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“I go now to confront my worst enemy.” Darth Vex said, face taunt with unreleased tension. His hand curled loosely across his lightsaber in a gesture of self-comfort; Anakin stared, spoon practically dropping from his fist even as Shmi rested her forehead in her palm with a light groan.

“Really, Obi-Wan, must you?” The Butcher of Geonosis complained, an unexpectedly plaintive note in her voice. Anakin’s disbelieving gaze flickered between her mother and the curator of the Black Library; Vex ignored him, answering his line-aunt with a single stiff nod.

“Yes.” The Sith growled, fists clenching.


Shmi had pulled him aside after Darth Vex departed in an overly dramatic swirl of black robes, quietly suggesting that he might want to find some excuse - any excuse - to avoid the Jedi Temple for a few days. Just in case. Anakin had, accordingly, taken the first mission available and happily spend the following cycles enmeshed in Courscant’s black market district, tracing an antique ‘cultural artifact’ that a senator had reported as ‘missing’ earlier that week.

He might also have taken the opportunity to catch up on the status of the current illegal swoop-bike races. Just in case. One never knew what knowledge might come in handy later on.

As such, he was one of the lucky ones not to be present when Darth Vex, current curator of the Black Library and Archives, met face-to-face with Jedi Master, Joscasta Nu, current caretaker of the Jedi Archives.

Witnesses stated that they were extremely polite to one another.

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love me some sith!obi-wan


…I feel like the whole of tumblr just AUTOMATICALLY forwards you all of the sith!Obi-Wan works.
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Another lesbian Sith Obi-Wan, but this time more realistic and traditional, because Lord knows a consistent drawing style just isn’t what I’m into! 乁༼☯‿☯✿༽ㄏ
For her namesake @lesbiankenobi and also @imaginaryanon because, let’s be real, Wicked Thing is what got me drawing all this SW art in the first place, and boy has it just continued to escalate. Dog bless you both.

As a purveyor of Lady Obi-Wans (sadly none of the Sith Variety inspite of Darth Arulas’s best attempts) I heartily approve of this!

@deadcatwithaflamethrower @darthrevaan @morgynleri
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#asketchaday    dead sith lords have no business training homicidal ginger babies    (x)

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“Join me, Anakin”

@deadcatwithaflamethrower @norcumi @darthrevaan @dogmatix
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another sith!AU for your consideration:

  Sidious tries for a long time to nudge and persuade Anakin to Fall, but he’s not having any success, and he’s getting frustrated. So he takes a step back and asks himself: What could cause Skywalker to Fall? The demise of his mother wasn’t enough to push him over the edge, and sending him visions of Padme’s death hasn’t had the effect Sidious was hoping for, so who else in Anakin’s life could be used to manipulate him toward the Dark Side?

  Then he’s got it. Aha! Of course Obi-Wan is the logical alternative. And the man may appear to be a saint on the outside, but Palpatine knew him as a reckless, angry teenager, a Padawan not as far from Anakin’s temperament as he would like everyone to believe.

Keep reading
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Sith!Obi-Wan! Inspired by @imaginaryanon‘s amazing Wicked Thing! I found myself completely in love omgg

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Obi-Wan looked down. It would be a mercy to kill him. 

                                                                                  He was not feeling merciful.
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sith au fic idea: weird force shit pulls the sith versions of anakin, obi-wan, and ahsoka into canon during the clone wars

for some reason they can’t back until the war is over, so they end up bunking with the jedi after it’s confimed that they’re from another dimension and aren’t about to kill everyone

and the sith version of obi-wan freaks the order out the most because it’s nearly impossible to tell him apart from the jedi version

the sith version of anakin is noticeably more savage and impulsive, the sith version of ahsoka is cruel in a way the jedi version isn’t, and then there’s sith obi-wan

he speaks and talks and gestures like the jedi version, he has the same sense of humor, the only way to tell them apart is if he drops the glamour concealing the red of his eyes 

the jedi versions of ahsoka and anakin watch this man that looks like their master casually torture and kill and can’t help wondering how much darkness their obi-wan hides

If there is one thing Obi-Wan knows above all else, it is his own capacity for darkness. So when alternate Sith versions of Anakin, Ahsoka, and himself appear, he is the only one not phased. Beyond the reality of parallel universes making literally anything possible, the idea of Obi-Wan being a Sith is rather sensible. All it would have taken was a single step to the left –with Xanatos, or on Melida/Daan, or fighting Maul, or one of the hundred thousand other moments when Obi-Wan has felt himself tempted.

Anakin and Ahsoka are clearly not so comfortable with their darker selves and the Sith are likewise unnerved by their lighter counterparts. The four of them look to be on the precipice of a bloodbath purely on the basis of their differing Force alignments. Obi-Wan resists the urge to sigh. Everyone talks about Sith and Jedi, Dark and Light, as if they are separate species when really all of them are just fallible sentients doing whatever they think is right or necessary. Violence really isn’t necessary in this situation.

Obi-Wan glances over at his counterpart and they share an identical smile. Yes, his Sith self has clearly also come to the conclusion that they are hardly different at all. Certainly less divided than the two Anakins or two Ahoskas. It seems the cooler heads of the two Kenobis must prevail.

