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Fanfiction Club: The Rules

This idea came to me when I woke up first thing this morning.



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let your character fuck up. please. let them fuck up on a scale so massive that this particular thing cannot be salvaged. let their fuck up have permanent consequences. and stoooooooooooooooop having them being the smartest person in the room who always has a sharp comeback to put their enemies down, and who always handles their enemies with grace or at least an air of superiority that s justified because they’re so cool and smart and clever™
let them bleed for their mistakes, let them MAKE those mistakes, and let that bleeding be ugly and disgraceful. let them suffer for their own mistakes, and let them suffer in knowing that they cannot fix. and let other people hate them for the shit they’ve done, and for once let the haters not be ‘petty bad people’.
Let the haters be right.


Jul. 17th, 2017 04:32 am
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Writer says: So I had this crazy idea one day and I just had to work on it. Here ya go!

Writer means: So I had this crazy idea either right before getting in the shower or right before falling asleep so I grabbed my fucking laptop and shat all over it to create the steaming pile of crap that I now lay before you. I don’t even know if it’s good anymore. I haven’t slept in two days.

Writer says: Wow, real life’s getting busy! Sorry on the slow updates.

Writer means: My life is a literal storm of shit at the moment. Why did I decide to do this. Why am I still doing this. Everything around me is spinning out of control and I am staying up ‘til 5:30 in the morning every night to create a piece of work that will only get two comments and 12 demands for quicker updates. I hope no one’s mad at me, all I wanted to do was write.

Writer says: Wow! Would you look at that! I updated on time! Please enjoy!


Writer says: This chapter was a toughie. Glad it’s finally done!

Writer means: I don’t know if this is good or not. I honestly don’t fucking know. I’ve read the same words over and over and over again and I just couldn’t look at it anymore. My beta said it was ok but I’m not confident but HOLY SHIT I JUST NEED TO STOP WRITING THIS FUCKIGN CHAPTER.

Writer says: Thanks for reading!

Writer means: Please, oh please oh please oh please leave me a review. A comment. Anything. Please tell me you’re out there. Please tell me someone is reading this.

Writer says: I just want to say that real life is getting pretty hectic right now. Please try to be patient with me, I know you guys want updates. Thanks! :)

Writer means: FUCK. YOU. Who the fuck do you think you are, demanding shit from me?! You don’t know my life! I have a very busy life! I create shit for free, you entitled son of a pig-fucker! STOP LEAVING ME COMMENTS TELLING ME TO UPDATE SOON OR I SWEAR TO GOD I’LL PUKE ALL OVER MY COMPUTER 

Writer says: What’s gonna happen next? Who knows? Hee hee ;)

Writer means: I have no fucking clue what the next chapter is going to look like. What’s my plot? I don’t know. I feel no emotion.

Writer says: Please leave a comment! It helps me write!

Writer means: I am begging you to leave me a comment because I swear it’s the only thing that’s keeping me motivated right now, I hate the work I put out and I need reassurance that people are actually enjoying this.

Writer says: I hope you enjoyed that chapter, big things are coming up! ;)

Writer means: Buckle up bitches, someone’s gonna die.

Writer says: I know I’ve missed a few updates, but I swear I plan on finishing this story! 

Writer means: *high pitched eternal screeching*

Writer says: Here we are at long last! This has been one wild ride. I want to thank you all so much for your support and love, I adore each and every one of you. I am so happy to say that this story has come to a wonderful close.

Writer means: My body is numb. Voices call out to me from the void, but I can no longer hear them over the beating of my racing heart. I am stressed to the point where I feel no relief. The story is done. It’s fucking DONE. I loved it, I hated it, it was a fucking storm of horror and pain. I can no longer see color. Now I can at last relax and…wait……wait a second………..holy shit I just thought of the best idea for a one-shot that’s totally gonna turn into a 50 chapter slow burn AU fic leT’S FUCKING DO THIS
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So, FYI you guys, sometimes if you go to your favorite writers and flail at them a lot about how much you love their fics with lots of specific examples, they will let you read thousands of words of their unpublished WIPs and you can flail even more. Also sometimes after that you get to be friends, too, and help them come up with ideas. And vice versa! This is pretty much the best thing in the world and it is called fandom.

I second this! People in fandom are usually very receptive to being approached, because making friends who enjoy the same weird shit you do is half the point of being here. I won’t say “don’t be shy,” as if you can just turn it off — if only overcoming social anxiety were that simple! — but in my experience, fandom has always been a place where you can reach out to people with common interests without pre-judgment.


