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Another lesbian Sith Obi-Wan, but this time more realistic and traditional, because Lord knows a consistent drawing style just isn’t what I’m into! 乁༼☯‿☯✿༽ㄏ
For her namesake @lesbiankenobi and also @imaginaryanon because, let’s be real, Wicked Thing is what got me drawing all this SW art in the first place, and boy has it just continued to escalate. Dog bless you both.

As a purveyor of Lady Obi-Wans (sadly none of the Sith Variety inspite of Darth Arulas’s best attempts) I heartily approve of this!

@deadcatwithaflamethrower @darthrevaan @morgynleri
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Anakin’s Force Ghost: [appearing in front of Kylo Ren] Kylo: Wh – grandfa– it’s – Anakin: WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?! HMM? Do you know what this has done to me? And your uncle? [getting in his face] AND YOUR MOTHER?! And then there’s what you did to – Kylo: …what? [sizes Anakin up] Oh, I see. So you’ve become a traitor in your afterlife. How…disappointing. I guess I really will have to finish what you started. Anakin: [stammering, furious] Tra-TRAITOR?! ME? [rolls up sleeves] OK, that’s it, I know I SAID I was done kicking people’s asses but this is – Obi-Wan: [holding up a hand] Perhaps I can be of assistance here. [to Kylo] May we talk? Ben to, uh, Ben?Anakin: Obi-Wan please, we’ve been through this, you’re not going to be able to convince him to – Kylo: [smirking] Well well well, look who’s here. Grandpa brought his Jedi boyfriend.Obi-Wan: I just wanted to say that I think…I think you should stay on the Dark Side, really. Anakin: WHAT?! Obi-Wan: Now hear me out, Anakin: it’s not like the young man has many people who even especially want him back on the light side, really, save for his mother perhaps. His uncle’s mostly given up on the Jedi…Kylo: Pfft. Obi-Wan: …and I’m sure he has plenty of close friends here in the First Order who’d fight to keep him here, making our job that much harder. [Hux walks by, smacks Kylo in the head with a notebook]Hux: [over his shoulder] Fuck you, Ren! Kylo: [rolls eyes] Whatever. Obi-Wan: …and it’s not like you or I want to talk to him, Anakin, so really, we may as well just give up – this is the best path for all concerned. [speaking deliberately] Really, if he showed up on the light side again I’d be furious at this point, given all he’s done. It would be far too much work for me. Kylo: [warily] Oh, really? You’d be furious. Obi-Wan: Yes. It would be awful to have to deal with rehabilitating yet another Skywalker. I, Obi-Wan Kenobi, absolutely do not think you should turn back to the Light Side. In fact, as a Jedi Master I…forbid you from turning back to the Light Side. Anakin: [pulling Obi-Wan aside, whispering harshly] Obi-Wan what in the absolute Sith hells are you do – Kylo: [sarcastic laugh] You think…you think YOU can tell ME what to do, old man? I don’t have to listen to you! If I wanna wear this cool black cape, I will! If I wanna give myself a badass Darksider name, then I will! And if I wanna go back to the light side, well, then you’ll just have to live with that too, Kenobi. Anakin: [jaw drops]Obi-Wan: [mildly] Well I am only a ghost now, so I suppose I would have to accept it, even though it would be terribly insubordinate of you and I would be very upset indeed. Kylo: [grabbing his stuff] I’ll show you, Kenobi. I’ll SHOW YOU. You’re not in charge of me! [to Anakin] Let’s go find my mom. Anakin: [agape] I…Obi-Wan: [cracks knuckles] Very well then. [sotto voce] Should have tried that one sooner. 

(You know that Kylo probably figures out that he’s been had halfway back to Leia’s place, but they came so close to pulling it off. Kenobi’s just going to have to be slightly more subtle next time.) ;) 

*sniffles* Aww, thanks! 

Honestly, if Lucasfilm never wants to do anything with the Force Ghosts (which would be a damn shame but hey it’s their Star Wars and they can break my heart if they want to,) I’d be totally down for writing the non-canon Force Ghost cartoon series for them. Y’know. LOOK ME UP, NERDS. 

