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I remember crying over you, not just a couple of beads of tears
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Look I would pay real currency to watch a series of Anakin and Obi-Wan’s couples counseling. The angst and the passive-aggressiveness and the “I’m fine it’s fine everything’s fine” “NO IT’S NOT OBI-WAN NOTHING IS FINE”. Or individual Jedi counseling.

Better: I want to watch the documentary/mockumentary made by a GFFA psychologist who embeds themselves with the Jedi Order to better understand how they can all be so chill and collected – What’s their secret? How can we all learn, from their example, to embrace serenity in our own lives? – who eventually, as the documentary wears on, comes to realize that THE JEDI ORDER IS COMPRISED ENTIRELY OF EMOTIONAL TRAINWRECKS.
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Padme funeral costume

“This is my favorite painting that I’ve ever done for the whole prequel trilogy. I was there when Padme was born as a character, and now I was burying her. The flowers are tears.” (Iain McCaig)

Or when the moon was overhead,
Came two young lovers lately wed:
“I am half sick of shadows,” said
      The Lady of Shalott.

- The Lady of Shalott, Alfred Lord Tennyson.
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…why am I thinking about Obi-Wan Catobi?

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Another lesbian Sith Obi-Wan, but this time more realistic and traditional, because Lord knows a consistent drawing style just isn’t what I’m into! 乁༼☯‿☯✿༽ㄏ
For her namesake @lesbiankenobi and also @imaginaryanon because, let’s be real, Wicked Thing is what got me drawing all this SW art in the first place, and boy has it just continued to escalate. Dog bless you both.

As a purveyor of Lady Obi-Wans (sadly none of the Sith Variety inspite of Darth Arulas’s best attempts) I heartily approve of this!

@deadcatwithaflamethrower @darthrevaan @morgynleri
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So, I just got a pretty weird idea about a fic I’m never going to write. Though, I present the prompt to your collective insanity to crackify it even more. 

@forcearama @albaparthenicevelut @lurkingcrow @resistancepilots @tygermama @asokatanos 

Imagine Knight Anakin Skywalker who was put on probation (something about blowing up a building, Obi-Wan, making things go boom is a legitimate strategy!). A part of his punishment is to teach a few lessons in the Créche. Anakin awaited a horribly booooring afternoon with a bunch of kiddies.

Well, it showed up that the lessons were on galactic politics and kid version about “Why the hell do we even fight a war.”

The thing is, that the only way Anakin knew anything about the legal side of politics was Obi-Wan’s unorthodox style of teaching via presenting his Padawan with completely surreal situations which he had had to analyse with laws.

Surreal situations such as seceding the Republic.

“Imagine, kids, that you really, really don’t like a thing. Like tubers for lunch.”


“Tubers, yuck!”

“We hate tubers!”

“We want ice-cream.”

“But they won’t give us any.”

“Exactly. Now, your caretakers won’t do anything about it despite your protests. So, you declare that you don’t find their authority beneficial anymore, and you write it down. That means that you don’t have to listen to them anymore, and you can do whatever you want. Well, at least what is legal in your new state.”

“How do you write the paper?”

“Well, everything that you need to know is in the Planetary Membership Act.” Anakin was proud he remembered the exact law. A couple of younglings rushed to the datapads. Aw, youth! Look at their enthusiastic lil’ faces!

When he came back the next day with Ahsoka for another lesson, the younglings surprised him when they locked the door behind. And barricaded it with the furniture.

He looked around the tiny forms, all of them beaming with self-satisfactory smiles. One of them, a little Twi’lek girl beamed with pride when she stepped to him, a piece of flimsy in her hands.

“Oh, no….” Ahsoka sighed. Anakin had no idea what was going on.

“Yes, little one?”

“We have declared a new state!” the girl said, handing him the flimsy. “Welcome to Créchestan, President Skywalker!”

“What the…” He eyed the flimsy. Oh force. Oh force.

“Well… At least you know how to write legally binding documents, don’t you,” he gulped.

