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When you want to draw something for MerMay, but also for Star Wars Day. 

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Padme funeral costume

“This is my favorite painting that I’ve ever done for the whole prequel trilogy. I was there when Padme was born as a character, and now I was burying her. The flowers are tears.” (Iain McCaig)

Or when the moon was overhead,
Came two young lovers lately wed:
“I am half sick of shadows,” said
      The Lady of Shalott.

- The Lady of Shalott, Alfred Lord Tennyson.
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“The Elizabeth Taylor Ceremonial Cape from Cleopatra is an ornately designed piece made of thin panels of gold-painted leather adorned with hand-stitched gold bugle beads, seed beads and bead-anchored sequins.”

From the 1963 film.

I want this fucking cape

JFC. Think of how many hours went into this. Costumers don’t get nearly enough credit.

Well, now I know how I’m getting my dragon wings done. 

Can you imagine Padme wearing something like this?
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#asketchaday senator amidala & senator kenobi

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Poor Anakin wouldn’t stand a chance…

But he would be so happy to lose… so so happy to lose…

“What do you mean we have to attend the peace summit?” Anakin blurted out in the middle of his and Ahsoka’s latest mission assignment. “I’m not a diplomat and Ahsoka is a Padawan! Surely there’s someone else better suited for this task!”

“Perhaps,” Yoda hummed, a twinkle in his eye. “But personally requested, you were. Refuse, we cannot. To the summit you will go, Master and Padawan. Protect the Senators you will.”

Ahsoka looked up at at Anakin and then back at Masters Yoda and Windu. “Senators? There’s two of them? Does that include their entourages too?”

Anakin had a sudden, horrible sinking feeling in his gut and he found he was having trouble swallowing.

Oh no. Not them. Anything but them.

“That is correct, Padawan Tano,” Mace Windu nodded, a slow movement of acknowledgement. “Senators Amidala and Kenobi have assured us that they are traveling with minimal staff and at least one security agent apiece. I see no reason why this task is beyond your capabilities, Skywalker.”

Anakin closed his eyes and realized he was clenching his jaw. He forcibly willed his body to relax. “That isn’t… That is not my primary concern, Masters. It’s just… Senators Amidala and Kenobi are… well… They’re unorthodox to say the least.”

Ahsoka nearly burst out laughing but managed to cover it with a well placed cough. She wondered if Anakin heard himself and if he did, how he was able to keep talking with a straight face.

“And they often put others around them in danger in their pursuit of justice and… democracy,” Anakin finished lamely, already knowing the die of fate had been cast and he was going to have to chase those two kriffing idealists all over the mountains of Alderaan, trying to keep them both safe and in one piece.

“Is that so?” Yoda asked, chuckling behind his gimer stick as Mace Windu just rolled his eyes. “Then excellent choice, you and your Padawan are. Lovely place to visit, Alderaan is this time of year.”

“Yes, Masters,” Anakin muttered as he and Ahsoka bowed. “We’ll depart immediately.”

Although he swore to himself that if Kenobi or Amidala tried to kiss him again, he was not going to kiss them back this time. No. He was a Jedi and he was virtuous and dedicated to the Order. He had a Padawan to set an example for after all!

No. He was most definitely not going to let those two infernal sirens from Mandalore and Naboo seduce him into another dark corner where they could have their wicked, delicious way with him.

Nope. That was not going to happen this time.

When Anakin found himself tucked away in a dark corner hidden behind a monumentally tall column and equally long fall of dark velvet curtains, somehow caught between Senator Kenobi and Senator Amidala, trapped in a passionate three way embrace, he told himself that this time didn’t count.

Next time, next time, he would somehow manage to tell them “No”.

Yes. This didn’t count and since he’d already kriffed up, what harm would it do to enjoy himself for just a little bit longer? Especially when Kenobi was so strong and Amidala was so soft?

Next time… yeah, next time.
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…I was slightly disappointed at first that Darth Vader and Cat were not featured. Then I realized that he would probably share custody of Padme’s cat (who IS featured).

Then I realized: Padme is depicted as having a black cat with gold eyes.

Padme’s cat IS Darth Vader.

@darthrevaan who, like me, loves imagining various characters transformed into cats.

All I can think of is those stories where [character’s] beloved cat inexplicably turns into a handsome young man overnight because their fairy godmother waved her magic wand

In other words, I love it

…you know me. Any talk of any of our favorite OT3 somehow gets wrangled into a *real* OT3 in my head (long live obianidala!)

…I now have the mental image of cat!Anakin dragging home a scruffy!homeless!cat, because - because Anakin’s *Anakin*, even though he’s a cat, and this poor scruffy cat obviously needed help - cat!Anakin watched him for a while after he became aware that there was another cat in the neighborhood, and everything bad that could happen seemed to happen to this poor cat.

The first time cat!Anakin saw him, Scruffy was running away from dogs. He managed to escape them by getting stuck in a tree. No one rescued him/got him out of the tree - cat!Anakin checked, he was there for two days before he fell from the branch he was perched on, presumably out of hunger. Then Anakin found Scruffy going through the garbage bins next-door, only to be forced to run away *again* when the owner came out and started yelling at him. Then Anakin found him staring almost longingly at the children playing on the playground in the nearby park - only for two of the bullies to come after the poor cat and pick him up by the tail, heedless as the feline twisted and yowled and *screamed*, and no one came to help…

Anakin ended up pretty much dragging/bullying the poor cat to come back to Padme’s house with him.

