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Newt: *kisses Percival's neck*
Percival: what is this
Newt: affection
Percival: disgusting
Percival: do it again
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… All I can think of is Elrond face-palming so hard. He did not ask for all these badgers to suddenly set up a perimeter around Rivendell, nor the deer to come warn them of orc activity, or bears lumbering out from the woods to surprise an orc hunting party. The birds become even chattier than normal.

Whenever Newt is in the vicinity he acquires an entourage. Graves gets used to it eventually. (But not before nearly jumping out of his skin when Newt shows up with a wolf in tow one day. Misunderstood creatures. Right.)
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Today has been a good day. I have managed to get my hands on not only The Book of Lost Tales but also Morgoth’s Ring. Specifically, the section entitled ‘Of the Laws and Customs Among the Eldar’. Which has sparked various thoughts regarding mine and @elenothar​ ‘s ongoing Lord of the Rings/Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them worldbuild. See below for some of my musings!

Canonically, Eluréd and Elurín were six or seven years old when the Second Kinslaying descended upon Dorianth. However, it is also canonical that elvish children mature at a vastly slower rate then do humans; assuming that the twin followed elvish developmental patterns (they did have human ancestry), they might have had the physical appearance of three to four year old children. Little more then toddlers. That - really puts it into perspective. Tolkien also states that Eldar mentally mature at a much faster rate then do humans, but trauma and mental and physical shock could have induced psychogenic amnesia. (My knowledge of psychogenic amnesia is strictly obtained from wiki, so there is every possibility that I might be wrong).

Newt and Theseus would have been children. They might have seen their parents die; they would have been taken from all that was familiar and driven into the wilderness to die of cold and hunger. They would have had nothing left but each other - Graves tries not to think about it. Newt and Theseus have spent literally years trying not to think about it; their earliest recollections - of fear and hunger and darkness - are not particularly pleasant ones. The twins have - mixed feelings about their lack of memories of what transpired before. Prior to the revelation of their heritage, the temptation of knowing their true backgrounds was a factor - but. But even if it had been a possibility, they weren’t sure if they wanted to know who they were before the gap in their memories. The twins had foster-parents that they loved among both humans and the avari; they know who they are. They like who they are. 

Despite it not being strictly necessary, apparently there are uniquely elvish wedding traditions. …Newt, for one, wouldn’t care about a traditional ceremony. Percival, on the other hand - well, he might not particularly mind either (Graves is practical; it’s one of his defining characteristics) but he might also feel that Newt deserves every courtesy and honor that he can bestow. Namely, a year-long betrothal, as jointly agreed upon/announced by the families of the spouses-to-be, and the exchange of silver rings - which are later swapped for gold in the actual ceremony.

…Newt’s only known family (at that time) is Theseus; Graves, on the other hand, doesn’t have any blood kin remaining; however, the House of Elrond has always regarded him as both a longstanding ally and family in some vague, undefined way. (He’s been a constant of their respective childhoods, served and watched and guarded them all these years…) As such, Graves goes to the only member of Elrond’s family he admires for their practicality, fellow-feeling, and capability not to spread around the news that he’s getting married.

…which means that the marriage is formally agreed upon approved by Theseus and Arwen. The latter is delighted. The former somewhat less so. (His brother! His little brother is getting married! Newt politely asks one of the wolves-not-wargs-why-would-you-think-they’re-wargs? to sit on him until he calms down) Newt thinks this is all very silly, but it makes Percy happy, so why not? 

A marriage feast followed by the actual ceremony is also traditional; in this case, the ‘feast’ in question was a picnic in the middle of Mirkwood forest, and the ceremony was officiated by Radagast instead of the parents of the spouses - considering that none of said parents were actually living, and getting the knot tied by a Maia is definitely something. Apparently, it’s tradition among the Noldor for the parents to give their new offspring-in-law a ‘jewel upon a chain or collar’; Arwen, acting on Graves’ behalf, might give Newt a pretty necklace or something.

