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I had to give the fox AU a try ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

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happy halloween! ✨

i wrote some vampire kylo (◡‿◡✿)

It’s the feeling of a cold presence leering over him that rouses Hux from sleep.

He knows he hasn’t been asleep for too long, and feels more than reluctant to open his eyes but he does, seeing the strong silhouette of his vampire looming over his sleeping form. Hux blinks slowly as the mattress dips underneath Kylo’s weight as he sits down on the edge of the bed, his hip touching Hux’s.

“What time is it?” Hux asks, sitting up slightly to try and look at the clock on his bedside table.

“12:44am. I know, I’m sorry,” Kylo replies, sliding his cold hand up to cup Hux’s cheek, rubbing softly over his sharp cheekbone, though his hand doesn’t stay there for long. Slowly, and menacingly, his fingers slide down to the pulse point on the underside of Hux’s jaw, caressing it with his cold fingers. “But I’m hungry.”

Hux groans, rubbing his eyes. Even the thought of Kylo feeding from him again makes the healing wounds on his arms and neck throb, anticipating being pierced by Kylo’s fangs. But Hux owes the vampire his life; this is his penance.

“Fine. Arm or neck?” Hux asks, pushing himself up onto his elbows, only to feel Kylo’s strong hand push him back down.

“Neck,” the vampire replies, moving to straddle himself over Hux’s slim hips, his wild and dark hair falling in front of him like a cursed waterfall.

Hux swallows hard, feeling slightly crushed by Kylo’s dead weight atop of him, but he doesn’t voice his discomfort. There’s something about his vampire that never fails to lure Hux back in until he’s begging to be drank from, begging to be the only one to satiate Kylo’s hunger. He needs to be told how good he is, how good he tastes…but Hux would never admit that he gets off on it. He doesn’t doubt that Kylo would whisk him away to his hideout and transform him into a permanent blood slave.

Kylo’s cold lips engulf Hux’s in a rough kiss, a tremble of anticipation spreading across Hux’s skin.

“Relax,” Kylo whispers, dragging his fangs back across Hux’s bottom lip, drawing blood, lapping it up with a flick of his tongue. “My good boy.”

Hux moans, feeling overcome with the excitable desire to be used for Kylo’s needs. He allows his head to fall to the side, his heart pounding furiously in his chest, his blood flowing rapidly through his veins.

“Say it,” Kylo orders, moving agonisingly slowly towards a soft spot on Hux’s neck.

“Taste me,” Hux begs, arching his back. “Drink from me. I’m yours, Ren. Please.”

Kylo gives a low chuckle before he swipes his tongue across an attractive spot on Hux’s jugular, tasting his skin before biting down harshly with his sharp fangs. Hux grits his teeth to suppress his cry as he feels blood flow from the wound, but his body is pinned down underneath Kylo’s abnormally strong body, his thin hips stuck between Kylo’s knees. The vampire sucks him, lapping at the fresh wound on his neck, nipping and caressing the skin to stimulate the flow of Hux’s blood.

“My delicious boy,” Kylo croons, lifting his head for a moment, his pale lips covered in crimson.

Hux swallows hard. Kylo’s eyes have turned an ominous shade of red, as though his irises themselves have filled with blood. He stares down at Hux, teasingly running his tongue over his dripping fangs.

“I’m here to serve you,” Hux says, knowing how much the vampire appreciates the power play between them. “My Lord. My Master. Please. Feed from me.”

“Mm, my beautiful human,” Kylo says before going back to lap at the wound, suckling with a ferocious need, and Hux finds his own breaths synchronising with Kylo’s sucks, aiding his own blood flow. “So good for me.”

Hux moans, feeling his consciousness beginning to waver, black creeping in on his vision.


“Ssh, I know, Hux,” Kylo whispers, climbing off of Hux’s shaking body and opens the drawer, pulling out a cleansing wipe and a plaster. He swabs the wound clean before sticking the pale plaster over the bite marks in an identical repeat of their routine.

Hux lifts his hand to Kylo’s cheek, brushing his knuckles against his freezing skin.

“Sleep, my precious Hux,” Kylo breathes, taking hold of the human’s limp hand and kissing it gently before  lowering it back down onto the bed. “You’ve served me well.”

Hux smiles, his body and mind obeying Kylo’s wishes, drifting into a deep sleep, unknowing that his vampire stays to watch over his copper jewel until dawn.
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imagine Hux’s personal journal being like

Entry #27Master Kylo Ren came on board today. I dislike him immensely.

Entry #54 Ren destroyed one of the navigation consoles on the bridge today. Impertinent child.

Entry #78Supreme Leader Snoke has informed me that Ren is a joint commander of the ship and that threatening to throw him out of the airlock is inappropriate behaviour.

Entry #97I saw Ren’s face for the first time. Disgusting, just like the rest of him. His deep, brown eyes are the worst.