Obi-Wan’s going to kill me.

and listen, anakin would love to pretend this never happened and never come back to the creche ever, but the younglings voted him PRESIDENT and got hold of his private comm line and are telling him to please be on time for our first session of Creche Parliament, master skywalker, we’re going to discuss stealing master fisto’s water slide— 

anakin can’t leave them alone, what if they hurt themselves!! and they refuse to see the council without anakin there, bc they don’t know the Laws And Things well enough. obi wan is having way too much fun, and enthusiastically volunteers anakin to be the Order’s official political liaison to Crechestan, and tells him 2 behave, bc you’re a political leader now, Ahhnakin, please act like one—

And you know ALL about political leaders, don’t you Obi-Wan, Anakin thinks loudly and aggressively. HOW’S MANDALORE THIS TIME OF YEAR. 

You know what would be even more hilarious?

a) Crechestan obstinately refusing to submit to the Jedi Council (remember, they’Ve barricaded themselves in the room and the Adults would make them do the boring stuff, which would be hooorible!)

b) Crechestan decides to inform the Galactic senate about their secession. So, the burden of informing Palpatine that the third floor of the Jedi temple broke from the Republic falls on Anakin. Palpatine thinks he’s joking.

c) Jedi decide to solve this insanity by playing by the kids’ rules. So they send the Negotiator. Cue an hour long discussion between him and Ahsoka about his travel permission, until they slip a visa through the crack under the door.

d) the visa is very lovingly made with flimsy and crayons and kiddie stamp

e) all of above

OBI WAN GETS A VISA TO CRECHESTAN THIS MAKES ME RIDICULOUSLY HAPPY. he carries it with him at All Times. he gets captured by dooku once and one of the battle droids pulls it out of his robes, and the resulting confusion and obi’s long-winded explanation is what helps him escape. he has to reapply for a new one, since it gets Ruined in the fight, but the Crechestan Immigration Office is only too happy to help (they knew master kenobi would make it out alive!)

can the 212th get visas too? waxer brings them the Best food and Boil helps carry the ice cream, so the younglings are p Amenable to the idea

Dooku’s Face when Obi-Wan explained that there is another secessionist movement made up entirely by a bunch of six-year-olds must have been a sight.

Of course he carries the visa all times! (Though the Crechestan’s emblem - neon yellow sun with a smiley face - doesn’t do well for his reputation of a fierce warrior)

The Clones will get visas too, but they have to pass an interview. (What is your stance on hugs? What is the best ice cream? Will you make me a plush toy?)

The council members are astonished, I say, astonished. Everything’s Kenobi’s fault. If he didn’t teach Skywalker in a such ridiculous way, none of this would happen!

(Do media get a wind about this? Of course they do… )

Anakin messages Padme about the whole situation and gets back a reply that she doesn’t feel right speaking to the elected ruler of a new country(?) without going through formal diplomatic channels first. (aka she’s laughing her ass off)
So Anakin, as President, and Original Child Character who was elected Ambassador send Padme a formal invitation for Lunch, Ice Cream and the Opening of Formal Diplomatic Relations.
It is a Momentous Occasion. Obi Wan and the Clones are invited.

:D The event of opening the diplomatic  channels between Crechestan and Naboo entered the history books as a Not Quite Sane Tea Party. They served tea (courtesy of Obi-Wan, as a goodwill of the Jedi Order), fuckton of cucumber sandwiches (the pinnacle of clones’ culinary art) and the first class naboo ice-cream. That one earned Padmé a double citizenship.

(The immigration officer is a glutton.)

The whole affair was aired on the holonet. When the bussiness companies got a wind of it, of course they showed a very deep interest in this new state’s tax policy.

(The kids have no idea what taxes are and Anakin was hitting his head on a wall in a mad attempt to wake up from this nightmare)

(Cue companies - all companies - from the Republic and the Confederacy - moving to this tax haven.)

Palpatine faces a very, very serious problem.

Anakin and Obi Wan and Padme have to explain to the Younglings what taxes are and what they are used for. Salaries for workers (and the President! to buy nice things for their Favourite Senator!) and things like infrastructure and education and healthcare and other things that help people.

The Younglings think this is brilliant! Who doesn’t want to help others!

Crechestan’s new ‘citizens’ finds they are being taxed at a much higher rate than anticipated and when they complain they are met by children asking them why they object when their tax dollars are being used for Ice Cream and Playgrounds and Comfy Book Corners.

(Anakin’s learning more about politics and fiscal policy than he ever wanted to know. Obi Wan thought it was hilarious until the Younglings voted him in as Junior Secretary of the Treasury, under a very serious young Wookie who’s good at math.)

“What fucking infrastructure IN A FUCKING KIDDIE ROOM?!” yells the President.