…of course, none of the above is strictly necessary considering that apparently it’s the wedding night that is the actual act of marriage, with everything else being ceremonial and not really needed. I’m choosing to believe that there’s some kind of mutual intent needed between the parties in question to forge said marriage. Or is casual sex just - not a thing among elves?

With regards to Gondolin - I wonder what House Graves belonged to? I’m tempted to say he was a guard/soldier in the House of the King, considering his canonical rank in MACUSA - the seat of power. Individuals in said house consisted of “the King’s family and bodyguard.“ Then again, he could be a member of the House of the Wing - “The bodyguard of Tuor, and the smallest house.” If Graves was a member of either House - that could also be one reason why he sticks close to the descendants of Turgon/Tuor (in addition to his sense of duty); they’re basically the only semi-family he has left.

…I’m actually pretty sure he was a member of the House of the Wing, seeing as how The Book of Lost Tales states that the member of the House of the King basically stayed with Turgon to the last and died alongside him. Also, there’s a pretty good likelihood that the House of the Wing might have had one of the highest survival rates of the various populations in Gondolin - considering how they basically followed Tuor, and how Tuor was the one who led the evacuation.

“Mighty was the array of the house of the king and their colors were white and gold and red, and their emblems the moon and the sun and the scarlet heart…” That’s the House of the King. The House of the Wing - “All these wore wings as it were of swans or gulls upon their helms, and the emblem of the White Wing was upon their shields.” I wonder if Graves has any physical remembrances - any tokens, or badges of office, or anything from that time?

Just - Graves. Graves, looking out over the walls of Gondolin during what was supposed to be a holiday, and seeing the plains teaming with dragons and fire-serpents, orcs and balrogs. Being there when the northern gate fell and the orcs poured into the city, killing everyone in their path. He saw the House of the Hammer of Wrath die to a man; he might even have seen Ecthelion slay Gothmog, Lord of Balrogs. He ran with the rest of the survivors across the plains, in that last desperate rush - and there’s a strong likelihood that he witnessed Glorfindel’s last stand.

Also - @elenothar​ , remember how we talked about just how many elves survived the Fall of Gondolin? The Book of Lost Tales says that 580 survived to resettle at the Mouths of Sirion. I looked up some speculation online - apparently, Gondolin was able to field an army at least 10,000 strong in the Battle of Unnumbered Tears, meaning the city had - about 30,000 people, maybe?

…meaning about 2% of the population of Gondolin managed to escape.

…Graves can sympathize with Newt to a rather large extent regarding his spouse’s disinclination to listen or sing about his family. Graves was present at some of the events that elves love to sing about - the fall of Gondolin, the battles of Ecthelion and Glorfindel, the death of the House of the Hammer - they’re not good memories.
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Do you think we could have red panda!Graves AND red panda!Newt?
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“…once when I could not have one girl I wanted, I became sick, horribly sick.Sick like a prince in a fairy tale, a prince who cannot eat or drink because of love.”

- “Who was it?”

“It was you.”

Ok, all I can think is Graves and Fem!Newt or Fem!Theseus. Cannot unsee it.


(I’m in favor of Fem!Newt, for some reason - perhaps because of the shade of blue that dress is.)
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If Fantastic Beasts characters were benders…

Newt would be a waterbender:

Because then he could heal wounds and animals count for that

He’s gentle and caring and his characteristics count for that of a waterbender

His name is Artemis — waterbenders’ bending is at its peak during a full moon and is stronger at night

Tina would be an earthbender:

She’s tough and she will stand in your way if she has to (e.g. if you’re about to harm the people she cares about)

On the contrary, she won’t let anything stand in her way if she needs to do her job (re: her arrest of Newt)

Queenie would be an airbender:

She’s free-willed and quite bubbly like a lot of airbenders we may know

She’s often looking out for her friends and offering wisdom when they need it (“She was a taker; you need a giver.”)