(and you both are some of my faves lbr)

whenever anyone tells me they like my stuff I am always like “oh my gOSH THESE PEOPLE ARE DEIGNING TO TALK TO ME OHHHH WOW BE COOL MAN JUST BE COOL so do u like bread”
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Mythology: The 9 Muses

“The nine Greek Muses, awakened again for this generation of man and meant to inspire mankind forward in the sciences and the arts.”
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-You always have ideas. When you open a document, they disappear.

-You have a file full of ideas. It is lost. You open all your files and find hints of ideas mixed in between the lines. None of them connect. You follow them forever, deeper into the folders, until you can’t remember what you were looking for anymore. You end up reading fanfic until 4 AM.

-You’re not a torturer by profession. It’s merely a hobby. The sadism is a natural skill.

-Your fingers and wrists hurt from typing when you’re on a roll. You swear you’re not a masochist, but it hurts so good.

-Readers accuse you of causing them pain. You say you’re sorry, but you’re not. You comfort them while not-so-subtly digging for what caused them the most harm, eager to repeat the trick.

-Your friends enable you and laugh at your yelling. When you blame them, they claim they didn’t do anything. They never do anything. You no longer remember who started it, only that you’re halfway through the fic and still writing.

-You have a WIP. You swear you’re going to finish it next. It’s always next. There’s always another fic that has to be written first.

-Anonymous messages are sent to you, asking you not to acknowledge them publically. You know if you answer they’ll disappear from your inbox. Tumblr has eaten the Ask. Was it ever there in the first place?

-Someone comments on your fic. You have no idea who they are, but their username looks familiar. Every username looks familiar. You think you know them. They know you. It’s flattering, but you can’t shake the feeling that you should be alarmed by your poor memory.

-You reblog a writing prompt meme. It’s the same meme you reblogged yesterday. There are symbols instead of numbers, and you hope people will find them more interesting and send you more prompts this time.

-Promoting your own work is okay. You tell yourself this as you reblog yesterday’s fic post, tensely waiting for a rebuke that never comes.

-People laugh at something you wrote. You can’t figure out what. When you ask, nobody responds. They never laughed in the first place. You’re not sure you wrote anything.

-The fic is 50 hours long and 7000 words long; no one cares. A 10 minute speedwrite is reblogged into eternity.

-The kudos stack up. They are a solid block of names. You can’t read who left them. When you blink and look again, only 10 Guests have left kudos.

-Your inbox is full. There’s a comment on your fic. It has been edited 17 times. Six more emails come in as you read the initial comment. The numbers in your inbox climb and climb. You can’t find what’s been changed in the comment, but you can’t stop obsessively comparing each message.

-This comment is a book report. Glee and fear fill you in equal amounts.

-Someone apologizes for leaving a comment on an old fic. You can’t find who started the absurd rumor that authors don’t like comments on old fics. You plan their murder anyway.

-You eye your old username and associated fics. You pray that no one ever finds them. You resist the urge to tell people where to look.

-The fic is finished. You are dead. You are sick of it. You’ve never been so tired in your life. You hate the world. You force yourself to post it, absolutely exhausted, and suddenly can’t sleep for refreshing your inbox.

-The words multiply. You can’t control them. They eat your brain and come out your eyes. When people try to talk to you, you speak in snatches of character dialogue and narrate unconnected events. They keep talking to you, encouraging you to say more. The words own you now.

-No one believes you when you say the story is writing itself. You stare in despair at the screen. Why won’t anyone help you?

-You’ve misspelled ‘the.’ Autocorrect is wonderful until it’s not.

-Sleep is for the weak. You dream you’re still writing.

-The fic is 50 hours long and 7000 words long; no one cares. A 10 minute speedwrite is reblogged into eternity.

Hahaha, ah it’s funny because it’s true. *eyetic* what do you mean there’s blood coming out of my nose? No, no I’m fine, go right ahead. Reblog the scone post again, I don’t mind.

-Someone apologizes for leaving a comment on an old fic. You can’t find who started the absurd rumor that authors don’t like comments on old fics. You plan their murder anyway.

GODS OWN TRUTH. Who told readers that there’s a statute of limitations on commenting? Why is apologizing for commenting so common? Who has abused these readers for sincerely expressing their appreciation and affection for fanwork?


@deadcatwithaflamethrower @funkzpiel
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Some people aren’t going to like what you write. Write it anyway.

Some people, people you know objectively suck at being a human being, will get more kudos, more comments, more recs. Write it anyway.