I volunteer to work for free in the Writers’ Room! I’ll even bring snacks and drinks! Please please please pleaseeeeeee???
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​what if satine and obi’s kid is born during tcw and obi wan knows about him

he’s not going to just leave the order immediately bc anakin and the war, but suddenly he shows up with tiny lil two yr old bb kryze-kenobi, bc satine is in a Situation and somehow obi’s life is the Safer Environment for a child atm

the 212th is just like ???? general. no pressure but did you finally hit your head Too Hard. but they just go with it until anakin comes back and is like obi wan what the fuck are you doing with a toddler on a starfighter.

bb-wan refers to obi-wan as his father once and everything stops moving. cody drops a datapad. waxer and boil drop their helmets and blasters. anakin drops ahsoka and the ten clones he was force lifting. and obi wan is like oh he calls everyone his dad haha must be some madalorian quirk anyways i think i sense general grievous nearby in the force chop chop let’s go smash some droids

does bb wan end up with an entire battalion of dads, or does he end up with two entire battalions of dads? the answer is yes.

i am so here for obi finding out about his secret kid and being so!!!!!! and reevaluating EVERYTHING bc suddenly he has a CHILD and he is 100% attached ™ to this lil thing and fuck master yoda bc there is somehow even LESS of a pull to the dark side now, even when there was almost nothing before

We can’t have obi nonsense without hondo ohnaka popping up for no reason!! hondo kidnaps bb wan sometime during this period. well, less ‘kidnaps’ and more ‘gets followed by a tiny waddling kid who is probably genetically inclined to want to deal with space pirates at a young age, and who is also genetically inclined to be capable of sneaking onto a ship without getting caught’

obi wan is Distraught but then he gets there to find bb wan chilling on a pile of gold, possibly trying to break one with his teeth bc he thinks there’s chocolate inside. hondo’s just like ahh, Kenobi! your offspring has good instincts, it stopped trying to eat my men as soon as it had some gold! obi wan is. 1. Worried, because that is his child. 2. Offended, bc that is his CHILD. 3. Proud, bc his baby is already using his mouth to get out of Sticky Situations, albeit in a somewhat more violent way.

waxer and boil are Fascinated. cody is Stressed. anakin is Taking Notes On Childrearing at terrifying speeds.
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I want art for an AU where Vader finds Old Man Ben on Tatooine before ANH, and everyone expects Obi-Wan to fight Vader, and Obi-Wan means to do his duty, really he does, it’s just that he’s missed Anakin so much that as soon as he sees Vader in that horrible suit he immediately drops his lightsaber and throws his arms around Vader’s neck and hugs the shit out of him instead.

tl;dr: Old Man Ben hugging Vader, it’s all I can think about

(And Old Ben thinks he’s taking this chance, this impossible chance, to do this, just once, before Vader kills him, because he never showed Anakin when he should have, this is the least he can do for whatever’s left –

Fortunately, the whole thing confuses Vader so much that he doesn’t kill Obi-Wan and *handwave in a plot* and so they overthrow the Emperor and start a new, better Jedi Order together HAPPY ENDINGS FOR EVERYONE the end)
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@deadcatwithaflamethrower @norcumi @dogmatix @morgynleri @darthrevaan
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Ahhhhh I have had a partial reply started for days about this topic!! I am perfectly good with either flavor of this AU of the Pirate Kenobi AU because both are making me laugh. 

Honestly, Anakin is not ready for any of this, either way. He’s going to be so in over his head, since Anakin’s been living in the Suit and being a Bad Guy with Sheev for a zillion years. He is like the LEAST READY anyone in the entire universe has ever been for Good Guy Rapscallion Pirate Kenobi turning on the charm ray. 

I almost feel bad for the guy, except that he’s totally going to get to make out with Pirate Obi-Wan, so it’s hard to scrounge up THAT much sympathy. LOL
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Here he is in all his glory, guys: Accidental Space Pirate Obi-Wan Kenobi.
I hold each and every one of you personally responsible: @bodirooks @resistancepilots @albaparthenicevelut @fireflyfish @writegowrite @forcearama @bloodlyshiva
Shame on you for encouraging me!! ;)

AMAZING!! I dunno what my favorite part is?? The tiny braid in his swooshy hair. (And the lil bit of grey!!) The gaping tunic. The CLOAK. The half circles symbol on his remaining armor. The definitely non-regulation blaster and the Thigh Holster. Gosh.

This is truly the Obi Wan who accidentally liberated Tatooine from the Hutts. This is truly the Obi Wan who someone gifted a Moon (I mean. Look at him. I too, would give him the moon). This is truly the Obi Wan who is also secretly the Duke of Mandalore and has accidentally started accruing his own empire. Hondo Onaka is Ecstatic.