Playful at times, likes to play around with her friends (re: tapping into people’s thoughts and competing with Newt in which school is better)

Percival would be a firebender:

The man is dynamic—critical at times when needed be and ever since his capture by Grindelwald, his instinct has been to survive

He doesn’t power his bending by hate or rage, until his bending became rather unstable after his rescue

He, along with Theseus, were known for being one of the few lightning benders in the war, but as mentioned before, Grindelwald has left him incapable of redirecting or even creating lightning due to the inner turmoil he experiences

Theseus would be a firebender:

Unlike his brother, Theseus would draw his power from the sun and is at his strongest during a comet passing

He’s very preservative about his bending; he only uses it in times of need and resorts to martial arts instead of bending when the situation does not call for it

He’s had incidents when he was younger and has learned to control his bending since then

Like Percival, he is also a lightning bender and is still able to redirect or create lightning when needed be and he was forced to use this technique during the war

Seraphina would be an earthbender:

She can use this to her advantage when the situation calls for it and would use this to cease a fight between colleagues or enemies

She won’t back down — a trait usually seen in earthbenders (e.g. Toph Bei Fong) — and will stand by her decision even if she would regret it in the end

Jacob would be an airbender: ((i didn’t want him to be a non-bender, that’d just be sad :( ))

Like Queenie, he’s very much a free-spirit if he wanted to be

He’s only bound to his work because he knows he needs it

First of all, he’d get along well with Queenie and Newt and second, he’s funny and he sees the good in people (re: scene where he and Newt were talking about people not liking them)

Grindelwald would be a waterbender:

Simply because then he would use this to his advantage when controlling people (e.g. bloodbending)

He can draw water from anything and he would also use this to his aid when needed be

He’s also possibly a chi-blocker considering that he will (might?) use this to be able to manipulate his prisoners/enemies (e.g. Amon)

((Dunno if I did good with these analyzations but!! Feel free to alter/correct me since I’m not that exactly sure about most of them (like Jacob and Seraphina ngl) so yeah!))


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Percy: I'll have to soup of the day, sir.
Newt: Percy, this is a bar.
Bartender: *pours whisky into a bowl and drops in a straw*
Bartender: *garnishes with a single cherry*
Percy: Ah, my favorite.
Newt: I cannot with you.
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About the middle name.


Newt: ??????? Theseus told you?????

Percival: The name is right for you, I like it.

Newt: Please no. And why are you standing on a box.
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“And the Bastard grant us… in our direst need, the smallest gifts: the nail of the horseshoe, the pin of the axle, the feather at the pivot point, the pebble at the mountain’s peak, the kiss in despair, the one right word.”  
 ―    Lois McMaster Bujold, Paladin of Souls   

@funkzpiel I remembered this quote and, for some reason, couldn’t help but think of Graves. 

(In the context of gramander, of course, because that’s my OTP for FBaWTFT)
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… All I can think of is Elrond face-palming so hard. He did not ask for all these badgers to suddenly set up a perimeter around Rivendell, nor the deer to come warn them of orc activity, or bears lumbering out from the woods to surprise an orc hunting party. The birds become even chattier than normal.

Whenever Newt is in the vicinity he acquires an entourage. Graves gets used to it eventually. (But not before nearly jumping out of his skin when Newt shows up with a wolf in tow one day. Misunderstood creatures. Right.)
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I was thinking of a dragon Newt fic. One where Percival is sent by Grindelwald to a dragon lair to die but the dragon is polite and curious! After some time he decides he would like to try to court Percival even.
Newt even makes a squishy human form for himself!
Que some disturbed, worried, and secretly intrigued Percival.

I’m just picturing Newt trying to figure out the right gifts to give a human to woo them and introducing Percival to his hoard of magical creatures. I’m also all over dragon Newt being casually ferocious! 

Plus! Worn down lonely Percival not knowing how to deal with someone genuinely interested in him as a person and not as a powerful Director or a rich Graves.