“SKYWALKER DON’T YOU DARE TO TEACH THE YOUNGLINGS ANY BAD WORDS!” the poor crechemaster yells from behind the door. The kids were adamant on their strict visa policy. You were allowed to enter their state only if you swore that you won’t put any sort of a bed time.


“Well,” Obi-Wan said, sitting on a tiny bright pink chair with green animal stickers plastered all over it, “you’re running out of the toilet paper.”

“And cookies,” Cody said.

“And crayons,” said Ahsoka. (Drawing enough visas for the 501st and 212th wasn’t without sacrifices)

<’Or we can use the money for actual problems. Like buying out the clones, you know,’> said Ishqaa, the Senior Secretary of the Treasury.

Everyone gets very, very silent.



Ishqaa is very right and very popular with the Clones and Obi Wan likes her a lot.
(Also in the interests of keeping the peace, the residents vote in measures for a Swear Jar and Mandatory Nap Time if your daily contribution to said jar is over 3 credits a day. The naps do Anakin a lot of good but everyone’s shocked when Cody and Mace have to take naps too.)



(The prison is the area at the corner, bordered by big plush cubes and giraffe.) 

(Obi-Wan spends exactly five minutes pondering why the hell do they take this madness seriously - but it takes one look at his increasingly happy padawan (who just loves to bitch about anything to his minions citizens, really) to just roll with it.)

Mandatory Nap Time  - I’m suspicious that there are moments that Obi-Wan and Cody swear like sailors on purpose just to catch a breath.
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au where padme lives and raises her two children thinking that anakin died on mustafar and works behind the scenes in the rebellion

and anakin/vader thinks that he killed padme

and they both think the other is dead and vader hates the shadowy leader of the rebellion and padme hates the emperor’s black-suited attack dog

i just have a lot of ideas about this idk

Obi-Wan, exchanging a long glance with the camera a la The Office. “Skywalkers.”
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#asketchaday    dead sith lords have no business training homicidal ginger babies    (x)

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“The Force will be with you. Always.”
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Obi-wan and Anakin cuddling on a couch together. “I have to tell you a secret,” Obi-wan says, snuggling closer to whisper in Anakin’s ear: “I’m in love with your wife.”

“You know,” Anakin replies dryly, “I think I kind of figured that out when you married us, you ridiculous man.” He smiles and leans in to kiss his husband.

“Anakin.” Padme tells the younger man seriously as she perches on his lap. “I need to tell you something.” She leans forward. “I’m in love with your husband.”

Anakin nuzzles her ear. “Wanna know a secret?” He responds, grinning. “So am I.”
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Much Ado About Nothing 1.1.104-108.




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Please be a decent kind person and leave the description! 

With the recent popularity of my Peaceful Battle Droid, I thought I would share that I have this little guy up for purchase up on my INPRNT shop! Please, if you enjoy the picture, consider buying this little guy, available at a nicely sized 8x9″ print. Sits easily on the top of your desk, fits nicely on a wall, and has a place in your Star Wars loving heart.

If you want one, they’re up here on my INPRNT Shop!

If you’d be so kind to pass this around, the original post got so much attention, it’s baffling to me. I hope this can reach as many people as it has before, thank you! -Tyto

@shevyce grab one for your dorm?
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Here’s how Jimmy Smits (Bail Organa) celebrates #StarWars40th birthday. How about you?

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Most of the bunker was still standing when the storm finally passed. Rogue Squadron picked themselves up, groaning and cursing and generally despairing of finding their ships, and took stock of the situation. They still had the stolen list of Black Sun’s contacts, and they still had the informant, so that was alright.

Wedge pried open the door and took a deep breath of rain-cleansed air. The clouds had passed, the sun was shining, and….there was a super star destroyer hovering over the city. Wedge grimaced and turned back to the Squadron.

“Luke, your dad’s here,” he sighed.

Everyone groaned.

“Is it too late to feign death until he goes away?” Wes asked.

Luke squinted, then nodded. “Yep. Sorry, guys. I’ll meet you at the rendezvous point.”


Now I want to see the rest of the squad commiserating about family on the other side of the war. Luke is only notable in that his family member a) is so well-known by people outside the war, and b) seeks him out but doesn’t want to kill him for being a traitor.


