May. 23rd, 2017

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via Language of Flowers - Floriography:





Behold! The grand chart for flower language compiled by @hasty-touch & @halonic. After being introduced to it, a number of folks have taken to using bouquets, delivered within Ishgard (and perhaps without) to convey messages. Can confirm that House Pepin delivers discretely and provides excellent service.

:3 This is just a thing I compiled from loads of PDFs and stuff because I was going batty from flipping between 20 different browser tabs.

Since it’s publicly viewable now I may work on neatening it some over the next few weeks!

Once upon a time @hasty-touch and I somehow ended up screeching “FLORIOGRAPHY???” at one another, and then weeks later he and @halonic made this gem happen, and suddenly the sea of books and browser tabs parted, and I was at peace.
I never close this spreadsheet.  It is my home.  We are one.

(( Signal boosting because these are the most thorough nerds I’ve ever seen and this list is wonderful.I’ve referenced it countless times already! ))
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((Just gonna take a second to post this since this is a blog where people interact with me instead of just consuming whatever content I create or share:

((I’m in an incredibly dangerous and toxic relationship that I have recently been fully entrapped in. The money I once had access to in the event the situation escalated is gone, taken by my abuser. My leg is a hot mess of pain and not-quite-working-right, so I can only “comfortably” drive one of our two vehicles, and he’s saying he’s taking it for the weekend, regardless of how I start my new job on Tuesday after the holiday, or may need to transport my dogs in an emergency.

((He’s already been violent to my person, but I have nowhere to go that can take me and my dogs, and I can’t leave them here for him to hurt or rehome. I will truly lose whatever meager strength I have if I lose them.

((The tattoos have been cathartic, but he’s threatening me with canceling the lease of our home, of filing paperwork, of rehoming the dogs if he thinks I can’t take care of them, of taking away my healthcare.

((It’s all just really really bad, and I sort of can’t keep it all in. So if I’m tired or sore or giving shorter responses, it’s probably because I’m ugly crying over this situation or trying to find ways to keep myself safe.))

Is there anything we can do to help?
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Delays in funding for ramps could make me homeless.

The remaining $882 ABSOLUTELY MUST be raised IMMEDIATELY. I cannot sit or stand & WILL NOT SURVIVE on the street.

I’m disabled & completely bedridden without ANY ability to sit or stand [medical reports]. I will also be forced to vacate my flat in 3 weeks. I URGENTLY need portable ramp/s (up to 3x$2,262/each), and temporary accessible shelter (~$5,600/month) to ensure my safety. Gradual fundraising within a strict timeline is necessary. I physically cannot get into a flat without expensive ramps, and temp shelter is needed as backup to ensure safety. My life is in danger and I DESPERATELY need your help.

PLEASE DONATE HEREOverall donations count needed:  $10,197 AUD*

*Donations counter is just accumulative & not reflective of costs for individual items or current balance.Fundraiser hosted by registered charity The Developing Foundation ABN #58903560400 (INFO)
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Any curse, chain mail, whatever reblog or you’ll ____ post.

Has now been broken.
Enjoy your day/night as a free/safe human being~

bless your soul

you beautiful perfect being

reblogging for anyone who gets anxiety for such things x

The Tumblr gods have spoken!


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