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(AN: I know very little of deaf/mute culture or of sign language; it is not my intent to misrepresent/insult anyone, and I earnestly apologize if I have accidentally done so)

It’s not sentiment. It’s practicality. Law glares at the flash cards in his hands, eyes flickering to one side as he double-checks the battered book he had ‘borrowed’ from the local library.

The gestures are unexpectedly hard - not in terms of physical strain, but in their sheer unfamiliarity. Law has to think about each movement, and that translates into hesitation and an inadvertent clumsiness - he doesn’t like it. It’s a little like learning to write - or so he tells himself; building up muscle memory is the hardest part of the entire endeavor, and Law doesn’t particularly care for it.

Also, there’s the fact that Corazon actually doesn’t know sign language. Of all the sheer idiocy… Yes, he can communicate by writing, but what if he’s in a position where he doesn’t have access to ink and paper? What if he’s in the middle of a fight, and doesn’t have time to write anything down?

Law actually has to teach the idiot what gesture means what - thus, the flash cards. And the homework. And the pop quizzes when Law confronts the older man to see if Corazon actually has done his assignments. (He usually hasn’t).

It’s enough to make Law want to stab him. Again.


Ten years down the line, and Law’s fingers fall into the old shapes and patterns with all the grace of long familiarity. Ten years down the line, and he gestures, soundless, a pattern of commands that his enemies stare at, uncomprehending, even as the Heart Pirates rally to his instructions.

Ten years down the line, and he still remembers the first thing Cora-san ever Signed to him, large, fumbling fingers finally curling into comprehensible shapes.

I love you.
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In no particular order and probably incomplete( there are so many written works):

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Riskua’s saves Ace out of the water 

Luffy introduces Ace… 

Riskua teaches Ace how to dance 

Garp wants Risace because grandkids 

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Ch41 An out of perspective preview 


Riskua grows up with Mihawk AU: At Swords Points Part 1, At Swords Points Part 2

At the battle of the best…

Mistaken as Mihawk’s daughter

Makino, Mihawk’s POV

Birthday present

Awkward talks

Soulmate Name AU: Part 1

Memory Lane: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

The High School AU

Wings AU: Part 1, Part 2

Hogwarts AU: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Mihawk shows up

Art Student AU: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7


Whitebeard prepares for war?  

Whitebeard’s list

Whitebeard likes Riskua

Whitebeard and Sabo

Mihawk shows up at the Moby

Shanks shows up at the Moby

Riskua and Sabo meet Whitebeard

Garp is sad because his brats aren’t Marines: Garp finds out about Ace’ bounty, here, and here

Portgas D. Edward: here and here, 

I was gonna lead the war


Three Sheets to the Wind: Part 2, Part 1

Marineford marriage: The Wedding, Dadan’s POV, Shanks’ what the hell

Run Kiss: Garp’s POV, The coalition of risace…, The kiss, Also the kiss, Ace’ POV


Sabo is worried

Sabo working his way through the Whitebeard pirates

Sabo is misunderstood


Sabo finds out about Law and Riskua

Ch35 Sabo’s POV

They are oblivious Idiots, Law witnesses

Marines try to break up Risace I

Marines try to break up Risace II

Scheme #34, failure


Raowl and 5yo Riskua, Raowl 

Riskua’s book: here, here, here, here, Mihawk publishes the stories

Shanks being overprotective


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Get the Den Den

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What ifs

Risace merch

Shanks reacts to his grandchild

You’ve lost MY LITTLE GULLY?