Because the other people, either their relative is purposefully going where their Rebel black sheep isn’t going to be, so they can dodge the issue; or they’re specifically trying to kill that Rebel, to prove that their family is loyal.

Aw man, imagine after Luke, shaking and timid and trying to make sense of it all, tells his squadron in private – hasn’t even told Command, except for Leia – because some secrets are too heavy to carry alone. Imagine one of the Rogues staring, dumbfounded, and blurting out, “You destroyed the Death Star, lead the Rogues, and you’re training to be a Jedi, and he wants you back?! As in not dead?”

“I don’t know if the “not dead” part is subject to change yet, but I guess?” Luke says miserably.

“Mine took a pot shot at me with a sniper rifle and told me I was a dead woman the next time I set foot in my hometown,” says one of the pilots.

“At least that’s not actively trying to kill you,” says one of the techs, “If you ask my uncle, I’ve shamed our family name and have to be hunted down as an act of loyalty to the Empire. Doesn’t matter if my parents agree with that or not, my mom is the younger sibling. She doesn’t get a say.”

Wedge sighs. “I guess I’ve got it easy compared to you guys. My brother-in-law just avoids me like the plague. I think it’s more for my sister’s sake than mine, but I can’t say I don’t appreciate it all the same.” He leans over and thumps Luk’s shoulder. “Guess your old man cares, at least. In some weird way.”

“You guys are taking this way better than I did,” Luke mutters, “That’s weird.”

“Hey boss,” Wes asks, “So are you gonna get, like, as tall as Vader someday, or do you get your height from your mom?”

“I don’t know,” he answers sarcastically, “Should I ask him?”

“I mean…couldn’t hurt, right? We should probably know in advance if we’re gonna need a new uniform for you eventually.”

The conversation quickly derails into the monthly “short pilots unite” rally. 

Just imagine if Luke’s squadron starts casually talking to Vader. Like they give him updates on how Luke is doing, have conversations on sports teams, etc. Vader is weirded out at first but comes to appreciate it because it’s really the only civil interactions he’s had in years.

Well now I’m imagining a message breaking through to the Executor and it’s this thoroughly exhausted looking man wearing the uniform of a Rebel pilot and he’s like “You don’t know me, but I’m Commander Skywalker’s wingman. He told me that if a situation ever goes too completely pear-shaped, this was who I was supposed to contact. I think Luke and six of our guys trying to single-handedly hold a city against enraged Hutts probably counts.”

And everyone kind of looks back at Vader, who stands there for a minute and then is like “….do I even want to know what circumstances drove him to this?”

“If it made sense, I’d have said so. But you know how he gets sometimes, off without a word. Well, maybe you don’t know. I dunno.”

And Piett has already laid in the new course like “alright then sir, off to rescue the little commander again. Will we be needing the medbay this time?”

I just want to hug all of this. O_O

*snicker* ‘The little commander’ oh boy. Piett knows his boss far too well.
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Anakin’s Force Ghost: [appearing in front of Kylo Ren] Kylo: Wh – grandfa– it’s – Anakin: WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?! HMM? Do you know what this has done to me? And your uncle? [getting in his face] AND YOUR MOTHER?! And then there’s what you did to – Kylo: …what? [sizes Anakin up] Oh, I see. So you’ve become a traitor in your afterlife. How…disappointing. I guess I really will have to finish what you started. Anakin: [stammering, furious] Tra-TRAITOR?! ME? [rolls up sleeves] OK, that’s it, I know I SAID I was done kicking people’s asses but this is – Obi-Wan: [holding up a hand] Perhaps I can be of assistance here. [to Kylo] May we talk? Ben to, uh, Ben?Anakin: Obi-Wan please, we’ve been through this, you’re not going to be able to convince him to – Kylo: [smirking] Well well well, look who’s here. Grandpa brought his Jedi boyfriend.Obi-Wan: I just wanted to say that I think…I think you should stay on the Dark Side, really. Anakin: WHAT?! Obi-Wan: Now hear me out, Anakin: it’s not like the young man has many people who even especially want him back on the light side, really, save for his mother perhaps. His uncle’s mostly given up on the Jedi…Kylo: Pfft. Obi-Wan: …and I’m sure he has plenty of close friends here in the First Order who’d fight to keep him here, making our job that much harder. [Hux walks by, smacks Kylo in the head with a notebook]Hux: [over his shoulder] Fuck you, Ren! Kylo: [rolls eyes] Whatever. Obi-Wan: …and it’s not like you or I want to talk to him, Anakin, so really, we may as well just give up – this is the best path for all concerned. [speaking deliberately] Really, if he showed up on the light side again I’d be furious at this point, given all he’s done. It would be far too much work for me. Kylo: [warily] Oh, really? You’d be furious. Obi-Wan: Yes. It would be awful to have to deal with rehabilitating yet another Skywalker. I, Obi-Wan Kenobi, absolutely do not think you should turn back to the Light Side. In fact, as a Jedi Master I…forbid you from turning back to the Light Side. Anakin: [pulling Obi-Wan aside, whispering harshly] Obi-Wan what in the absolute Sith hells are you do – Kylo: [sarcastic laugh] You think…you think YOU can tell ME what to do, old man? I don’t have to listen to you! If I wanna wear this cool black cape, I will! If I wanna give myself a badass Darksider name, then I will! And if I wanna go back to the light side, well, then you’ll just have to live with that too, Kenobi. Anakin: [jaw drops]Obi-Wan: [mildly] Well I am only a ghost now, so I suppose I would have to accept it, even though it would be terribly insubordinate of you and I would be very upset indeed. Kylo: [grabbing his stuff] I’ll show you, Kenobi. I’ll SHOW YOU. You’re not in charge of me! [to Anakin] Let’s go find my mom. Anakin: [agape] I…Obi-Wan: [cracks knuckles] Very well then. [sotto voce] Should have tried that one sooner. 