@funkzpiel  @elenothar
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There are so many stories going around right now where Percival Graves is tortured terribly - I have the sudden urge to shower him in fluff and happy endings and True Love.
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Is that the new thing? After his imprisonment, it really hits Graves that he could die at any moment so he just starts banging everyone and living it up.

He’d sacrificed life outside of career for so long, he’s got a lot to catch up on. ;)


Newt and Tina ain’t complaining.
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I sent an ask to @ladyoftheshrimp about how Newt is a Hufflepuff so he must be good at finding things and in the end he’s the one who finds and rescues Percival Graves. So tada! This happens.

When he goes back to England, the first thing that Theseus says to him is, “You have to help us find Percival Graves.”

In all of their lives together, Theseus never once asks Newt for any help. He is always the capable one. The reliable son. The stronger brother. The one people idolise and praise.

So it’s a surprise to see Theseus looking so troubled and haunted, clutching at his coat and begging.

“You have to help us, Newt. He’s the only who knows what kind of damage that Grindelwald is planning to do. And I know for a fact that MACUSA cell won’t be able to hold the madman before he makes his escape.

Newt tries to wiggle his way out of this sudden request. Yes, he had revealed Grindelwald’s true identity. Yes, he had brought Grindelwald to his knees. But, Newt is nothing compared to Theseus. He’s just a simple wizard.

But Theseus is relentless, so desperate that he won’t take no for answer. He even promises to hire a famous linguist from Oxford to edit Newt’s manuscripts.
So Newt agrees, on the account that Theseus will provide him special permits for all of his creatures, “Yes, Thes. Even the Nundu and the Obscurus.”

He makes his way back to New York after only a week leaving the big city. Careful to avoid MACUSA prefered routes. Walking in shadow and slipping silently into the backalleys. It’s better this way, because he knows there are still Grindelwald’s fanatics who are hunting for his head. And he knows that the Madame President won’t be happy about his return to the city.

He works tirelessly. Poring over Theseus’ notes about Percival Graves and his family. Memorizing his favourite haunts and visiting the places to extract more information. The point-me spell brings him to the Graves Estate.

Unplottable to ward off the muggles.

And it won’t let Newt in because Newt is a stranger. Because Newt’s intention is to raid the place. The old magic is too thick and it has been contaminated with Grindelwald’s own dark spells.

He almost gives up but then he looks at the suitcase in his hand and rolls his shoulders.

Hufflepuff is not a quitter. They will do anything to find a way to help someone in need.

And Newt will ask for his creatures’ help.

So he unlatches his case and lets the Niffler out to sniff her way to find Percival Graves. Dougal follows after her, careful and cautious as he passes by the wards easily.

Newt waits outside the great gate, underneath the big oak tree. Doodling the impressive manor in his sketchbook and thinking to himself that he won’t mind staying here for a bit because the ground is vast enough for all of his creatures to roam freely.

Pickett chirps, agreeing with Newt’s musings.

He doesn’t know how long he waits but he eventually falls asleep and is woken up to a slight heavy weight on his chest.

The Niffler is back and Newt sees the shiny silver spoons poking out from her pouch and he heaves a heavy sigh.

“I told you to find Percival Graves. Not to rob the family manor.”

The Niffler growl lowly, pulling at Newt’s collar in an attempt to haul him up. She looks desperate. Eager for Newt to move faster and he feels his heart jumping now.

“Did you find him? Is Dougal with him now?”

The Niffler makes a noise and drapes herself around Newt’s neck, mindful of Pickett who is hanging by Newt’s ear.

“I can’t passed the ward. It won’t let me in.”

The Niffler growls again, climbing down from her perch to pass through the gate. Then she walks back out, raising her paws for Newt to take and he does. Bending himself over to hoist her up and he takes a deep breath. Closing his eyes, he thinks to himself that he means no harm to the house or the family.

He just wants to save Percival Graves.

And when he takes a step, there’s a soft tingle of warm magic running through his face and the wards let him in.