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Ace forgot about Mihawk

Shanks and Mihawk

Doesn’t like Ace

Red Hot Spots: here, Tell me how that feels


She wears sunlight well

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Post sexy-times NSFW

Law swaps their hearts

Jealous Riskua

Jealous Ace

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Never have I ever

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Yu-Gi-Oh: Something’s Off

Flight oft he Albaltross: 

A Pair of Aces: Part 1, Drabble, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

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And more by @fanfiction-by-abalisk​: here


Red Hot Revolution: Koala pushing Risace and Sabo together by @rboooks​

Tell it to the Barista by @silencia20​

Meeting Her – A TittM AU by @nordictwin​

Weird things happened when Eddy…

Riskua died, Luffy’s reaction by @bluediva​

Risace and Baby Names by @bluediva​

I Just Can’t Wait to Be (Pirate) King by anonymous

The Princesses of the World and the Prince of the Universe by @jay345sal28​

Law draws conclusions by @ladyteldra​

In Time

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The world around, just for a millisecond, seems to numb. All sound is sucked out of the atmosphere itself. All Sabo can hear is the crack of his boots on the stone below, and blood pulses through his ears like war drums in his mind. Every cell in his body aches, but he pushes on. It’s been a long journey to get here, peppered with storms and regret, and the young revolutionary can’t remember the last time he slept. He certainly doesn’t feel like the strong revolutionary he is in this tired, young body. In this world, he comes as a brother, not a soldier.

Heavy breathing. Blonde hair heavy with sweat falls into Sabo’s eyes, and he shoves another body out of the way so hard that they don’t get back up again. Ahead, shrouded in dust and smoke, Luffy has fallen to the ground – he doesn’t look the same as he did when Sabo last saw him. His chest is unscarred, eyes filled with horror, shoulders shaking. Alone on the ground, Luffy seems so small in comparison to the Pirate King that he was when his brother last laid eyes on him at the execution stand. His little brother looks young; too young to be in this war, too young to have to watch what’s about to happen.

No. Sabo won’t let it happen again, not this time. Screw timelines, screw what this might mean for the world. He had a chance to go back and change things. His devil fruit – Ace, living on somehow through Sabo’s own blood – didn’t approve. Neither did Dragon. Sabo doesn’t care. His mind has been overtaken by some alien force, a thirst for the thing he’s been missing for the decade since Ace’s death. A thirst to change things.

Sabo pushes this lean, twenty-year old body harder. The world is still numb, strangely quiet, as if drawing breath as it watches on. The weight of everything Sabo has ever wished for weighs heavily on his shoulders. This is it. This is the moment where the timeline changes. Ace lunges forward. Luffy’s eyes, brown reflecting magma and fire, widen. Sabo takes a flying leap, coat flaring out behind him, just as Akainu raises his fist.

Everything speeds back up.

Sabo barrels into his brothers with enough force to send them both flying back but makes sure to wrap an arm around each, blood singing in his veins. Ace yells out, pushing back against Sabo with rage in his eyes, and the heat radiating harshly from him is tangible. Luffy is limp at the blonde’s other side, and Sabo’s eyes are too blurred to see his face properly. Heat explodes behind them. The Red Dog is angered, magma pouring from him copiously, but his moment is over. Sabo did it. He took his chance, and the world feels like it’s shifting before his very eyes. There’s no going back now.

“Made it on time!”

The yell escapes from his throat before he can stop it, something between a victory cry and a threat. The battlefield is silent for a split second, and Sabo can hear his voice echoing through it over and over, a reinforcement of his own success. Of Ace’s survival. At the distinctive Grey Terminal lilt that laces the ex-noble’s voice, Ace freezes, a strange expression overthrowing the anger on his face. Luffy’s eyes widen, filling with hope and elation.

All three brothers hit the ground, hard. The world comes back to Sabo in a rush like a tsunami, and suddenly they’re running again, Ace and Luffy stumbling and yelling, both confused as to what’s happening but elated at what they just heard. Heat pushes at Sabo’s senses, so intense that panic floods his veins like a drug, and for a second he sees the boat burning around him. Then, it’s gone. The battlefield replaces everything from the past, and surprisingly, the young man is glad for it. Let this war encompass him. If it means Ace lives, so be it – war will come and go, but Sabo will never have another change like this again. Nothing is going to stop him.

“Who the hell are you?!” Ace asks as they run, surprisingly following Sabo. He looks shaken, as if coming so close to losing Luffy just now rattled him to the core. His voice is uncertain, eyes just as hopeful as Luffy’s now, and Sabo’s heart wrenches when he realises that somehow, deep down, they recognise him.