(You know that Kylo probably figures out that he’s been had halfway back to Leia’s place, but they came so close to pulling it off. Kenobi’s just going to have to be slightly more subtle next time.) ;) 

*sniffles* Aww, thanks! 

Honestly, if Lucasfilm never wants to do anything with the Force Ghosts (which would be a damn shame but hey it’s their Star Wars and they can break my heart if they want to,) I’d be totally down for writing the non-canon Force Ghost cartoon series for them. Y’know. LOOK ME UP, NERDS. 

I volunteer to work for free in the Writers’ Room! I’ll even bring snacks and drinks! Please please please pleaseeeeeee???
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Hellooooooooooooo, Nony! 

Are you here on behalf of your fellow demon, Anakin Skywalker? Are you trying to convince me to write about the tortured and painful love he develops for a pious man of the cloth, Obi-Wan Kenobi? Are you looking for a looooong slow burn between them? Something where Anakin is redeemed by the love of a charming, sensitive and perhaps deeply wounded Priest Kenobi?

Orrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr perhaps, for our ObiAniDala fans, a world where Padme is indeed an angel, a Seraphim made of fire and the Words of God. She destroys injustice with a single swing of her fiery blade and she advocates for the lost, the forgotten and the forsaken before the great heavenly princes of the Sephirot. 

She comes across our favorite holy man at his darkest moment, perhaps at the nadir of his life before seeking redemption and peace through service to the Almighty. Perhaps she took the form of a friendly woman, someone Ben could talk to, lean on, someone who understood what it was like to have the love of your life ripped from you arms by a cold, unfeeling world and tell you to move on as if your heart was still beating and your lungs were still working. 

Humans are so easy to love, Padme tells herself. Like Anakin. No. He’s nothing like Anakin. 

Human lives are so short. He will be dead soon. Padme tells herself, laughing at his jokes and eating takeout with him. Anakin is as immortal as she is, not that she has seen him since the Fall, since she lost him. 

One human cannot possibly be enough, Padme tells herself, even as she knows she is falling, failing, again. He will never replace my Ani. He cannot. 

But somehow, none of that seems to matter. 

He is so kind and caring. So charming and gentlemanly. And his smile makes her toes curl and her body ache to pull him into her arms and kiss that smug little smirk off his face.

They are spending a happy afternoon discussing a book they are reading together, sitting cozily on the couch and laughing at shared jokes when there is a knock on the door and the world turns on its head.

“Where is he? Where is the karking Putti that’s been hanging around you? I can smell that feathered bastard on you! You belong to me!” a familiar snarl comes from the foyer and Padme finds herself draw, inexorably against her will towards the arguing voices.

“I do not belong to you! And what the hell is a putti? It this more of your nonsense? You cannot keep barging in here whenever you like!” An offended angry huff.

