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I refuse to believe that Pac-man, as an observant Jew, would feast on souls. However, I am going to postulate that Pac-man is a metaphor for the turmoil inside the Jewish soul- specifically, Pac-man is the yetzer hara. And what else could he be? He does nothing other than devour, and devour, and destroy. He does not stop to daven, and he does not say brakha before he eats the wee dot thingies.

Above we see the four ghosts, Inky, Winky, Pinky, and Clyde. I postulate that each of them represent a different Jewish virtue. It is not Pac-man’s job to destroy them, but it is in his nature- it is the job of the ghosts to corral Pac-man and keep him from taking control of the soul, as represented by a maze.  Clyde, the yellow ghost, is the same colour as an etrog. His endless wandering reminds us of the wandering we did in the desert, yet like the other ghosts he still does the customs of a Jew, and therefore we may call him Zikaron (remembrance). Inky, as we see, is also called Bashful. Therefore  she represents tzniut, or modesty. However, the name Inky could also be a reference to the ink in which the Torah is written- this ghost is a scholar! Inky represents not only the learning of tzniut, but the application of tzniut, and for that she is called both Inky and Bashful. Pinky is pink, a colour associated with young children, and especially girls. Therefore Pinky represents new life and femininity- Pinky is a Jewish mama, maintaining spiritual influence over her family. The Talmud 

says that when a pious man marries a wicked woman, the man becomes wicked, but when a wicked man marries a pious woman, the man becomes pious. Blinky, or Shadow, is a stand-in for the Plague of Darkness in Egypt, because of his name, and yet also he warns of darkness of the spirit, and the perils of benightedness- he goes all blue and woogy not to let Pac-man win, but to warn Pac-man that winning comes at a terrible price.

Rabbis, it is time for the morning posts.
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To randomly continue the gemstone-educating trend I seem to have going, this is what I mean by there not actually being much difference between stones that are not emeralds in the lab-created vs. natural argument.

First, the ruby:

Without being told, how would you know which one is real and which one isn’t? (It’s the bottom image, by the way.) When it comes to lab-created rubies, they even manage to get the color variances correct within the stone. Both of these are predominantly a pink-tinged red with swirls of purple-y magenta in there.

Blue Sapphires are a bit easier to tell the difference:

This is a natural AAA-grade blue Burmese Sapphire:

And this is a synthetic blue sapphire:

The only hint you’ll have with lab-created sapphires is that, like an emerald, they’re too perfect. No occlusions. Now, good sapphires can have no occlusions and be perfectly cut in nature, but lab-growns will all be rather uniformly perfect and there will be very few variances in color–because natural blue sapphire tend not to have those variances except in odd instances. (Example: My dark blue sapphire was right up against a pyrite vein when it was harvested, so it has sprinkles of pyrite hiding in the stone if you look through it with good light and a jeweler’s eye. Sometimes you can even see them with light alone.) T

he Burmese example above helps to convince you it’s real in the way that it reflects light in different colors–note the pale violet. The synthetic is TRYING to do that, but it only ever manages a dark purple that’s still very close to being that same shade of blue. (There is a difference in cut between these two stones that makes the natural one reflect light more easily, but it would be behaving the same, regardless.)

However, once you get to the really DARK sapphires? You’re going to have a lot more trouble, like so:

Is it real? Is it lab-grown? I don’t even fucking know because the site didn’t say.

Basically when it comes to lab-created stones or natural gemstones, the best thing you can do is buy from a jeweler who has an excellent reputation or from a seller of the gemstones by themselves who has a perfect rating. Or get a degree in gemology.


Synthetic = cheap piece of shit. Synthetic gemstones are not lab-grown. (They’re most often faceted glass, but “synthetic” sounds better than “costume jewelry.”)

Lab-grown or Lab-created = chemically composed of the same material of the natural gemstone. If you can’t afford the real gemstone when it comes to a good sapphire or a ruby, lab-grown or lab-created stones are just as nice.

Just don’t buy a lab-created emerald. Don’t spend that kind of money when you can just get a nice, natural green beryl and have the same color and style of stone for much cheaper.
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Congratulations California on being the first state in the nation to officially recognize a third gender! 🌈 Thank you California Gov. Jerry Brown! 🌈

If you or someone you know needs support, we’re here for you 24/7 at: 866.488.7386🌟 Text and chat available at: http://ift.tt/2yMFXvA 🌟
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I realize this is not new information to anyone, but what struck me so hard this time I read the Lord of the Rings was the sense of melancholy.  Like it’s painfully obvious to the reader that this world is Not As It Once Was.  All of the characters we meet reference this feeling of loss in one way or another.  

The elves are the most obvious - with their fading light and their ships sailing away.  Treebeard talks about how the woods aren’t as they once were, about the ents who are falling asleep and withering to nothing.  The dwarves lust after the glory of their forefathers, be it in mountain fortresses or caverns of mithril - now empty and echoing.  Old Tom Bombadil remembers a race of great men and women, reduced simply to trinkets in cold tombs.

And even men, the race set to inherit this new age, even they are experiencing this sense of melancholy, of losing hold of something great.  We see their great cities reduced to rubble on riverbanks, or possessed by evil.  Aragorn longs to return to his throne to restore the glory of ages past, to somehow rejuvenate that which is dying in the race of men. 

And hobbits?  At first we see them as living in the present, with no great glory of the past to tie them down.  Yet when Frodo returns to the Shire, it is…Not As It Once Was.  And I think while the other hobbits are able to shake off this feeling and return to their love of life and the present, maybe Frodo’s true burden is to inherit this sense of loss from the rest of Middle Earth.  