He remembers afterwards that as soon as he opens his eyes, the Niffler jumps off from his arms and makes her way into the house. Scurrying fast across the great hall and pass the kitchen. There are sharp turns and twist ends, before Newt stumbles into a narrow passageaway. Hidden from the naked eyes. The passage leads him into the small basement, where the ceiling is low and the wall is tight.

And there, at the end of the small space, Dougal sits next to an unmoving broken body; his long fingers grooming the tangled hair; a soft, comforting croon tumbles out from his mouth.

Newt kneels before Percival Graves, careful not to touch the man too tightly as he checks for his pulse. It’s there but it’s erratic, like the fluttering of a golden snidget trying to escape.

“Mr. Graves can you hear me?”

There’s a weak groan and Newt leans in to press his ear closer to Percival’s mouth.

“Grindelwald,” he says weakly, clutching at Newt’s fingers like he’s afraid.

“He’s not here Mr. Graves. He’s been captured and we’ve been searching for you ever since.”

Graves closes his eyes again and Newt works faster now. Asking for Dougal to apparate to MACUSA to bring Tina in. It can’t be helped at this point. The Madame President will be upset with him and the Ministry of Magic will not have the glory of rescuing Percival Graves now that MACUSA will be here.

But he doesn’t care about all that. His priority is on Percival Graves now, the man that clutches at his hand so desperately.

“It’s alright now, Mr. Graves,” Newt murmurs, cradling the man closer to his chest. “You’re safe now. Nothing will harm you anymore. I’ll make sure of that.”
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Percival: Is this the part where you tell me that if I hurt him, you'll kill me?
Theseus: No. If you hurt Newt, he's perfectly capable of killing you himself. Possibly with a variety of beasts
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Born of my innate tendency to mix and merge my favorite fandoms. 

During a fight with a fill-in-the-blank enemy (perhaps it’s Dracula?) Trevor, Alucard, and Sypha were faced with a deceptively vague spell - one designed to show them that ‘they had no future!’ However, said curse was interrupted mid-casting by 1) A sanctified whip 2) A gout of flames and 3) A silver sword.

Rather then unleash a force of devastation upon them, it instead summoned Percival Graves from approximately five hundred years in the future.

Percival Graves who took one look at Trevor and spluttered “Granddad!?” Who addressed Sypha as “Grandma?!” And whose face filled with utter exasperated fury upon seeing Alucard. “Grandfather, what the fuck?”

Percival Graves, who punches demons in the face (just like Trevor), summons gouts of fire and ice to his side in a fight (just like Sypha) and accomplishes it all with an effortless grace and almost arrogant self-assurance (just like Alucard).

Percival Graves, whose full name is Percival Belmont Graves, and who immediately starts curing ‘Grandsir’ Alucard to high heaven. “What the fuck did you do now, you senile old fuck?!”

Percival Graves, who is the many-times great-grandson of Trevor and Sypha Belmont, has had to put up with infuriatingly vague and melodramatic ‘Grandsir’ Alucard his entire life, and who has been summoned from the far future just as he was about to fucking propose to Newt, goddamnit!

Percival Graves, who rolls his eyes at Alucard, gingerly trades tips on magic with ‘Grandma’ Sypha, and who, surprisingly, gets along best with ‘Grandpa’ Trevor - they have similar tastes in alcohol, and Graves desperately needs a drink. (Trevor, for his part, is determinedly regarding Percival as something of a distant cousin; he’s quietly thrilled to have family again, but it threatens his sanity to think of this man as his grandson). Percival can’t stand Alucard, and Grandma Sypha is - almost frighteningly naive in ways that make him very uncomfortable; on the other hand, he falls quite easily into talking shop with Trevor.

It was Percival’s mother who was the Belmont, but she made damn sure her son would be able to wield a whip with the best of them if it ever came down to it.