“You do too belong to me!” a furious snarl and the sounds of a passionate kiss. “Don’t worry, Ben. I won’t do anything… permanent to the little chubby pain in the ass. I’ll just scare him off? P-Padme?”

She stares into the eyes of her long lost love, her beautiful and broken Fallen One. “Anakin? What are you doing here?”

Ben promptly passes out because even the most pious and devout of believers can only handle so much angelic and demonic energy. 

Angel and Demon let out a simultaneous cry of dismay and rush to his side. 

Later, when he’s come back around, Ben will be stunned to find that not only is Anakin’s “Nonsense” real but that Padme has wings to boot. 

What do you think, Nony? 

***Source Image
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​what if satine and obi’s kid is born during tcw and obi wan knows about him

he’s not going to just leave the order immediately bc anakin and the war, but suddenly he shows up with tiny lil two yr old bb kryze-kenobi, bc satine is in a Situation and somehow obi’s life is the Safer Environment for a child atm

the 212th is just like ???? general. no pressure but did you finally hit your head Too Hard. but they just go with it until anakin comes back and is like obi wan what the fuck are you doing with a toddler on a starfighter.

bb-wan refers to obi-wan as his father once and everything stops moving. cody drops a datapad. waxer and boil drop their helmets and blasters. anakin drops ahsoka and the ten clones he was force lifting. and obi wan is like oh he calls everyone his dad haha must be some madalorian quirk anyways i think i sense general grievous nearby in the force chop chop let’s go smash some droids

does bb wan end up with an entire battalion of dads, or does he end up with two entire battalions of dads? the answer is yes.

i am so here for obi finding out about his secret kid and being so!!!!!! and reevaluating EVERYTHING bc suddenly he has a CHILD and he is 100% attached ™ to this lil thing and fuck master yoda bc there is somehow even LESS of a pull to the dark side now, even when there was almost nothing before

We can’t have obi nonsense without hondo ohnaka popping up for no reason!! hondo kidnaps bb wan sometime during this period. well, less ‘kidnaps’ and more ‘gets followed by a tiny waddling kid who is probably genetically inclined to want to deal with space pirates at a young age, and who is also genetically inclined to be capable of sneaking onto a ship without getting caught’

obi wan is Distraught but then he gets there to find bb wan chilling on a pile of gold, possibly trying to break one with his teeth bc he thinks there’s chocolate inside. hondo’s just like ahh, Kenobi! your offspring has good instincts, it stopped trying to eat my men as soon as it had some gold! obi wan is. 1. Worried, because that is his child. 2. Offended, bc that is his CHILD. 3. Proud, bc his baby is already using his mouth to get out of Sticky Situations, albeit in a somewhat more violent way.

waxer and boil are Fascinated. cody is Stressed. anakin is Taking Notes On Childrearing at terrifying speeds.
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okay folks help me write

these are the aus I have buzzing around my head

- The Grief Verse - Darth Vader was a clone of Anakin Skywalker, then they find Anakin Skywalker, everyone cries

- Fly Hard - Anakin is the John McClane of the Star Wars universe and he’s so sick of this shit, he can’t even tell you

- ‘The World Has Turned Around Again’ - Anakin is caught in a loop of the worst day of his life

- ‘How To Make Friends And Save The Galaxy: The Anakin Skywalker Method’ - Anakin starts reading self-help books, saves everyone and Annoys Obi Wan

OK OK the third one. Is this like an Order 66-As-Groundhog Day AU? Anakin keeps waking up to the same song on his alarm clock, etc? He has to keep re-doing the day over and over until he FINALLY gets every single sequence of events “right” and the universe is saved?

HOLY CRAP, this is hilarious and I love this. Oh man. I have Thoughts. So like, there goes Obi-Wan, off to fight Grievous, and Anakin has to find a way to talk him out of it so that he can keep his buddy by his side and Fight Evil. 

He tries SO. MANY. TIMES. Forcibly holding him back. Feigning an illness. Kissing him passionately on the mouth. Spilling out everything about Palpatine and the War and Pregnant Padme to try and convince him to stay (Obi-Wan assumes Anakin’s had a nervous breakdown that time around due to war-related stress, and Anakin ends that version of the day in a Jedi Hospital.) 