Luffy’s voice is small in Sabo’s ear, torso shuddering against his back. All his fight is gone. Sabo doesn’t recall slinging him onto his back but he must’ve, maybe when the first starting running. Everything is one pulsing, thronging blur. Travelling ten years back in time must be messing up his head.

Ace’s breath hitches, and his head spins around so fast that his neck must ache. His eyes meet Sabo’s for the first time, and he stumbles for a second, caught off guard. For the first time since Sabo arrived here, he can see that ten-year old kid shining out of Ace’s eyes. Too young to take on the world and wearing his big dreams like medals of honor; questioning whether he should be alive; hurt, but still hoping for something bigger than himself.

“Sabo?!” Ace’s voice breaks. Behind them, two of Whitebeard’s commanders clash with Akainu in a supernova of light and sound.

Against his will, Sabo feels tears spring into his eyes, and a grin stretches across his face even as they fall. Ahead of them, the ocean is just visible, wide and true. “I’ve missed you both,” he chokes out, and they run together still. Ace seems to have stopped even breathing. Around them the battle rages on, and Sabo feels horribly exposed without his pipe.  “I missed you so much.”

Maybe this time, Sabo can stop the execution of the second pirate king before it happens, too. Maybe both Luffy and Ace will survive this time, if he just plays his cards right. Maybe Sabo and his brothers can stay together and stay alive. Maybe, just maybe, he really did change the timeline for good.

A tired cheer roars through the Whitebeard Pirates as they join the three brothers, unknowing of who Sabo is but uncaring. Ace and Luffy are still in shock, disbelieving and confused, but Sabo can see the eldest of the trio as his face begins to light up. It’s like watching the sun come out. Luffy’s arms tighten slightly around him, sluggish and weak but filled with affection, and for the first time in a long time, Sabo has no regrets. He has his brothers.

Maybe time-travel wasn’t such a bad idea.

Okay so I saw that you really loved the asl pic in the magazine so I just had to write this little thing (mostly just to get out of writer’s block lmao). I hope you like it! 




*deep breathing*

It’s perfect, the setting of the atmosphere at the beginning is great, and the way Sabo indicates that in his future BOTH OF THEM are executed is so painful, and all the while his hope and determination shine through until he saves them and all that ASL pain and hope and love become evident through their looks and I missed you so much and Luffy’s tired hug and beautiful sunny smile and the tear. This was so touching, thanks for sharing, I’m still crying and dying a bit.

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Law collects commemorative coins. I’m going to cry.

Honestly, I think the most shocking thing here is X Drake and his hobby of “Astrophysics”… 

@justm3h @midnightluck
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Thank you for your comments, and I’m glad you enjoyed the story so much~

The same thing bothers me as well, which is entirely the reason why I had her sacrifice her powers. 

Bleach suffers from what I like to call “Toriyama syndrome” (the mangaka for Dragonball, and the most widely cited person to inspire other mangaka) where the story is only driven by the concept of “stronger stronger stronger” with really no end in sight, so you get these ridiculous battles of “hold on let me power up/show you my secret technique.”

This is a big Shonen anime trope and one that while One Piece does employ, it’s not so much on a grand scale or the entire driving force of the story. Having characters with so many different types of Devil Fruits and other powers makes each arc interesting and unique in their own way, sometimes even forcing the characters to get creative to defeat their opponents… Whereas in Bleach it’s literally “I just need to be stronger than you” for the entire manga. (And none of the villains have much of a unique quality… except for the Fullbringers power-wise, but nobody liked them anyway.)

Thus any crossover with Bleach or others like it, needs to have those characters nerfed, otherwise the story would be just one blast away from “I win at everything.”
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you are putting a lot more thought into this than I did, sorry? tbh  that drabble didn’t go where I’d intended at all so, uhhhhhhhhhh…

Only whitebeard would know, I guess? Depends how old Marco is/how in tune he is with his instincts. Maybe he looks at Ace and thinks fey, but no one would think god. Still, in all the stories, gods have the power to pull up the deserving and make them into constellations, so.

idk where sabo is, get back to me on that.