Listen. He does the one soresu stance. You know the one.
Except this time, instead of two fingers, there’s this ridiculous non-regulation uncivilized blaster. Mostly sentients are smart enough not to stay and fight, though a lot of them swoon and it’s a bit of a problem, really. Obi Wan wouldn’t just leave someone unconscious in the desert like that, so now they have to be taken care of. With plenty of fluids and the occasional smelling salt, naturally.

Guys… theoretically… if I were to draw a comic-book cover of the imaginary ‘Obi-Wan Kenobi: Accidental Space Pirate’ issue 1… which character/s would be on the cover with him??

Part of me is thinking Jabba’s palace on fire in the distance…


Dear Lord in heaven I love all of these comments. And I am still 10,000% on board with Accidental Pirate Obi-Wan being gifted a moon. 

And yes, @jerseytigermoth, he is totally running from some kind of burning building/explosion in this comic cover. 

I do love the idea of Ahsoka being part of his pirate crew. Or a tiny, sassy little Luke Skywalker who’s been brought into the fold. Obviously Hondo would be a strong contender for inclusion here, too. He is LOVING Obi-Wan’s pirate years.  

Vader is going to faint when he lays eyes on pirate Obi-Wan. The Empire does not stand a chance. 

@darthrevaan @norcumi @dogmatix @deadcatwithaflamethrower
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- Matthew Stover, Revenge of the Sith 


Rey Kenobi, anyone? …although I must now admit that I have the mental image of ghost!Anakin looking on from the afterlife and face-palming…
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“Join me, Anakin”

@deadcatwithaflamethrower @norcumi @darthrevaan @dogmatix
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this was basically me, coming up with this fic. ben just wants the entire galaxy to fuck the fuck off. He has no patience for literally anything, his entire world are baby luke and leia, who adore their Nobi, and are really good at playing ‘hide and seek’. 

the council reacting to the idea that fucking OBI-WAN KENOBI has gone off the rails and is obviously super fucking attached to these two kids, SKYWALKER’S KIDS

padme and anakin silently screaming because apparently those are their children??????? WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!!!

obi-wan kenobi silently screaming because suddenly his attachment to anakin is blatantly on display for anyone to scrutinize (sorry buddy everyone else can see it, you’re the only one you’re fooling anyway)

the only reason the council even becomes aware of Ben Kenobi is because Ben makes a splash, he can’t even help it??? plus two tiny REALLY FORCE-STRONG BABIES

the jedi: let us have the babies, kenobi

ben: ??? how about you go fuck yourself, you let all the younglings die :\
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Here’s more of that shit nobody asked for, lol. Obikin. I think their height difference is cute.

@lectorel Couldn’t help but think of feral Vaderkin.
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another sith!AU for your consideration:

  Sidious tries for a long time to nudge and persuade Anakin to Fall, but he’s not having any success, and he’s getting frustrated. So he takes a step back and asks himself: What could cause Skywalker to Fall? The demise of his mother wasn’t enough to push him over the edge, and sending him visions of Padme’s death hasn’t had the effect Sidious was hoping for, so who else in Anakin’s life could be used to manipulate him toward the Dark Side?

  Then he’s got it. Aha! Of course Obi-Wan is the logical alternative. And the man may appear to be a saint on the outside, but Palpatine knew him as a reckless, angry teenager, a Padawan not as far from Anakin’s temperament as he would like everyone to believe.

Keep reading
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#asketchaday senator amidala & senator kenobi

Keep reading

Poor Anakin wouldn’t stand a chance…

But he would be so happy to lose… so so happy to lose…

“What do you mean we have to attend the peace summit?” Anakin blurted out in the middle of his and Ahsoka’s latest mission assignment. “I’m not a diplomat and Ahsoka is a Padawan! Surely there’s someone else better suited for this task!”

“Perhaps,” Yoda hummed, a twinkle in his eye. “But personally requested, you were. Refuse, we cannot. To the summit you will go, Master and Padawan. Protect the Senators you will.”

Ahsoka looked up at at Anakin and then back at Masters Yoda and Windu. “Senators? There’s two of them? Does that include their entourages too?”

Anakin had a sudden, horrible sinking feeling in his gut and he found he was having trouble swallowing.

Oh no. Not them. Anything but them.