Some of your friends aren’t going to read what you write. Write it anyway.

Some of the people you support the most won’t support your work. Write it anyway.

Some people are going to say your characterization is 100% wrong. X would never. Write it anyway.

It’s been done before. Write it anyway.

Your writing might not measure up to the fandom greats. Write it anyway. (I can guarantee they didn’t measure up at some point either)

Some people aren’t going to rec your work. Write it anyway. (And make your own recs)

Write it anyway.

Write it anyway.

Write it anyway.
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This is for all the unsung fic writers; the ones who don’t make the must-read lists, the ones who don’t get recced, the ones who don’t get hundreds of kudos, the rarepair writers out on the peripheries of fandom, the ones who toil away quietly for the handful of people who read and love them. You matter - you’re a writer too, and don’t you ever forget it. :)
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So what else don’t you like?  Asking for a friend, and not because I write preternaturally fast and enjoy tormenting people.
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Fighter’s Block is the best writing app I’ve come across in a long time.

You type in the amount of words you want to write and as you write, your mini lil avatar fights a monster. Each word you write acts a hit towards your monster, and once you’ve hit your word count the monster is defeated!!!

How cute!!!!

Work quick though as how long you spent not writing decreases your avatar’s health. It’s a productive fight to the death against the clock!

Best things about this app:

You can PAUSE it!!!! Need go get a cup of tea? Need to sneeze? You can!!!!!

Settings are adjustable! You can change the monster’s speed and the attacks!

You can change the theme and font!

You can level up!!!!! The number of words you write equals your EXP. You can unlock one avatar thus far, but I believe there may be more in the future!

You can minimise the fight above if it serves as a distraction, and only show the decreasing green bar.

Best of all: If you don’t hit the target word count in time, YOUR WORK DOES NOT DISAPPEAR. In the past I’ve lost so much work because I wasn’t typing fast enough, or sneezed.I cannot express enough how thankful I am that it presents a challenge where the consequence is a knock of pride and not a fit of rage.

Honestly, I urge all writers out there to give this app a go. It’s my new favourite thing. 

@tsume-yuki thought you might find this fun when writing Marines ❤

I’m a give it a go, ‘cause this looks fantastic. Thank you for bringing it to my attention,

I use this to write a lot of my fics it helps a lot! I love it and would definitely recommend it. Thanks to @fire-lark who rec’d it to me.
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[Drawing of a yellow cat saying “You have stories worth writing and you have the talent to write them. You can do this.” in a purple speech bubble on a green background.]
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Just once, I want the hero to go “your wife/sister/mother/whatever would not have wanted this!”, and the villain to go, “actually, we talked about this a lot. She was really into vigilante justice and eye for an eye stuff. She always said, if something like this happens, avenge me.”

“Your mother never would have wanted this!”

“Wow you clearly never met my mother.”

“Okay so I was going to say your sister wouldn’t want this, but then - “ 

“ - you realized that was the stupidest fucking thing that’s ever tried to come out of your mouth? and wow is that a high bar -”

“Right, but here’s the thing: okay, so your sister would totally have wanted to do this, but let’s both be honest here, we both loved her, but your sister had some serious temper and impulse control problems. And she wouldn’t’ve wanted you to do this. She would have wanted to come back from the dead and do it herself. So I feel like right now, you should take a step back, and let her work towards her goal if she’s still out there to have it.” 

“ … okay that’s actually a compelling argument.” 

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when people reblog my shitty post and curse my username in the tags:

when people reblog my shitty post and curse my actual first name in the tags:

@norcumi @dogmatix @deadcatwithaflamethrower @funkzpiel @fialleril @lectorel @darthrevaan @aethelar @classicalcassiopeia @elenothar @stylishbutdefinitelyillegal
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“Writing is hard” I say as I continue to browse the internet, not attempting to write at all.
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@deadcatwithaflamethrower @norcumi @dogmatix @lectorel @darthrevaan @blackkatmagic @elenothar @robininthelabyrinth
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So I found this cool website for learning ancient languages

go wild

holy fuck

I just did a quick perusal of the Coptic resources on this site, and it has all the resources I’ve personally found worthwhile and then some. These are resources that took me months, if not years, to discover and compile. I am thoroughly impressed. The other languages featured on the site are:




Church Slavonic

Egyptian (hieroglyphics and Demotic)


Ethiopic (Ge’ez)









Mayan (various related languages/dialects)

Old Chinese

Old English

Old French

Old Frisian

Old High German

Old Irish

Old Norse

Old Persian

Old Turkic





For the love of all the gods, if you ever wanted to learn any of these languages, use this site.