And what makes Lord of the Rings (and Tolkien) so extraordinary, at least to me, is how there is still so much hope in the story even with all its sadness. Hope is literally Aragorn’s childhood name, given to him at a time his House is all but finished. Hope is what drives Gandalf and leads his way when others of his order become distracted and give up their purpose. Hope appears to Sam when he and Frodo trudge towards what seems to be their end in the fires of Mount Doom. Hope is there at dawn when Rohirrim arrive at Minas Tirith and blow their horns, and they ride to defend the City of Kings, though they know what they are facing. In fact, for me some of the most brilliant moments in the story are those when hope appears in the middle of darkest despair. Tolkien writes like sadness and hope are merely the two sides of the same coin. 

One of the many things I love about the world Tolkien created is the exquisite beauty that rises from sadness; lesser stories would transform sorrow and grief into bitterness, but in Tolkien’s world, it becomes a force for pity and wisdom and love. Some of his best and wisest characters are those who have known great sorrow. Melancholy and sadness are a part of Arda Marred, but like Gandalf says: “not all tears are an evil.” 

Perhaps my favourite quote from Tolkien is Haldir’s line from the Fellowship of the Ring, when the company is nearing Lothlórien:

“The world is indeed full of peril, and in it there are many dark places; but still there is much that is fair, and though in all lands love is now mingled with grief, it grows perhaps the greater.”
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the most satisfying ending ever


Oct. 17th, 2017 04:46 am
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Who wants to send me $50 so I can get gas and a couple groceries?


Also, you obviously don’t need to send the entire $50, any amount will be helpful and appreciated.

Halfway there.
I just need $25 to be able to get some food.

quick reminder that I would super appreciate $25 for foodstuffs to get me through the rest of October.
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asked a boy, of the universe:
shall i grow strong? shall i grow old?

strong as atlas, said the universe,
to the end of an age and more, said the universe.

(indeed, the weight of the world rested on his shoulders, and he survived the end of one age, and sparked the end of another)

asked a hero, of the universe:
who will i teach? who will i love?

the greatest powers of their ages, said the universe,
great people as numbered as the stars, said the universe.

(he taught the monster who held a galaxy in darkness, and the child who returned it to light.  and oh, did he love, every star as it burned out)

asked a martyr, of the universe:
what is left of me? shall i find rest?

your body, your soul, and your sorrow, said the universe,
no, not for you, said the universe.

not yet.

(and the universe did not lie)

asked the universe, of a man:
what will you give?

all of me, said the man.

asked the universe, of the man:

ah, said the man, because that is love.

asked the universe, of the man:
and what good is love?

and the man was silent.

said the man, to the universe:
fertile soil, for all things that grow.

was it worth it? asked the universe,
was it? asked the man.

(and the universe had no answer)

- a dialogue, between a light and the infinite | imj
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The city of Sestroretsk - near St. Petersburg, Russia - is home to a Jewish cemetery that the town is wanting to level unless enough relatives of the people buried there come forward.  Please reblog and if you have any Soviet Jewish family who lived in Sestroretsk, please talk to them about this.  We can save this small Jewish cemetery and even restore it as a proper burial ground with enough public support.
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I’m sorry, baby, but one of us has to act as an emotional vent.

@funkzpiel  @deadcatwithaflamethrower @lectorel
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padawan-lightningstarborne submitted:  In case you’re having a bad day, have my cat being adorable and having dragon eyes.

Posted for ANYONE who might be having an off-day: kitten purring and faces.

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@deadcatwithaflamethrower We have a new rating.

I want a “traditional Deadcat violence” tag.  :D

Ask and ye shall receive.


I sort of want to paste it onto everything.
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Don’t scroll past this. Kylie Armstrong was diagnosed with breast cancer and these small dimples were the only signs. She posted the image on Facebook so everyone knows that “that breast cancer is not always a detectable lump.” Here’s how Kylie is doing today.

(If you’re not sure how to do a self breast exam, instructions can be found at BreastCancer.org.)

This could save a life!
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via http://ift.tt/2iepOLK:Winnipeg Real Estate Tycoon Sues 49 People Who Protested Bulldozing Historic Wetlands:






A Winnipeg-area real estate developer has launched a lawsuit against 49 people who tried to defend ecologically sensitive wetlands that have historical significance to the Métis against controversial development plans.

Companies owned by Andrew Marquess, a well-connected Winnipeg developer, allege in court documents newly obtained by PressProgress that the 49 defendants participated in a “trespassing campaign” on the wetlands. Marquess claims this forced him to build a fence, install flood lights and hire a private security firm to “conduct surveillance” on the Indigenous and environmental activists.

Marquess had previously launched a lawsuit against several lead organizers. A new Statement of Claim, filed at the end of September, names dozens of new defendants.

Those defendants say Marquess is seeking “damages potentially in excess of $500,000” – a move they warn could have a chilling effect on peaceful protests.

Continue Reading.

Help the peaceful protestors. They’ve made a go fund me to pay for their legal fees:

Go Fund Me: Legal Help For Rooster Town Blockade

Fuck this guy.

wtf why does this only have 200 notes

Because this is about Canada and nobody on tumblr gives a damn about bad things going on in Canada. 🙃

Moose and maple syrup jokes and photogenic selfies of Justin Trudeau will instantly go viral but serious Canadian issues? Almost always will get a whole lot of silence.


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