“For the sake of minimizing confusion, please call me Venge.”

“Of course, Darth Venge. But only if you call me Obi-Wan.”

“Certainly, Master Kenobi. Thank you for the tea.”

Four sets of eyes stare at them in horror.

(Just wait until the Council hears about this.)
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There are some wonderful dark-side!Obi-Wan Kenobi stories and AUs out there - I’ve read more then a few, and I’m constantly enraptured by the various depictions that exist in the fandom. Some of my favorites include the Sith!Obi-Wan that exists in the stories of deadcatwithaflamethrower and norcumi, doxmatix, and lectorel - our favorite Negotiator is battered, darkened, and Fallen, but still quintessentially *himself*.

Complete with snark.

Yes, to me the snark is a very important part of Obi-Wan Kenobi. I routinely refer to him as the Sassmaster in my tags.

…I think my appreciation of Sith!Obi-Wan Kenobi has reached critical mass, as prompted by the works of the authors I referenced above. I’m starting to generate dark-side!Kenobi bunnies of my own.

These include the following (free to a good home, if anyone feels like writing it!):

Anakin and Obi-Wan Kenobi are both captured by Sidious. In turn, Obi-Wan Kenobi’s precognition (notoriously cat-like; it does NOT come when it’s called, but acts up on its own volition) chooses this moment to slam the Negotiator with the knowledge that one of them is going to break beneath Sidious’s hands - one of them will Fall here. It is a fact, solid and immutable in the Force.

Rather then watch his one-time Padawan Fall to Darkness, Obi-Wan chooses to Fall in his stead.

His reasoning (somewhat garbled via the desperation of the moment as well as the pain of physical torture) is that, all things considered, it’s better for the Galaxy as a whole if he’s the one to Fall. A Sith Lord wielding Anakin’s raw power would be a catastrophe, something that could utterly annihilate - everything. He’s much less powerful. The damage will be mitigated. (And like hell is he going to let someone hurt *his* padawan like that. He’s had enough of losing people he loves).

The first indication Anakin has that something has gone drastically wrong is when Darkness shreds the cell door like tissue paper and he’s Force-shoved into a shuttle - only to turn back as the autopilot engages to see his Master watching him depart, eyes shining a brilliant, ferocious gold.

I kinda see this Sith!Obi-Wan not actively fighting the Jedi or the Republic but instead taking it upon himself to do what they can’t. He doesn’t represent the Order anymore; he’s not a peacekeeper, and there are suddenly so *many* things he can do. There are slave rings to dissolve (eradicate), there are corrupt politicians, smug in their own knowledge that they’re protected by a corrupt law - and there is the Sith Master Sidious to kill.

Now being written (or at least worldbuilt by) @norcumi as ‘Cleansing Fire’.
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Star wars AU:

where Obi-wan is the Sithlord, and pushes Anakin to the darkside.

I’m perfectly okay with this because Obi-Wan was also coincidentally always there when horrible things happened involving the Sith.

No I am not writing this I’m not I’m not- fuck

Good to know I am not the only one bitten.

It’s not like I haven’t written this enough as it is, oh nooo.

I’ve got it fiddling around in my brain. 

I don’t want to write it though.

…but Obi-Wan becoming the apprentice after TPM and then the master during RotS and then…


I got Obi the full-fledged Sith showing up in TPM, having never been a Jedi at all, and stabbing the fuck out of Maul because Bane’s line is making all the other Sith look bad.

I am so totally supposed to be doing other things right now.

no you should be doing this

this is good

“Qui-Gon…” Obi-Wan explained - or rather, didn’t explain - with a rueful smile at Anakin. “Well. We’ve disowned Dooku for being too… Overt.”

“Overt?” Anakin burst out, and his arm ached with the phantom of a burn.

“Red makes you far too obvious. Flashy will get you killed. Please sit back down, Anakin. If you’re going to be angry for some reason, the least you could do is attempt to focus it. Unfocused rage helps nobody and gets you nowhere. It certainly won’t save Padmé.”

Anakin felt his legs collapse from under him, which at least had the side effect of letting him sit down.


I wrote 14 pages of this last night.  *Facepalm*

Thought/question: what’s going on with Xanatos in this verse? (Esp. if you’re sticking with re-entry canon over Palpatine’s involvement in his fall.) Fake out to get him in position to do something? Went the same way as Dooku? Palpatine fucked with his head, resulting in Qui-Gon’s lineage going to war with Palpatine’s?

(Mostly, I’m picturing force ghost Xan, showing up in Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan’s dreams a few nights after his death. ‘That nerf-fucking son of a rancor messed with my brain, I’m going to haunt the shit out of the bastard,’ Xanatos swears, flopping down elegantly on a magically appearing lounging chair. ‘He tried to get me to kill you two in the unimaginative, melodramatic way possible, I’m insulted. I have much more class than that, you know that Master.’)

I just have so many *thoughts* about this ‘verse, I don’t even.