…later on, Anakin gets turned into a human, and he and Padme live happily together, with Scruffy, their faithful cat, who has the mildest, sweetest temparmant or any cat (or person) they’ve ever met.

…it takes a series of *Very* implausible circumstances for them to figure out that ‘Anakin’s’ cat, the pet of a man who used to be Padme’s cat, is also a transformed human. (The irony!) This is complicated by the fact that Scruffy, who had an *infinitely* harder time then Anakin did, has pretty much forgotten his real (True) name (trauma and the mental equivalent of a two-by-four *directly* to the brain might do that to one) and, due to the aforementioned trauma, pretends very hard that he was never anything other *then* a cat. (It helps him cope).

(I’m thinking that somehow, in this ‘verse, instead of being killed by Palpatine, the Jedi were all turned into cats instead. …also, very few of them survived because they kept trying to be ‘people’ (and dying) and not ‘cats’.)

(…also, because people might object if Palpatine issues an order to officially Kill All The Jedi, but they’ll just think he’s weird/go along with it if he issues an edict to Kill All Stray/Ownerless Cats.)

The Jedi all being turned into cats that is perfect ha now I’m just imagining everyone waking up one morning like “where the hell did the Jedi go???”

Poor Obi-Wan, he’d try so hard to just blend in and catch space mice and find a nice family, but his life is pain apparently. Of course Anakin drags him home. How could he not - he’s Anakin.

Obi-Wan probably has to pretend very hard that he doesn’t remember anything when Anakin gets turned into a human, that he doesn’t remember the traumatic sensation of changing, of waking up in a strange and unfamiliar body and trying to learn how to survive. He has to try very hard not to remember what it feels like to be human, all the things he can now watch Anakin re-learning.

Until they find that fairy godmother again and get her to wave her wand over Obi-Wan….

Methinks that Obi-Wan has a touch of Librarian Syndrome (of Discworld fame!) Except rather then simply liking his new shape more, it’s more along the lines of a very poor response to PTSD - if he pretends he isn’t human, if he pretends that he wasn’t anything MORE, if he pretends that once upon a time he *wasn’t* safe and cared for and not hungry and warm, it hurts that much less.

Honestly, Palpatine was probably able to spin it as the Jedi ‘abandoning the Republic’. And, to be honest, no one really would have thought to connect the sudden expansion of the Republic’s feral cat population with the disappearance of the Jedi - Palpatine’s crackdown on the rampart cat problem and his insistence on *drastically* shortening the time period homeless animals could be held by animal shelters before being put down would not have been connected with the sudden and complete absence of Force-Users. (Let’s face it, we all knew he was Evil.)

Obi-Wan probably thought that he was hallucinating after cat!Anakin dragged him to Padme’s house. His interactions with other cats probably consisted of them running him off their territories, so he was startled when the bigger black cat not only did *not* try and hurt him, but took him someplace warm and safe and started taking *care* of him. And suddenly, he has food, he has a soft place to sleep (Padme lets them sleep on her *bed*. Oh, how long since he last slept on an actual *bed*?) and the black cat tries to feed him and curls up with him and purrs with him all the time. To be honest, he’s probably the happiest he’s been in - just about as long as he lets himself remember.

Personally, I’m wondering how they found out that he wasn’t really a cat but another transformed human. And how *Anakin* would react to that knowledge.

Okay, but like, this is so perfect. And imagine if Obi-Wan weren’t quite so traumatised by everything:

Because Anakin, after he returns to his human self – of course he wants to help out the rest of the Order, right? So at one point Anakin and Padmé are brainstorming in the living room or something, and Anakin says, “I wish I could help them, I just don’t have any way – even when I was a cat, I couldn’t tell, you know? At least, I don’t think I could. I might – “

And then there is just. This resounding crash. So Ani and Padmé turn around, and there’s a vase shattered on the floor and Scruffy. And he’s just giving them that look, that universal cat look that says you are a fucking moron, but amped up to a thousand.

So Anakin chases him out of the room and cleans up the mess, because of course he doesn’t get it. But after the third time Scruffy breaks something – always when they’re discussing the conundrum of the Jedi-cats – Padmé starts to get it. Ani’s still being obtuse of course, trying to shoo Scruffy out of the room, but Padmé walks over to him, and looks him in the eye – his big, clever, kind eyes – and says, “Obi-Wan?”
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So you know this part of The Attack of the Clones:

Every time I see it. No matter how serious the gifset. My mind just keeps telling me that what is currently going though Anakin’s mind at this exact moment is:

“I had a dream like this once. If this ends up like my dream did tonight will be a very good night.”

Literally every single time, no matter what. That is what my brain tells me.

TBH, I think it’s plausible that that line of thought could be running through all of their minds simultaneously.
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Obi-Wan has a hard time choosing presents for Anakin and Padme, so he gets suggestions from Cody, Rex, and some of the other clones. They weren’t like anything he’s seen in Anakin’s Romantic Holos, but Padme loved her new blaster and Anakin took apart his new toaster droid three times, so the clones have good taste.


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