“That is correct, Padawan Tano,” Mace Windu nodded, a slow movement of acknowledgement. “Senators Amidala and Kenobi have assured us that they are traveling with minimal staff and at least one security agent apiece. I see no reason why this task is beyond your capabilities, Skywalker.”

Anakin closed his eyes and realized he was clenching his jaw. He forcibly willed his body to relax. “That isn’t… That is not my primary concern, Masters. It’s just… Senators Amidala and Kenobi are… well… They’re unorthodox to say the least.”

Ahsoka nearly burst out laughing but managed to cover it with a well placed cough. She wondered if Anakin heard himself and if he did, how he was able to keep talking with a straight face.

“And they often put others around them in danger in their pursuit of justice and… democracy,” Anakin finished lamely, already knowing the die of fate had been cast and he was going to have to chase those two kriffing idealists all over the mountains of Alderaan, trying to keep them both safe and in one piece.

“Is that so?” Yoda asked, chuckling behind his gimer stick as Mace Windu just rolled his eyes. “Then excellent choice, you and your Padawan are. Lovely place to visit, Alderaan is this time of year.”

“Yes, Masters,” Anakin muttered as he and Ahsoka bowed. “We’ll depart immediately.”

Although he swore to himself that if Kenobi or Amidala tried to kiss him again, he was not going to kiss them back this time. No. He was a Jedi and he was virtuous and dedicated to the Order. He had a Padawan to set an example for after all!

No. He was most definitely not going to let those two infernal sirens from Mandalore and Naboo seduce him into another dark corner where they could have their wicked, delicious way with him.

Nope. That was not going to happen this time.

When Anakin found himself tucked away in a dark corner hidden behind a monumentally tall column and equally long fall of dark velvet curtains, somehow caught between Senator Kenobi and Senator Amidala, trapped in a passionate three way embrace, he told himself that this time didn’t count.

Next time, next time, he would somehow manage to tell them “No”.

Yes. This didn’t count and since he’d already kriffed up, what harm would it do to enjoy himself for just a little bit longer? Especially when Kenobi was so strong and Amidala was so soft?

Next time… yeah, next time.
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Sith!Obi-Wan! Inspired by @imaginaryanon‘s amazing Wicked Thing! I found myself completely in love omgg

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Obi-Wan looked down. It would be a mercy to kill him. 

                                                                                  He was not feeling merciful.
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Okay, but for once I want a fic where Obi-Wan doesn’t simply forgive Qui-Gon for the events in TPM in the span of five minutes.

I want a fic where when Qui-Gon realizes how badly he hurt Obi-Wan and reaches out in an attempt to hug him, Obi-Wan steps away and says no. Where he doesn’t accept the physical contact, because this is a man who has just hurt him very deeply, and the last thing he wants right now is to be touched by him. Where he clearly says that he does not want to be comforted by the same man who just tore him down, because his trust has been broken. Because there is no comfort he can attain from Qui-Gon, because it does not fucking work that way. Because Qui-Gon has lost the right to touch him through his own actions. Because one small attempt to reach out does not right the gigantic wrongs that have been wrought. Because physical touch does not substitute words.

I want a fic where Obi-Wan steps away from Qui-Gon and says Enough. Where he stands up and says that he didn’t deserve to be treated like this. That he deserves better than this. That a hug and many unrealized promises carry no weight when compared to actions. That he is done doing the emotional labour for both of them, done with being the one to always give in, done being the one who opens himself up and makes himself vulnerable, done swallowing down the hurt and extending forgiveness and a second, third, fourth, fifth chance again.

I want a fic where Obi-Wan for the first time decides to stop prioritizing the well-being of someone who wronged him at the cost of his own, and decides to do what is best for himself. Where he decides that it’s time to stop giving when all he receives in return is being hurt. Where he walks away, because he cannot rely on Qui-Gon not doing the same thing all over again.

I want a fic where Qui-Gon really has to work for Obi-Wan’s forgiveness. Where Obi-Wan might not hate Qui-Gon, but clearly tells him that after what happened he does not want him around right now. Where Qui-Gon has to actually look into himself and be the one to change, to become the one to give and expect nothing in return. I want a fic where the process of forgiveness takes months at least. Where the emotional wounds don’t simply disappear because Qui-Gon told Obi-Wan that he realized that he was wrong.


…………there is one and it has me traumatized. Good characterization, great writing. 


The link is on the word “one”

This is what I have always wanted. I need more of this!



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