The idea of the existence of more then one Sith line is extremely compelling, and gives a texture and dimensionality to Dark Siders that is, in my admittedly amateur opinion, sorely needed with the Jedi’s dark counterparts. Most of the Sith that we see in canon, to a certain degree, two-dimensional - Dark Side = evil, and that’s - basically the entirety of it.

Darth Bane was pretty much the source material for ‘modern’ Sith. The idea of a Sith Line outside of his, with completely different teachings, is fertile grounds for worldbuilding - what would their philosophies be like? Their attitude towards the Jedi? Would they as well be bent on global domination, or have other, less obvious goals? Would they have infiltrated the Jedi Order itself long ago (thus giving a plausible excuse for Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan to be at the Temple if an author’s tastes run in that direction) or exist outside of it?

And the idea of the 'Temple’ Sith Line declaring war against Bane’s Sith Line is - well, it’s one thing Palpatine wouldn’t see coming!
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ON THE NIGHT SKY FANTASY: If there is a light in the dark, it is just the memory of stars in your mind with the moon as its backdrop. And like any good memory, you will know you have lost your mind when you love the memory more than what is in front of you.

This is lovely, and it reminds me so very, very much of Darth Vex, Sith Librarian.
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buckygreyjoy replied to your post:

on the other hand, though: borderline feral ripped af Dark Side Obi-Wan Kenobi in black leather while Anakin desperately tries to get through to him before one of them has to kill the other.


My mind is kinda going ‘mmmh yes good maybe we should write this’.

Like, Palpatine sweeping in and taking Obi-Wan off that hell hole Ventress left him in to die.

When he was trapped in the dark side mask and unable to feel anything or perceive anything.

And then just taking a step further and through some esoteric Dark Side technique ripping all that makes Obi-Wan himself out of his head, force-creating a bond between them that allows him to command Kenobi from distances.

Just stuffing him in black leather, slap a mask on his face, throw a hood over his hair and send him to Dooku “This is your new assassin, Darth Tyrannus, do put him at work”

Turning the tide of the Clone Wars into an even more horrific mess and bringing forth a desperate need for more clones.

While Anakin wallows in anger and fury for the death of his Master, while the clones who were so loyal to Obi-Wan now have to serve under other masters and can’t help but resent them, resent their inefficacy, resent the losses.

Resent and hate that damn monster in a mask who takes so many of their fellow clones lives, who turns planets dark, who is the bell of your doom brought to ring when you see him coming down the ramp of a ship.

And then Anakin finally meets him and he wasn’t supposed to meet him, but it’s Anakin and he does what he wants and not what he’s told and since they lost Kenobi he’s been wilder than ever, impossible to control if he thinks he has a trail to whoever took or killed his Master.

Anakin who hasn’t been Knighted because he never got over his conviction that Obi-Wan was alive, is alive, somewhere, still, never lost hope and burned incandescent to find him.

The mask is damaged, the mask comes off and everyone but the assassin freezes because they know those hair, now long and braided to the side, and they know that face and it’s not a cry, not one alone.

It’s “Master!” and “General!” and “Kenobi!” and golden eyes looking at them, a frown on the face, a voice, rough and scratchy and ruined and unused for so long, that rasps out in a low, high Coruscanti accent.

“Who the hell do you think I am?”

And then he’s swinging again, back in the fray, but Anakin cannot, Cody cannot, Rex cannot.

The shots go wide, they turn into warning shots, clone hesitate and pay the price and Anakin is screaming and begging and something, something cracks right there and then.

But the assassin still flees.

And now you have padawan Skywalker and the 212th and the 501st in pursuit and they are going to turn off their comms and they are going to stop at nothing.

Because they took their General, they took his Master and made him into a Sith mockery of the man but he is alive and they will get him back.

The Dark Side just fucked up royally.

Welcome to the glory that is Winter Soldier Obi-Wan!
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I wanted to draw @deadcatwithaflamethrower‘s Darth Venge in one of these outfits so I did, because Sith lords should look stylish and menacing.

@striketeamvengeance look that!!!!


(basically, this is awesome and shiny and pretttyyyy)


…although, for some reason, I can just see Venge fighting like hell to keep from being forced into one of those outfits. Maybe he needs to threaten/intimidate the holocrons/Force Ghosts of some Ye Old Sith, and part of that is looking the part of a ‘traditional’ Sith Lord, complete with menacing outfit - except Venge really doesn’t want to wear that, thank you.

Tannisen would, though, just because it’s not that fucking armor.

Oh, insert-deity-here, I now have the mental image of Tannisen dressing up like that before meeting some Jedi because he’s supposed to be a Menacing Sith Lord™ and he’s just enough of a troll to dress the part.
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I wanted to draw @deadcatwithaflamethrower‘s Darth Venge in one of these outfits so I did, because Sith lords should look stylish and menacing.

@striketeamvengeance look that!!!!


(basically, this is awesome and shiny and pretttyyyy)


…although, for some reason, I can just see Venge fighting like hell to keep from being forced into one of those outfits. Maybe he needs to threaten/intimidate the holocrons/Force Ghosts of some Ye Old Sith, and part of that is looking the part of a ‘traditional’ Sith Lord, complete with menacing outfit - except Venge really doesn’t want to wear that, thank you.


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