Then, of course, Newt somehow manages to follow Percy back in time (I see him as arriving on the back of a fire-breathing dragon for some reason) and Trevor damn near swallows his tongue. There’s a certain physical resemblance between Newt and Sypha - both thin, short-haired, sharp-faced magic-users, who are unexpectedly baddass. In short, Trevor is the first to figure out that Belmonts have a type - he kind of wants to bang his head against something very hard at that realization.

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SO. So, I don’t think I’m up to ficcing this right now (maybe I’ll write some snippets later?) but I’m definitely up for worldbuilding more.

I’m currently debating as to whether or not Graves is a Baratheon or an Arryn. On the one hand, the Baratheons have the dark coloration, the moody tempers, live by the sea - their House Words are ‘Ours Is The Fury’, for goodness sake! Except - except. Except the symbol of House Arryn is the falcon (somewhat reminiscent of MACUSA’s Eagle), and their House Words are “As High As Honor” - again, canon!Graves is an auror. Bound to uphold the law, bound to honor and duty - I think he might be a Arryn with dark coloration. (Perhaps his mother was a Baratheon?)

SO. So one of the major themes underlying Westerosi politics is, quite simply, marriage alliances. It’s a fundamental part of the culture; precious few people marry for simple affection. They marry to seal treaties, to ensure good relationships, to keep the peace - so. So what if Newt and Percival have an arranged marriage?

Newt and Graves have never met. Not until the day that Newt comes of age, and is packed off to the Vale - to the Eyrie.

The first time Percival Graves Arryn lays eyes on his husband-to-be, Newt is standing in the middle of the courtyard, staring around himself in awe. His hair is a tangled mess of curls, his eyes are wide and sparkling with wonder, and his skin is speckled with freckles - Graves takes one look at his fiancee, and falls head-over-heels.

Newt was - terribly frightened, at first. He was being sent away from the only home he ever knew, to marry a man he’d never so much as met before - he brought his books with him, his animal friends, but he didn’t - he didn’t know what Lord Arryn would do, how the Lord of the Vale would treat him. But Percival - Percival is kind to him. Allows him to keep his friends and his books, lets him wander the Eyrie freely, has dinner with him and - and Newt begins to hope that he can at least be friends with his husband-to-be.

Which is when it all goes to hell, because somehow Gellert Fucking Grindelwald presses a claim to the Iron Throne. Perhaps he’s a Targaryean - one of the bad ones. One of the ones who lost the coin toss between genius and madness. 

And he’s demanding that all of the Lords Paramount - or their heirs - come to King’s Landing and offer him homage. The first to do so are the Tyrells - who have three children. Albus, Aberforth, and Arianna.

Gellert Targaryean kills Arianna Tyrell. By way of making a point. And kidnaps Albus Tyrell to be his Royal Spouse - and when the Tyrells protest, when their allies protest, he orders their deaths as well.

And that’s the impetus for Civil War.

Graves doesn’t know that he can win this, but he knows that he and his goodbrother-to-be are not going to take this lying down. Graves is calling his banners, he’s silently swearing to himself that he will die before he lets that madman touch Newt, he’s going to die on his feet if nothing else, and -

And that’s when he comes home to his bedroom one evening, tired and weary, to find Newt. Newt, with three tiny dragons, newly-hatched, curled in his lap.

(It turns out that Theseus gave Newt three dragon eggs as a wedding gift. Newt was delighted - but he’s even moreso delighted with live dragons.)
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Game of Thrones/Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them gramander fusion idea:

Where Newt is the most unlikely Targaryen ever, and Graves is a Baratheon who cannot believe he fell in love with this gentle, smiling man.

On further reflection - perhaps Newt is from another Great House? However, said Great House did have a Targaryean marry in at some point, and Newt is a throwback to that blood. It would explain both his coloration and his absolute fascination with dragons.

…I’d like to think that he’s a Tully, with distinctly Targaryean traits. Who manages to attract the attention (and affections) of Graves, a Baratheon of Storm’s End.


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