*happy shrieking*

What about Sindaran? Or Khudzul? Or other ‘fictional’ languages?
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I’m so happy they did this song.  My stream kept stuttering so the video is dodgy but it’ll do for now.  Fixed!

Something Rotten!

omg a musical song about COMPLAINING ABOUT WRITINGMy whole life I have been waiting for this. MY WHOLE LIFE.

Oh my god, this is so perfect. This… yes. All the yes. All of it.

Writing in a nutshell (which is a very appropriate place.)

With NaNo about to commence, here’s a little something to speak to the souls of all writers.
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Write your own six word OR LESS story and tag some others to get their creative juices flowing!

Anxiety forced her into paralyzing isolation

@torn-and-frayed @blacktithe7 @loveitsallineed @iwantthedean @katnharper @ellen-reincarnated1967 @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog @one-shots-supernatural @waywardlullabies @thing-you-do-with-that-thing

You don’t have to be tagged to play along!

Green eyes, glazed with fear. 

So this is fun! Look at this

@adriellej @ilostmyshoe-79 @for-the-love-of-dean @winchesterswoonathon @faith-in-dean @mysupernaturalfics 

Damn took some time to get to this :p

Good was replaced by the bad.

Uh I don’t even know who to tag. @talesoftheimpala, @deanwinchester-af, @uncomfortable-writers

The sidelines were his safest haven.

Yikes that was harder than it seemed. Hard to be so concise!

Home was when they were alone. @l-prismatique @shixpe @ohheyitsmik @bookkbaby @fandoms-today-fandoms-forever @tenoko1

Their mind was their only solace. I’m tossing the ball to you, hon: @destiel-is-cockles-fault

Your tender kisses are my nepenthe. @reaperlove77 your turn dear ;)

Beautiful, my friend  @destiel-is-cockles-fault! 

Scars, better hidden away than mocked.  @mayalaen @pod7et @powerfulweak @fancythingsandgossamerwings feel like adding something?

Your touch feels like absence Tagging @supernaturallynoble @trekchik @winjennster @metatron-the-transformer and @tigerboydean

Exiled and in bad humor. @clpolk @defilerwyrm @elliedew @unforth-ninawaters

Isolation gnawed him down to bones. @crossroadscastiel @apocalypse-patisserie @notquiteinsane @messier51 @thevioletcaptain

Another hollow day consumed her silence. @damnslippyplanet @emungere @littlethingwithfeathers @xoxoemynn @mresundance

Fuck ‘em. Her new powers rocked.

(If you wanna play, you’re hereby tagged.)

(Oh, this is fun!)

Papa isn’t going to be proud. 

@itsybitsylemonsqueezy @lecteronthelam @strangestorys @aglassroseneverfades anyone else who wants to join!

Who needed other voices anyway?

(Tagging @kristsune @attic-nights @amaranthineexcuse )

He felt the knife slip in. ( @thebisexualmandalorian @fvckingjensen @ozonecologne @teacass @the-last-hair-bender @pushthequorumbutton )

The sweetest song was the saddest. (I’ll tag @nautolanshenanigans, @knight-kennedy, @drthskyguy, @alyyks, @queenkit and @deadcatwithaflamethrower!)

Doubt festers; doubt will break you.

Secretly, she laughed; she loved silence.
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…note to self: lectorel and hamelin-born make for a terrifying combo with heart-wrenching tear-inducing plunnies that are strangely determined. Treat tumblr feed with according caution.

*trudges off trying to ignore Soul Mate shenanigans where Obi-Wan’s life has hit a new level of tragic, while teeny Kenobis are determinedly gnawing at an ankle*

This FANDOM, man.


lectorel? Does this mean that we are officially in cahoots?

*offers the glomp of congratulatory welcome*

(Come, join the angst-heartwrenching-bittersweet-OMG side. We have feels.)

Absolutely! Partners in evil.

Yes! We shall be a duo the likes of which the internet has never seen - a plague upon the fandoms! The dark counterparts of norcumi and dogmatix. But where they use their powers for fluff and shinies, we shall be the heartwrenchers - the angst shall flow at our command, and the feels drown the sun! All shall love us and despair!

Yeah, I hope you didn’t need any of those feels any time soon. ;)

We’ll also continue to prove *just how damn evil we are* by continuing to kick addictive bunnies in your direction.

@lectorel and I have - a reputation, of sorts.


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