Entry #123We fucked. I showed him who’s in charge.

Entry #140 Ren is going on a three month mission tomorrow. I’d tell him that I’m going to miss him but that would be lying.

Entry #145It’s quiet without him.

Entry #150I don’t miss him.

Entry #159I find my concentration elusive.

Entry #170I don’t miss him.

Entry #183I don’t miss him.

Entry #190I miss him.

Entry #200I wonder if he misses me. Unlikely.

Entry #218Ren came home today. He marched straight past me without saying a word. I haven’t felt that much pain since I shattered my fist hitting a wall when I was 19.

Entry #219He was on his knees in my quarters. Said he sensed my desire for him to come back. I kissed him. He kissed me.

Entry #223Master Kylo Ren has been on board the Finalizer for 196 days. I love him immensely.
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But imagine Kylo using bastard as an insult (because he doesn’t know. He doesn’t know the General’s best kept secret)

And it shouldn’t bother Hux. It shouldn’t. It shouldn’t because it’s all he heard at the Academy. He tucked that part of him well away.

It shouldn’t bother Hux but he absolutely punches that son-of-a-bitch (since they’re apparently doing parental slurs now) in the mouth.
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Three months after being promoted to general and gaining access to all First Order personnel files, Hux “accidentally” deleted his file, and oh no his first name is no longer on file due to an “error”

The question now is: what is his middle name?
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tfw when your bf ruins all of the credibility you built these last 30 years at work
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oh I’m so glad you like it!!

and wow, prepare yourself for some hux angst (exiled hux gifset here!)

Exiled Hux would be so dangerous

Think he was merciless when he was a General? Wait until he’s had to fight for everything he’s got including the clothes on his back and the blaster in his hand, reducing himself down to nothing but flesh and bones, rebuilding himself until everything he owns on this little frozen planet, he’s fought for.

He’s had everything taken from him for mistakes that weren’t even his. Starkiller wasn’t his fault; Phasma lowered the shields, Kylo let the oscillator be blown up from the inside, Kylo let Rey and Finn escape, none of this was his fault but because Starkiller was under his command, he’s first in line for execution.

But one day, when Hux looks out of the cracked window of his hut, he sees a familiar shuttle approaching and his heart freezes over because this isn’t what he wanted, he wanted to be alone, everyone else has abandoned him, everyone else is his enemy…even Kylo, the one who Hux thought was different.

And suddenly Kylo is walking towards him, clad in black, looking like some sort of grim reaper in the crisp white background of the snow, come to save Hux from his agonising misery (but honestly Hux would never beg for death, it’d be too easy to do that).

Kylo talks quickly, claiming to have killed Snoke for Hux’s safety, that the First Order needs a ruler and Kylo knows that Hux should be at the helm. ‘Emperor Hux,’ Kylo says. Hux feels nothing.

Hux doesn’t want to see Kylo, he doesn’t want to go back into the regime that cast him aside after everything he’d done for them. He’s no longer a part of anything, no longer associated with the First Order, or with Kylo Ren. They’ve all betrayed him.

Because the ice and snow and freezing temperatures of the planet that he’s been abandoned on is nothing compared to the bitterness and the frigid anguish that’s been swelling inside of him in a cold storm for the entire time he’s spent alone, alone in his own mind, driving himself to survive, to prove them wrong.

But then Kylo takes his mask off and Hux feels warm for the first time in a long time and it takes all of his energy to keep his cold scowl on his face, forcing back the memories of hearing Kylo cry out ‘NO!’ when Snoke had given the order for Hux to be exiled, the memories of seeing Kylo reach out for him as Hux is dragged away by guards before being forcefully knocked unconscious and dumped on this frozen wasteland.

It’s too late for apologies, Hux thinks. He’s being punished for Kylo’s mistakes. And Kylo allowed this to happen. Kylo could go anywhere, be anyone, and Hux is in purgatory, existing and not living. It isn’t fair.

But when has life ever been fair, Armitage?

But to Hux, this feeling of having to earn the right to live and survive is familiar to him; he’s done this before under the callous gaze of his father and other imperials who were expecting so much from him, too much.

He’ll always fight, claw at the ground and fight with everything he’s got just so he can call himself Hux and not just Armitage.
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General Hux + Darth Vader’s lightsaber

im sure this has been done somewhere but i like the idea of the First Order getting a hold of Vader’s saber.

i imagine the second Hux brings that lightsaber onto the Finalizer, Ren is just hunting it down like a mad dog. he doesn’t exactly know what it is but there’s something that keeps driving him to Hux’s office door and he wants it, he wants it so BADLY. too bad hux refuses to let him in (where the lightsaber is kept safe). after several failed attempts to break into his office, i think at some point hux just makes ren get on his knees and beg to get in his office before he discovers it. 

oh ren, you poor bastard you.


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