site.

- They wrote fic for the X-Files while the original nine seasons were still airing.

- Bonus, they wrote fic for the original Star Trek and published it in a zine, before the Internet was a thing. That’s like super mega fandom old.

- They might be less inclined to call themselves “trash”, but they are totally out there, reading all the things.

Oh look the reason I joined Tumblr.
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*makes an original post and checks the notes every two minutes*

peer recognition? peer approval? peer recognition? peer approval? peer recognition? peer approval? peer recognition? peer approval? peer recognition? peer approval? peer recognition? peer approval? peer recognition? peer approval? peer recognition? peer approval? peer recognition? peer approval? peer recognition? peer approval?
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Somewhere on the evil spectrum TBH
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Don’t lie

There’s almost no notes.

What the fuck, people.
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So, when I was doing my thesis on whether or not fanfiction should be considered a legitimate genre of literature, my advising professor asked me for examples.  I gave him the generic ones, of course - “Pride & Prejudice and Zombies” is a horror fanfic of “Pride & Prejudice”, “50 Shades of Grey” is an erotica fic of “Twilight" - and that seemed to make him understand what fanfiction is, but not how it’s useful.  So I thought about it, and, after about a minute, I said, “Paradise Lost is basically a fanfiction of the Book of Genesis.  And The Divine Comedy is an epic self-insertion fic for Catholic doctrine.  So, basically, you were teaching us fanfiction last semester.”  I had never before seen a grown man’s eyes widen with such fear, incomprehension, disgust, awe, and understanding.

#does that mean the renaissance was almost entirely fan art?

Yes. Yes it does. All ur classic favs had the Renaissance version of DeviantArt. 
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DEFCON 1: that couple that rarely has any interaction and/or all their interaction is so ridiculously brief that you’ll take pretty much anything as a sign of their love for each other. 

DEFCON 2: that couple whose interactions are always strictly platonic but you’re so desperate for the ship to be real that you twist and turn it in every way to make it seem as though it were the most sexual and/or romantic act that was to ever exist.

DEFCON 3: that couple who just makes it too goddamn easy in that their every interaction is laced with so much subtext and sexual undertone that you’re 99.97% sure the writers are trying to fuck with you.

DEFCON 4: that couple that literally takes each other on dates, tell the other that they love them on a regular basis, keep pictures of each other in their apartments, and are legitimately married in alternate universes and you’re just sitting there trying to understand how and/or why this ship isn’t considered canon.
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me: *posts a thing on AO3*
me: *waits ten minutes and sees 0 kudos or comments*
me: oh god, nobody likes it!
me: it's been so long since i've written in this fandom, i've lost their voices!
me: i've brought dishonor on me, i've brought dishonor on my family, i've brought dishonor on my cow!
me: *calms down and goes to take a bath, determined not to look at AO3*
me: *fortifies with rum and pringles*
me: *brings phone to tub to check AO3 anyway*
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The 3 important B’s

All of us.

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Hey guys, sign my guestbook. // Please do not repost nor remove captions.
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@versighing this remind you of something…?

I feel this on an intimate level. @blackkatmagic lol

*coughs sheepishly*
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honestly no fandom drama fazes me anymore. I have been so desensitized. I joined online communities when I was nine and I am now twenty. I have seen everything. several times over. every fandom is the same. every last one. I have seen the same eyes in different people and they’re all going to hell

It takes some people years to find them. The ones who are completely indifferent. The one who know that No Fandom Is Different, that we’re all just scrabbling for a reason Why and pasting the blame for the problems on This Group for their Bad Behavior.

Fourteen-year-olds will lecture college graduates on why their fave relationship is canon and why you’re an Immature Little Bitch for disagreeing. Mothers of two kids will harass newbies over having the Wrong Opinions. No one is safe from the Discourse and the Wank, no one but the legendary longtime fans.

They are there to enjoy themselves, and enjoy the presence of those like them. They are nearly impossible to suss out, but once you find one you find everyone like them. Unbothered by the vocal minorities that campaign against certain actors and unruffled by anonymous hate messages, these are the sages, the ones who have gone through so many reincarnations of the same bullshit that they have achieved Enlightenment, and no longer engage in the constant ebb and flow of fan discontent and harassment.

And you will find, once you have found a small haven of these longtime fans, that you are learning from them. You are like them more and more with every day, absorbing their calm distance from the rage of wank and making peace with its inextinguishable presence.

One day, you too will be seated at the top of the mountain, enjoying both canon and fanfiction undisturbed, and a small newcomer with sunglasses and a gray face will approach and ask how you do it.  How do you ignore the constant hate and drama?

You will remember the days of ‘your fave is problematic’ and that time you got anon hate for a week straight, and you will shake your head and say, ‘I got over it.’

I love this so much. I aspire to this. :)

Me in fandom nowadays:

huhSo that’s what’s happening to me


Yep, I’ve been dealing with this shit for like…18 years??? If you need a chill-fandom-zone feel free to join me on top of the mountain lol

After living on this earth for forty years and 5 days, I have finally reached this enlightened Zen state.

I am one with the fandom, and the fandom is with me.
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Dear fanfic authors and fanartists, you’re doing fine.

I aspire to this level of reckless self-confidence
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Probably easier to read if you click through it, idk


I’m the one in the background holding the bag of angst…so very hopefully and full of love.


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