I was kind of thinking Luffy and the Strawhats were gods, too? Like, happily kicking around the heavens, having adventures and watching the mortals but oh but what if–

what if it’s that Luffy is the youngest, but he’s the god of adventure and freedom (and gluttony), and keeping him all locked up in heaven, looking down at the seas and watching over everyone who has adventures, is about the cruelest thing that can possibly be done?

For his coming of age, they gift him a ship. He cries with joy, and everyone cries with him because it’s such a strong, pure emotion. That’s the thing about paradise, isn’t it? There’s no need for anything besides peace, and the depth and honesty of the feeling can’t be denied.

So Luffy doesn’t saunter down, like Ace eventually will. He barrels down, he jumps, he freefalls and loves every second because it’s all new and isn’t that amazing???

The Going Merry is magic, because of course it is. Every god deserves a chariot, and there’s none that ever was or shall be as faithful as the Going Merry. It is made strong, to live and last, and she learns to love, because who can’t learn to love, bathed in joy as she always is?

And her captain, her hero, her god and her hero, he loves her back, and together they go forth. Luffy finds the lost, the lonely, the broken, the outcasts, the deserving, and he gathers them up. He brings them together and creates something new, and even the gods look down in breathless awe because there hasn’t been anything new since they ascended.

He gathers a family and he claims them, though he doesn’t know it. He binds them to him by deed and word and love, and his tithes are always paid in blood.

Because, see, the thing about Luffy is, he accepts you for what you are and loves so fully, that you can never be anything less than the truest, best version of you. He makes you strive to be better, not because you ask what would Luffy do but because you ask what would Luffy want me to do? And the answer to that is always, exactly as you please, but you push past it to achieve your dreams because you can’t possibly do less.

And when one day he says, I’m homesick, or if one day he says, they’re calling, or if maybe it’s more like, let’s go to heaven!, well, his crew nods and smiles and swears to follow him anywhere.

Of course you will, he says, and never doubts, and faith and fealty are stronger than logic, so the Going Merry takes flight and everyone holds their breath, even the gods.

And they hit the horizon, and then they hit heaven, and then they keep going.
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Haha, thanks! Glad you’re enjoying it! Law is actually a big part of this. He’s one of the strongest Scouts, actually, after Venus, due to circumstances. For the same reason, he also learned to be well careful about his fire, though, because Mars is fueled by passion and Law has a lot of that!

He and Ace don’t really get off to the best start, unfortunately. Law is unimpressed by his introduction and frankly appalled by the half-baked nature of Ace’s plans. Then they require a distraction, at some point, and, well. Let’s just say a firestorm is very distracting~
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Haha, thanks! Glad you’re enjoying it! Law is actually a big part of this. He’s one of the strongest Scouts, actually, after Venus, due to circumstances. For the same reason, he also learned to be well careful about his fire, though, because Mars is fueled by passion and Law has a lot of that!

He and Ace don’t really get off to the best start, unfortunately. Law is unimpressed by his introduction and frankly appalled by the half-baked nature of Ace’s plans. Then they require a distraction, at some point, and, well. Let’s just say a firestorm is very distracting~


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The HP/OP crossover that no one asked for. (Otherwise known as I’m clearing out my notes so have some pre-written stuff to read while I’m on break)

“You want to make a deal?” 

Harry stares at this strange man, the first to ever find his island, the first capable of reaching the shores of his home. 

The man who is slowly making his way into the clutches of Harry’s dear friend, his servant and companion. 

“If I come three years early, give me three minutes in the future!” 

“Only three minutes? Whatever for?” 

He’s interesting, this man. He’s got a kind of charisma that showcases nothing but open honesty. 

He’s the kind of man Harry might have willingly followed in his mortal life. 


There’s no impact. 

Ace is braced for it, he’s looking his startled little brother in the eye. 

Keep reading


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