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In no particular order and probably incomplete( there are so many written works):

Baby Tag 

Chapter 42 Ace’ POV 

Ch35 Law’s POV 

Flame Pattern 

Riskua meets Lucci 

Dogtooth and Riskua 

Law’s POV on Risace 


Wardrobe malfunctions… 


Meeting Shiki 

Strip Poker 

I’m pregnant 

Ace wakes up in water 

Leave Room for Ace! Lawlu 

Riskua tattoo 

Ace finds out about Sabo’s and Riskua’s tattoos 

Thatch meets Riskua 

Ace and safe sex 

aslr having a good time 

Ace dreams of Riskua 

Riskua’s saves Ace out of the water 

Luffy introduces Ace… 

Riskua teaches Ace how to dance 

Garp wants Risace because grandkids 

I l Love You (Riskua dies instead of Ace) 

Someone dies… 

Ch41 An out of perspective preview 


Riskua grows up with Mihawk AU: At Swords Points Part 1, At Swords Points Part 2

At the battle of the best…

Mistaken as Mihawk’s daughter

Makino, Mihawk’s POV

Birthday present

Awkward talks

Soulmate Name AU: Part 1

Memory Lane: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

The High School AU

Wings AU: Part 1, Part 2

Hogwarts AU: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Mihawk shows up

Art Student AU: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7


Whitebeard prepares for war?  

Whitebeard’s list

Whitebeard likes Riskua

Whitebeard and Sabo

Mihawk shows up at the Moby

Shanks shows up at the Moby

Riskua and Sabo meet Whitebeard

Garp is sad because his brats aren’t Marines: Garp finds out about Ace’ bounty, here, and here

Portgas D. Edward: here and here, 

I was gonna lead the war


Three Sheets to the Wind: Part 2, Part 1

Marineford marriage: The Wedding, Dadan’s POV, Shanks’ what the hell

Run Kiss: Garp’s POV, The coalition of risace…, The kiss, Also the kiss, Ace’ POV


Sabo is worried

Sabo working his way through the Whitebeard pirates

Sabo is misunderstood


Sabo finds out about Law and Riskua

Ch35 Sabo’s POV

They are oblivious Idiots, Law witnesses

Marines try to break up Risace I

Marines try to break up Risace II

Scheme #34, failure


Raowl and 5yo Riskua, Raowl 

Riskua’s book: here, here, here, here, Mihawk publishes the stories

Shanks being overprotective


Sabo paid an artist…

Get the Den Den

Riskua just got married

What ifs

Risace merch

Shanks reacts to his grandchild

You’ve lost MY LITTLE GULLY?

Johnson’s POV

Shanks meets Roger

Ace forgot about Mihawk

Shanks and Mihawk

Doesn’t like Ace

Red Hot Spots: here, Tell me how that feels


She wears sunlight well

Morning Kisses

Cradle Protocol

Worship NSFW

It Feels Like Love NSFW

Post sexy-times NSFW

Law swaps their hearts

Jealous Riskua

Jealous Ace

Warm me up

Riskua is good NSFW 

Never have I ever

Dirty thoughts of my best friend

Flirted out of trouble


Yu-Gi-Oh: Something’s Off

Flight oft he Albaltross: 

A Pair of Aces: Part 1, Drabble, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

The Fearsome Foursome: Part 1: Dine n’ Dash

And more by @fanfiction-by-abalisk​: here


Red Hot Revolution: Koala pushing Risace and Sabo together by @rboooks​

Tell it to the Barista by @silencia20​

Meeting Her – A TittM AU by @nordictwin​

Weird things happened when Eddy…

Riskua died, Luffy’s reaction by @bluediva​

Risace and Baby Names by @bluediva​

I Just Can’t Wait to Be (Pirate) King by anonymous

The Princesses of the World and the Prince of the Universe by @jay345sal28​

Law draws conclusions by @ladyteldra​


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