Also I feel like Anakin probably ends up fucking up and ending up as a Darksider a good percent of the time, and then – BAM – he wakes up back at the beginning again, all “…oh shit, I became Darth Vader again that time. Ugh. What is wrong with me?”

except there’s also the days he snaps and kills everyone just in case that works, the days he gets therapy because why the fuck not, the days he graffitis the Temple, the day he kissed Mace Windu just to see the look on his face…
basically by the time he sorts himself out and figures out what’s needed to be done, it’s been a looooong time

A+++. Oh God, the opportunities for comedy. 

The day he shows up to the Council meeting stark naked. The day he just doesn’t even get out of bed because FUCK THIS HE IS SO SICK OF THIS GODDAMN FUCKING DAY. He dip-kisses Padme in front of the Senate. 

The day he finally gets it right takes ages to construct. He’s speechless when he wakes up the next morning (finally, blessedly ON THE ACTUAL NEXT DAY) next to his pregnant, peacefully-sleeping wife (and possibly also Obi-Wan,) with the newspaper on Padme’s apartment doorstep proudly proclaiming ANAKIN SKYWALKER EXPOSES CORRUPT CHANCELLOR, BALANCES FORCE.

What I’m trying to say is I like this idea.

Y’ALL I’VE BEEN PINING FOR THIS FIC FOR MONTHS IN THE TAGS just imagine that post with Palps starting it on that “Have you heard of Plagueis the Wise?” speech and GoundhogDay!Anakin, out of fucks to give, just fucking slaying him with that quippant “Ya the Jedi Archives say his apprentice is a lil bitch” PLEASE

This is such a great fic idea because there can be the ACTUAL overall story (i.e. how Anakin gets stuck on the same day, and has to keep getting better at it until eventually he saves the galaxy,) but it can ALSO spin off ENDLESS additional side fics about any given ONE of the “repeated” days: 

The day Anakin goes to the Council meeting and gives a huge speech detailing out every single thing the Council doesn’t know yet, and how “by the end of the day I’m gonna be a Sith Lord and you’ll all pretty much be dead” while everyone is just like 😐 while occasionally casting side glances at Obi-Wan because CONTROL YOUR PADAWAN HIS BRAIN HAS OBVIOUSLY BROKEN

The day he dramatically drops to one knee and asks Obi-Wan to marry him because he’s seriously running out of ideas to get him to NOT leave to kill Grievous and he figures it’s worth a shot (he actually attempts this a few times: one time they end up in a fistfight, three or four times Obi-Wan nearly dies of embarrassment and ends up leaving anyways because he’s like “um ok that is…very nice, I guess, Anakin…but I still have to go save the Galaxy, can we talk about this later?” and one time they actually DO get married but the galaxy still ends up ruined, in part because Anakin gets so distracted with the whole eloping-to-Space-Vegas thing that he forgets to save the rest of the universe from darkness. Oops.)

The day he goes to find Ahsoka and Rex, and ends up fighting Robo-Maul on Mandalore, with Hilarious Results. 

The day Anakin just flat-out quits everything and teaches himself guitar (he gets pretty good and writes terrible songs)

He shaves his head, but does everything else 100% the same. Somehow things end up going even worse than they did in the original canon story. (He’s so pissed. He was SURE he was on to something there.)

“He shaves his head”! Lol Padme probably just kicks him out of her apartment and closes the door in his face and the day goes downhill from there.

He gets so bored that he spends several same-day weeks shadowing Mace Windu to know every seconds of his day, only to then spend a loop following him and narrating out loud everything that happens to him a few seconds before it does, just to freak him out.

He probably has the “I’m reliving this day” argument with Obi-Wan over and over again until one day he convinces him unexpectedly. By saying all Obi-Wan’s responses with him. And correctly predicting when Mace Windu will sneeze down to the second.

He kills Palpatine. The day resets. He kill Palpatine again, deals with the contingency plan triggered with his death, and triggers another. Reset. There’s like, thirty layers of contingencies, including that really creepy Palpatine clones, in three different places across the Galaxy

He kills the Separatist Council and takes over the Confederacy, only to announce that his terms for peace. It’s a three-way marriage to unite CIS, Republic and Jedi Order. The funniest thing, after the twentieth repeat or so, his manifesto gets eloquent enough that people start taking him seriously.

He finally kills Palpatine for good, deals with ALL of his backup plans, and then the day resets ANYWAY. So he does it again, but this time declares himself Emperor and forces the Senate to pass a bill banning sand.


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